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  1. Like your ins but suspect that JKH will be retained. Despite his form at Casey, Kent is tougher and more dangerous than JKH. See that Weideman replaces Hogan providing height up forward.
  2. Great attack on the ball, tough as nails, great tackler but decision making and disposal skills ?
  3. They will always be remembered as drug cheats. That is their legacy. The most infamous event in AFL history. No one can take that away from them.
  4. She is a natural. Intelligent and all class unlike some of her male counterparts. Ricky Nixon is irrelevant and simply a disgraceful human being. His comments prove the point. Well done Daisy.
  5. Picket, join your adult kids and get excited. They are showing you the way. You should feel humble that they want to go to the game with you. And I am sure they would be thrilled to see you share their enthusiasm. A melancholic grumpy old Dad is no good for your image.
  6. Agree about the defensive efforts at times. Really basic mistakes that you would not expect at AFL level. At times they look disorganized and slow. There were so many times when one Tiger outpointed two Melbourne defenders, often as a result of basic errors by our defenders. I can think of two examples, one when both defenders flew for the ball from behind Riewoldt and the other, when both defenders flew from in front.
  7. That is the question picket !!!!
  8. okay his body language is not good and he does stop too often and complain but our use of the ball and delivery forward is still poor.
  9. Not excuses, there are reasons which is something different. As well as all the reasons given tonight, the Demons still have weaknesses and players who frankly are not up to it. We also have not developed match winners like a Martin, Riewoldt or Cochen. Players who provide the impetus and inspiration to win matches when the match is on the line. Perhaps our match winners are still developing but we need them on centre stage soon.
  10. Agree, our midfield and those with ball in hand, do Hogan no favours. Makes him look wooden and slow.
  11. Fair enough but our overuse of handball and poor execution cost us dearly.
  12. Yeah well ran out of puff and fit players. However decision making and disposal by hand and foot was terrible in second half. We gave up the ball time and time again. Backwards, sideways, every way but forward. Great pressure from the tigers but we gave up the ball every time. So disappointing.
  13. What does his girlfriend think?
  14. Rather Pedo than Smith. He may not be the future but he has experience, can ruck, can take a mark, can kick a goal and is versatile. And Melksham worries me down back. Hard at it but brain fades and poor disposal we can ill afford in defence. Unfortunately this is his track record at EFC and now Melbourne.
  15. Agree and please may they go forward quickly and not go sideways and backwards.