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  1. Really like your comments. Games are so close, but your comments recognise that there are two sides in the contest. The Blues are on their way up. Well played. They could have won and we could have lost. We know enough about losing to recognise that there is valour in defeat.
  2. Agreed Lucifer. Very disheartening for Jack. One can only imagine how discouraged he must be feeling and what it must be doing to his psyche and confidence levels. It does seem similar to the Grimes situation. Coaches and selectors have to make tough decisions but it seems harsh. There are no rumours about Jack's attitude to it all, so it either says a lot about the man or the nature of the interpersonal relationship between coach and player.
  3. Agreed. It's not the loss that hurt, but further injuries and the clear evidence that there are a lot of tired and sore players on the park.
  4. Gee you guys are tough. Sure Selwood ducks and goes down but he also goes where angels fear to tread. He is one hell of a tough dude and a great player, like him or not. And I would love to have him in our side. Why compare him to Viney. Mine's bigger than yours attitude. Viney is a great player or going to be a great player, but he is not at Selwood's level. This is a guy who amasses possessions and important possessions game after game, year after year. Similarly, I think Dangerfield is a show pony and a stager but he is a great player. Hell, there are a lot of players who we don't like but recognize as great players. Kevin Bartlett staged for free kicks whenever he went near the ball, but was a great player.
  5. An interpretation of the situation, but I accept your point,
  6. Its going to be tough to get the 4 points tonight. Perhaps a reality check. Despite our greater depth the absence of key players does make a significance difference to the game and team attitude. Look at the Swans first half of the season and the impact injuries had to their win-loss ratio. If we are competitive we will have done well. It will be a challenge to our depth, flexibility and game plan. I can't see how we nullify Buddy tonight particularly if TMac plays up forward. The way we play tonight will really test all players, coaches and their belief in themselves. It's critical that we get a good start and do not have to play catch up footy. Its amazing how 4 consecutive wins changes attitudes and perception. I am not looking forward to tonight but do look forward to getting players back so that we can really see what we have got at the business end of the season.
  7. Agreed, no risks with these 3 please. All serious finals contenders need a fresh and close to injury free list come September. Jones and Watts are critical for our structure and game. I am not so sure about Hogan unless he can come back into the side and become a weapon. However, we don't need a forward line that revolves around him. We need him as a contributor. In regard to injuries, it is this time of the season that needs judicious and sensible decisions around team selection. Most players are suffering from physical and mental fatigue, so it is not the time to take risks when players are already sore. Hopefully our depth and list quality will get us through the coming month. The balance between winning games but not risking players is going to be all important. It's like walking a tightrope.
  8. Its the unexpected goal, almost freakish when he creates a scoring opportunity out of nothing. A will of the wisp that no defender can nullify all game. We have not had a player like this for a long time. And this type of player is invaluable.
  9. Agreed, if we lose a few, the media will drop us cold and be on another teams bandwagon.
  10. Dees, pay no attention to OTC, maintain your balance, keep your emotions in check and and let the results do the talking. I have no doubt that you have as much idea as anyone on OTC. Trust your own instincts.
  11. In this turbulent footy world of sharks, rumour and greed, it is reassuring to see the way in which the club is progressively locking away its talent for a couple of seasons.
  12. Thanks Lucifer, love your posts.
  13. completely agree dazzle. they saved a club whose meaning goes beyond words. a club that permeates our very essence.
  14. My main concern would be being trampled in the rush to the cardiac defibrillators for all the Demon fans in the event of a close one. If already flaked out, the concern would be the amount of time it would take to get a defib and a doctor. I suppose in the members there would be plenty of doctors about but patient care is not what it used to be. Demon supporter doctors would understandably put the match before the patient! In my case, we would need to be 10 goals up with 5 min to play to avoid this possibility. Even the home and away games are getting to much to bear, last Saturdays game being the most recent case.