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  1. Assistant Coaches

    After such a long stint at the Dees it is time for a change for both Jade and the Club.
  2. Tomas Bugg Opens Up

    Quite so BB, I somehow thought I would not get away with it, and I used the reference very loosely. I have read ODs posts far too often to realise that he is no Narcissus and indeed is a flawed human being like the rest of us.
  3. Tomas Bugg Opens Up

    Been to the pond lately OD? I find that a visit to the pond dispels any doubts and restores ones reality. Self reflection is very useful and quickly restores the disappointment of the human condition.
  4. AFL Finals - Week 2

    Thinking the same. Their manic attack on the ball makes one wonder. Supernatural.
  5. Farewell Jack Trengove

    A class act. Someone with a great future in life. Cant think of any other Demon recently retired or delisted that has had such tributes paid to him for his character traits. Life and sporting life can be a tough road. So often it's how you deal with misfortune that distinguishes some from others. In this regard, Jack stands tall. If he makes it with another AFL team, one will wonder if Goodwin should have given him more than a couple of games to adjust to senior footy and the speed of the game. Most Demon supporters would love to see him make it with another team but I will always think of Jack as a MFC person. If he doesn't make another AFL list would love to see him retained by the MFC in a coaching/mentoring role given his leadership qualities.
  6. 2017 Player Reviews: # 4 Jack Watts

    I'm not a fan of censorship of any form but I reckon it's called for regarding Watts. It has become tired and pointless. Let's leave it to the coach and FD or Jack himself. I have got to the stage where I don't want to read anything or talk about Jack Watts. Almost don't care any more.
  7. Brilliant BB, beautifully stated.
  8. 2017 Player Reviews: # 3 Christian Salem

    He is one of a group of young players that really need to step up next year if we are going to have a good season. He will need to have a clear run from health and injury issues. He has the ability, so let's hope he can find form and be able to dominate in a position.

    No need. As sure as night follows day, his day will come. In any event he has already destroyed himself personally and professionally.
  10. 2017 Player Reviews: # 2 Nathan Jones

    Fair comment Biff
  11. 2017 Player Reviews: # 2 Nathan Jones

    Agree with most of your comments. Never to sure about the leadership question. Sometimes great captains are great players who by their sheer will and brilliance can win matches off their own boot and in so doing lift the whole team. Their individual efforts then are seen as an indication that they are great leaders. Despite Nathan's will, he does not have this capacity. However, his guts and determination mean something. He appears also to set high standards on the training track, acts as a mentor to many of the youngsters and represents the club on and off the field superbly. In short, he has a number of leadership qualities. He will do me.
  12. Goodwin: Cats Must Play Menzel

    In regard to the Cats, most supporters have had him and want him gone. Go to the Cats website if you want a taste of the vitriol. And it's been going on for some years. Similarly at North, same story. An acquaintance and an ex North player gets very angry talking about Scott. Believes North will not progress with Scott and that his last few years have been a disaster from a list management and selection viewpoint.
  13. Article of Koch's expectation of players

    Took the cats and fled. Fortunately no one knows where I am. I still have some old commy friends sinning away in Italy, Spain, Cuba and even Australia so I have a few options and drinking friends. My wives and mistresses are all dead, so I am free to do as I please and not be reminded of all my failures and failings.
  14. Article of Koch's expectation of players

    Can see the argument both ways. My gut instinct at the time was that his comments were inappropriate. Were the players committed? Yes Did they play their guts out? Yes DId they make some skill errors/miss opportunities to win the game? Yes Were they unlucky to lose? Yes Would the players be hurting badly? Yes At the end of the day, they were beaten by 1 free kick. By an umpiring decision. I guess my feeling is that people don't respond to a roast, headmaster type tirade. The days of administrators and coaches bawling out their players is long over. It's almost personally insulting for it to be said or inferred that the players weren't sufficiently committed or weren't desperate enough. Sure they threw away opportunities to win the game but that's a different thing. If Charlie Dixon had kicked accurately they would have won. End of story. No different if Jessie Hogan had kicked 3 Goals, 5 points, missed a goal after the siren and we lost by 5 points. Koch was obviously angry post match but that's normal. He is also a publicist and egotist. Most of his working day, it's about him. He is a Jeff Kennett type that likes to blow his own trumpet and be in the limelight. Like Kennett, this behaviour does more harm than good. Did the players need a lecture from their President? I suspect not. Did the players need their coach to talk to them about their mistakes and missed opportunities ? Yes
  15. AFL Finals - Week 1

    Agree have to admire the Tiges. Their pressure all night and numbers around the ball and opponent was fantastic. But when the game was there to be won they cracked Geelong and put the foot down. The Cats were tired, injured and lost their way. It was just another reminder that successful teams need stars, matchwinners that can create play and finish play. Martin is a superstar. He does everything and is a team player. He alone was almost the difference. Throw in Cotchin, Rance, Riewoldt and the Tigers have a number of players that can influence the outcome. These guys bring their teammates into the game. Without the influence of Dangerfield, Selwood, Taylor, and Guthrie, the Cats lost complete momentum. Again, the match showed the importance of having a full list come finals time and having your best players fit, injury free and in form. The Tigers show what can be done. Down and out last season, they have transformed themselves and now have momentum and belief in themselves. They have some ordinary players but success brings belief and confidence. The dream can become the reality. The Tiges win was a great example of being able to win the contested ball and pressure opponents into turnovers but also being able to run, carry and attack the goal when you have your opponent on the ropes.