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  1. If just 2 of the blatant trips while we were on the attack were called, we might have kicked 2 more. If two incidents that we should have been given 50m were called properly, we could have won. The facts are that we are right in it, not a long way off. The time will come.
  2. I thought he looked pale and sickly right from the beginning of the game.
  3. I'm home sick with a crappy cold today. Decided to watch a replay of the game - with my passion taken out of it. The umpires made a huge difference. I know it's poor form to blame the umps but the amount of deliberate trips they missed, along with 360's not called holding the ball, Watts being held for most of the game, head highs missed and stupid DOOB calls, inevitably in Norths forward half really impacted our momentum, time after time. These players are putting in effort,they do want to win, it's not mental weakness. Currently our structure is missing key players and many players are lacking experience. No ruck against Goldstein, and we only just lost. the worst you can call me is an optimist, but I see a bright future ahead for the Dee's. Yes patience is hard, yes we want to win all of the games but to all of you who are digging into the players, the coach and the club, do you really think we are that bad? Have we been monstered by any side this season? Nope we have been in a position to win in all of our games, we are getting closer. You don't go from rock bottom to the greatest heights overnight. Remember that game one is the only game ths season that we have had our best team on.
  4. Eventually somewhere along the line, we need to win 2 in a row - win a game we are favourite and begin to be consistent. lets hope today is when it begins.
  5. The South Island is currently untapped - it is also where Max's family lives. Swoop in and do it Dee's!
  6. Create an alliance through AFLNZ - AFL is growing in NZ, it is an untapped market. Kiwis love sport, it's not far enough away to jetlag players, bring the big game to NZ to encourage further growth.
  7. I think we will go ok this week. My theory is that our style of footy is better suited to the more narrow footy grounds. Each time we have played the MCG we have taken a while to adjust our structure to cover wide - and the other teams are using the width well. AO is 17 m narrower than MCG. We needed to learn to play the smaller grounds and it is something that has improved this season - however it would be better if we didn't completely forget how to play our home ground in the meantime! I disagree with many about the intent of the players. I have no doubt that they want to win, I think they are still learning how to make subtle changes when things need changing as they are all focused on individual KPI's. The games we win and the quarters we win you can see the switch into a team first, trust the other players mentality. I think the key is getting this mentality for the majority of the game. As evidenced by the fact there have been no blow out losses, I think we are closing in on realising potential, it is just matter of working out the little things that make the difference. Oh and of course having a ruckman back so we have more structure. I have to say even our losses have been exciting this year, that alone is a huge improvement on last year. When it all clicks, we are going to love what we see
  8. This thread should be called Clearance Oliver!
  9. Should be a good podcast
  10. Surgery went well - he is up and about and has already begun rehab
  11. Not looking good for Gawn
  12. The commentators commented often on the random and [censored] calls - that is not something they do often.
  13. I didn't get to watch last night, was checking updates and was gutted to see Max off injured. Just watching the replay now. The umps were crap, goal kicking was crap and Watts was outstanding. I come away from this thinking we are actually a top 8 side - weird to come off a loss thinking that - but there it is.
  14. I watch on an ipad using apple tv to get it on the big screen - have never had the probs you mention either.
  15. It costs but works well and is dependable -