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  1. Surgery went well - he is up and about and has already begun rehab
  2. Not looking good for Gawn
  3. The commentators commented often on the random and [censored] calls - that is not something they do often.
  4. I didn't get to watch last night, was checking updates and was gutted to see Max off injured. Just watching the replay now. The umps were crap, goal kicking was crap and Watts was outstanding. I come away from this thinking we are actually a top 8 side - weird to come off a loss thinking that - but there it is.
  5. I watch on an ipad using apple tv to get it on the big screen - have never had the probs you mention either.
  6. It costs but works well and is dependable -
  7. I heard Max is sore but will be ok to keep playing.
  8. Sorry haven't tried chrome cast but can verify that apple TV mirroring works.
  9. Cheers - I'll do that option next season!
  10. Out of desperation, I tried pretty much everything - the only thing that consistently works for me is It costs a fair bit though. I am an international viewer.
  11. It does not work internationally
  12. How many hours until the game starts please? I have just arrived in Dubai, from NZ via Melbourne, add to that they are playing in West Coast, I cannot work out when the game is. Thanks
  13. I am in NZ and have never had any issues until this year!
  14. Not this year!!!
  15. Last night I was so annoyed!! I couldn't watch the game on my computer of apple mirror it - both things I have done every other season. I cancelled my subscription at quarter time ans subscribed on the site It's a bit dear but worth it to be able to watch every game. We have a family member in the team and there is no way the grandparents, cuzzies, friends and other rellies can all gather round the i phone to watch!!