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    For the purists its a dead duck. Similar to the Big Bash it is a business decision, and introducing a new product, attracting new customers, and widening the revenue base. Oh, and the AFL's forlorn hope that they can export this product to the Asian market. Footy is now business or business is now footy. No longer do we live in a world where decision makers are happy with the status quo. No, we need continuous improvement every year, we need progress and and development of market opportunities. Depressing really, but sport has now become totally exploited by business forces and collective and individual enrichment.
  2. Retro gear

    got to say, have always loved the demon in all its incarnations. compared to the soccer club logo and the drink coaster logo, the demon says it all in footy terms. the marketing department might want to identify with the city of Melbourne, but in footy terms it leaves me cold. to quote Checker Hughes "I want you to fight like demons""
  3. MFC Didn't Vote for Merger

    Agree Red. Unfortunately, it just another example of the creation of a myth that then becomes perpetuated by others. Myth and fact becomes blurred and often the myth becomes accepted by others as fact. Or as the old adage goes, perception becomes accepted as fact. That is the lesson learnt from history. So much of what we accept as fact emanates from myth. The MFC vote was a Tammany Hall exercise pure and simple with a number of MFC power brokers organizing the proxies. The rank and file MFC were completely outplayed on the issue a little like the losers in trades hall battles and the politics of the labour movement. For me what came out of that exercise was the emergence of the MFC as a footy club that was distinct and separate, with its own identity based on its unique history and heritage. Thanks to Joe Gutnick and Brian Dixon, and to the thousands of Demon supporters that would rather see their club die than become something other than what it was. The loss of identity and soul. As individuals, we are what we are. No amount of cosmetic surgery will change what we are. We all have a soul and for many of us, the MFC is part of that soul.
  4. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Not if your German Daisy. Or for that matter any other nationality. The only other observation is that Wedding is no longer the destination and if it is for some, the final destination is more likely Boring or Breakup. Not for all of us I might add. I am sure Bitter would also have whipping or thrashing in there somewhere probably after Petting but before........
  5. Praise from Lyon is almost the kiss of death. Hope not and trust that she remains injury free and continues her good form.
  6. At the Demons for 5 years? That's almost a lifetime in today's marketplace. I'm sure he would feel that he has done as much as he can at the Dees in terms of teaching, instructing, motivating and passing on his knowledge.
  7. Time to ditch the Runner

    Totally agree, half the time there seem more runners, trainers, and water carriers than players. Running hither and thither. Takes away from the spectacle. Also before the game, during breaks and at game end, there are more hangers on than participants. Of course, the Finals and the Granny are the worst. Take the number of Richmond people on the ground after the Granny. It's a bit like, "can anyone see a player out there ? "
  8. Women told to score more

    Agree "blown away" was over stating it. Perhaps a better word would have been "impressed." Your opinions are well articulated. My main concern has been the overreaction from the AFL to the Collingwood / Carlton game. Perhaps more importantly, the women's game should be appreciated for what it is and should not be measured or compared to the men. For too long, men have put down women's sport as being second rate and not to be taken seriously. At the same time in many international sports people don't make the comparison. We don't compare a female 100m sprinter's time against that of Usain Bolt. Swimming, hockey, soccer similarly. I thought Daisy Pearce nailed it perfectly in her recent article in The Age.
  9. Women told to score more

    A matter of opinion RJ. Appreciate the differences and just enjoy it for what it represents and the unbridled enthusiasm and joy of the players. Applaud the players and the game, don't stand on the sidelines and criticize the skill differences. Of course there are differences, but that is to be expected and understood. The game is in its infancy. What did you realistically expect?
  10. Women told to score more

    Criticism of the women's game is a bit rich. Most of us were blown away by the competition last season and the skills displayed by the women. So far we are one round into the new season and most of the comments came from the Collingwood-Carlton game. Enjoy the game for what it is and accept there are differences between the men and women's game. There may be skill differences and less scoring opportunities but that does not mean the game is less enjoyable to watch. I have watched a lot of footy including the amateurs and country footy and despite the skill differences, those matches have for the most part been very enjoyable to watch. Low scoring games can be more exciting and interesting than goal feasts. We should celebrate the women's game as women have been a significant part of the game since its inception, both as spectators and later as players. Leave it alone and let it grow organically without interference from the AFL or TV bosses calling the tune. Can you imagine the reaction of coaches and the footy world if the AFL had issued an edict to the men's teams as they did to the women. The men of the AFL want to reap the financial rewards of the women's game but at the same time, tell the women how to play the game. They should direct their attention to the men's game, and clean up the ugly game that it has become. If you leave the management of the women's game to women, the game will be much better off. Men will never understand women's sport.

    For many of us, its a sideshow and stunt. It's just another example of the way the game is now managed. Increasingly, changes are introduced due to the massive TV and media deals that demand ever increasing advertising revenues and money flowing back to the footy industry. We see a game that increasingly is being influenced by marketing, media, merchandising and branding issues. Everyone wants a piece of the action and a piece of the financial pie. You really do wonder where it will end. I suspect that the women's game is heading down the same path and that the freshness of the game and the joy of the players will soon disappear as the AFL and media squeeze the lemon to extract every last drop. From a playing viewpoint, I can see no upside In regard to the AFLX, Just greater demands on the players and their bodies. We see every year during the off season that it takes many players months to recover physically and mentally from the grueling past season. I fear injuries and the risk that poses for the season proper. I want a team injury free and fresh to go at the beginning of the season.
  12. AFLW: Dees & Pearce Tipped for Double

    Ah, Dr Jekyll pops his head up. Confusing Uncle. Back to the Manor to become Mr Hyde.
  13. Jones Forward?

    Thanks, that's very good news on both fronts. We need a fit Jones over the season, not one playing a week at a time nursing injury. I'm afraid Garry lost me a long time ago.
  14. Vale Ron Walker

    Ron had a track record of only backing winners. And the MFC was one hell of a mess. Ron was a net worker par excellence and I suspect that none of his mates were going to help him sort out with the MFC. I think his passion for footy was pretty lukewarm compared to his passion for motor racing, politics, business and the corridors of power. Footy was probably somewhere beneath his dignity.
  15. Current TAB odds Demons season 2018.

    Gamble Responsibly !