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  1. Assumes Max can play the entire season plus finals. Much bigger hole without our key ruck. Lets say that both are important and key acquisitions.
  2. I actually think that Preuss is the more important pick up in terms of back up and game day options
  3. hemingway

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Hmmm, and here am I thinking that this is all a bit of fictional fun!
  4. hemingway

    Rating Josh Mahoney

    Mahoney did a first class job.
  5. Clearly the case, given the players love for the man. You have to have something going for you to gain the love and respect of your playing group. I always thought that Goody lacked emotional intelligence but clearly I am wrong and as you say he keeps the important stuff in house and feeds the media with media speak.
  6. hemingway

    Demon Royalty

    Winnie would not have approved. A jumper being handed over by a bunch of misogynist ......... Embarrassing. Cringe. Although footy clubs are just that footy clubs not the pinnacle of enlightenment. Leave it to Eddie and the impoverished Carlton to show their desperate need to be in the spotlight. We have to maintain the high ground. .
  7. hemingway

    2019 Jumper Numbers

    Good question, I am not sure. Perhaps rather a Jinx. Aside from Dennis Cordner way back in the ether, there have not been many great successes at the Club in this jumper. Certainly not in the last 50 years. For me, Jesse's time in that jumper was a disappointment. And it spent a considerable amount of time in the locker.
  8. hemingway

    2019 Free Agents

    dream on baby
  9. It gives you a nice warm feeling when you hear May's comments. A coach that the players love, finals success, a destination club etc etc. Its like a new club. But Goodwin is at the centre of it all.
  10. hemingway

    2019 Jumper Numbers

    Hopefully number 1 will get a rest for a year or two.
  11. hemingway

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Uncle, when you stand up in a court of law to answer the charges or offences, it will be difficult to argue a defence of "apparently but not consciously" your Honour. Particularly, once all the witnesses have been called, both participants and observers. You might want to talk to Red who probably went to school with the Judge. And you better hope the Judge is not of the fairer sex. Otherwise you will get a life sentence. Then you will have to entertain yourself in the privacy of your own nice little cell. Although probably not very different from what you get up to in your dungeon at the Manor.
  12. hemingway

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Which open marriage Uncle, I have had a few. Its mainly about disappointment, recriminations, sadness, unrequited desire, selfishness, jealously with a little bit of shame thrown in at the end. Need to know more?
  13. I remember how good I felt when I saw Big Carl run out in Demon Colours for the first time. We finally had a guy to scare the pants off the opposition. Ray Biffen did also but he created mayhem in the goal square whereas Big Carl was like a marauding Hannibal coming down from the Alps. We are developing a take no prisoners team.
  14. hemingway

    Rating Josh Mahoney

    I had forgotten about that inspiring man! Talking to Jesse about getting his body into shape.