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  1. Sure we need to look at options, but we need to be careful and very selective. A critical ingredient of what we are building is the collective sense of the team. One for all, all for one. It can be quickly destroyed by trading. Whatever we do, we must maintain this sense of the team developing and winning together. There is a great feeling at the moment and its based on morale of the team and mateship.
  2. I think we have seen enough of the footy club over the last 2 seasons to have FAITH in what they are doing and avoid hasty and premature judgment. We should celebrate Oscars game and acknowledge that we may have been hasty to judge a young kid in his second year. When Ron Barassi started his career he was regarded as a dud by many because he could not play in a key position, wing or flank. He was incapable of minding his opponent and became unpopular with his team mates by crashing into them because of his desperation to get the ball. He was dropped by selectors and only established himself in the team when Norm Smith invented a new role just for Barass. The role of Ruck Rover. This both saved his career and established the legend that was Barassi the player.
  3. Changes only made on the basis of injury, soreness or fatigue. We need to keep a winning side intact as much as possible but not risk serious injury to players with soreness. For example if Watts has hammy soreness well for gods sake rest him. We will need a strong injury free list for the remainder of the season and finals time.
  4. Bugg typifies what we have not been for decades. Cheeky, confident, in your face aggressiveness. A serial pest. We have despised clubs like Essendon and Hawthorn for this reason. But they were successful and won flags. I love Bugg for this reason. He is so un-Melbourne. We have a new breed of young players that play to win whatever it takes. Bugg typifies that attitude. I don't care if it may sometimes backfire. Individuals and teams that take risks win games when it counts. We have often been risk adverse. Not any more. Take them on and give them hell.
  5. Heavy reliance on two players. I am not sure about their decline. Playing at the Cattery is a huge home ground advantage and gifts them many wins. So I suspect that the Cats are going to be in the mix for a long time, but not premiers or serious flag contenders unless they draft some real talent. No doubt this will be the focus of their recruiters and footy department.
  6. So true AF. For me the Watts goal and celebrations was so symbolic. The rubbishing and criticism of Jack has been harsh and strident, symbolic of the attitude towards the team and the club. His goal spoke for all of us. Take that and stick it up you, particularly significant that it came against the Woods given that dark day when the footy future of a boy was almost sacrificed on the alter of marketing and expendability. Redemption at last for Jack and the new Demons. The roar from the Demon faithful sent a shiver down my spine but warmed my heart, like it hasn't been warmed for many years.
  7. Love your work Stinga. Eloquent and passionate. It's been tough love at times but it is love. Intense, emotional, harsh and hurtful at times but when it blossoms like on Queens Birthday, it is beautiful and rewards us all in spades after all those lost weekends of the past. Who did not love Jack Watts in those final few minutes? His actions and celebrations spoke for all of us. Sheer joy. Sheer love.
  8. Great stuff Ash. So many great marks and memories. Thanks mate.
  9. An Adelaide friend said that the word is that Kennedy is homesick wants to return to SA.
  10. Okay fair enough, just think they should be given credit for their performance thus far, given the predictions at season start.
  11. Great story DJ and glad you share my love of the South and the people. Magical mystery tour.
  12. Looks like you will not be a starter for the end of season footy trip.
  13. Well, all credit to the Tiges. So far they have outperformed a lot of clubs including the Demons, and in so doing made many eat their words. They are playing well, with some genuinely good players, some stars and a strong belief in themselves. And, you would have to say, well coached. They seem to be well balanced with a good mix of players doing their job. I wrote them off at the start of the season, but they are going very nicely.
  14. You would enjoy it Old.
  15. It reminds me of the old Dale Carnegie quote of two prisoners looking out through prison bars, "one saw mud and the other one stars"