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  1. hemingway

    Cats to ask for home final

    How ridiculous. Interstate clubs I get, but don’t like. But Geelong, get a life.
  2. hemingway

    My 3 word player analysis V Geelong

    Only 2 points but the Cats are ordinary. Been about as spasmodic as the Dees.
  3. hemingway


    I am beginning to like you!
  4. hemingway


    Did not say they were a terrific side only that their balance for this game looked much better than ours. They have more precise foot skills and our team looks very slow. As usual, you read something and put your own slant on it. But good to see that you are true to form.
  5. hemingway


    The gap between our best and worst is a chasm. We just look so slow. Cats balance across the ground from grunt, talls and outside speed looks so much better as does their finishing skills. Coaching wise, Scott and his team have the advantage. They will have had a very close look at the Dees and have their plans in place. I wish I had the same confidence in Goodwin and his team. And the umps will be totally intimidated by the Geelong crowd. If we get close it will be a surprise, if we win it will be a miracle !
  6. hemingway

    The Many Sides of Jake Melksham

    He has two sides. Good and bad.
  7. hemingway

    Charlie Spargo and #9

    And irrepressible spirit.
  8. hemingway

    Hibberd Ruled Out of Cats Clash with Quad

    The week and the weekend suddenly has taken a turn for the worse. Massive loss. Hibberd brings so much to the team. Quad injuries are difficult to heal. A serious tear could be season ending. Please wrap Max up in cotton wool.
  9. hemingway

    Mr Jones

    In your opinion.
  10. hemingway

    Mr Jones

    We are talking at cross purposes but never mind, that is the norm on social media. However, I disagree that Jones is one of the reasons why we have been poor for so long. Blame Board, administration, culture, coaching, recruiting, poor skills, training methods, fitness, rehab, game plan etc. Jones is not one of the reasons.
  11. hemingway

    Mr Jones

    Nothing to do with sentiment. Jones deserves recognition for his contribution over the years not criticism over perceived shortcomings in 2018. Father Time catches up with everyone. He appears to have lost a bit but his credits outweigh his debits. The success or failure in the weeks ahead will not be due to Jones. It will depend on the coaching staff and the whole team .
  12. hemingway

    Mr Jones

    Call it leadership, guts, determination, leading by example, never say die. I get a bit bemused at reference to leadership groups, "leaders", and, opinions, even moral judgments, about a persons qualities as a leader. Leaders can comprise individuals with a range of different personality types. Team success does not determine whether an individual has been a capable leader. Military history is littered with the bodies of great leaders that fought on the losing side or who fought in a losing battle. Gallipoli comes to mind. Like many on the battlefield, Jones has been a shining beacon of virtue during the dark years. Sure, he is not as skilled as many and he has deficiencies in his game, but no-one could doubt his mental toughness, perseverance and never say die attitude. During these years, he was the only Demon that came anywhere close to being captaincy materail and when the honour was bestowed on him, it was richly deserved. When most of his teammates went missing in action each week, Jonesy was always fighting it out to the very end. He led by example, but most of teammates were incapable of stepping up to the plate. He has been an outstanding person and player over many years and deserves the respect of the club and its supporters.
  13. hemingway

    Angus Brayshaw

    That's great and gives all Dee fans a nice warm inner glow, however, the Club still needs to offer him a contract commensurate with his worth on the market.
  14. hemingway

    Changes vs Geelong

    It would be crazy to drop Frost with Hawkins back in form. Gawn already has enough on his plate. He would not be able to drop back often enough to stop Hawkins from having a picnic.