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  1. hemingway

    Goody at the AFL Indigenous Conference

    Another good decision by Goody and a reflection of his values, relationship with the players and his work ethic. He is looking better and better as time goes on. Its one thing to be proud of your club but its always a good sign when you are proud of your coach.
  2. hemingway

    Corey Wagner

    No need to get Cranky Franky. Happy to bow to greater knowledge but I was only interested in getting some comments. I was referring to his 2016 season when he played half a dozen or more senior games. He lacked polish but seemed to be a goer. At that time the club must have thought that he was half decent. And he has been retained on the list. By the way I simply said that I liked what I saw, nothing about being great.
  3. hemingway

    Jake Melksham extends for three more years

    AF, it matters little that you were on record as being negative about this guy. The fact is that you had lots of friends. Many informed Demon fans were dubious about Melksham and there were many Bomber supporters who told us that we had picked up a dud. Also since coming over to MFC, Jake has had his moments and played some very poor games. I remember sitting in the stands at the beginning of last season and cursing him as he appeared so slow and appeared to lack effort and intensity. Lets face it, he had been in the system a long time and had a less than stellar career. He got better as the season progressed and blossomed in the second half. It is the second half of the season that really turned around opinion on his footy and his impact on games. It shows how coaches influence the careers of players. Giving a player the right support, encouragement and the confidence can make or break careers. At times, it appeared that Goodwin was gifting him games. Another one in that category was Neal-Bullen. However, Goodwin got it right on both counts. Let's face it, sometimes people surprise us. Too often we pass judgement prematurely or unfairly on others. We get it wrong. We would live in a much better world if there were more people who were prepared to say "I/we got it wrong". Imagine if we had Governments, political leaders and community leaders with the honesty and guts to say we were wrong. Imagine the improvement to personal relationships if admitting to wrong opinions and wrong doing was the rule rather than the exception.
  4. hemingway

    AFLX Revamped

    Yes, I get that. I like boxing but your point about brain damage is significant. It was probably safer in the days of bare knuckle bouts. Modern boxing gloves protect the hands but allow for heavier and more frequent punching. In short, greater brain damage. Brain damage that has consequences for the boxer and their families, and to society in regard to health and medical costs.
  5. hemingway

    Corey Wagner

    I would also add his brother Josh. Contrary to many on this site, I liked what I saw with Josh. Thought he showed promise but lost his way last season. A little rough around the edges but had a manic attack on the ball and opponent.
  6. hemingway

    Jake Melksham extends for three more years

    Remember seeing him play against the Dees in his first season (I think) and thought he was one hell of a tough and aggressive kid. Not only no backward steps but a provocative in your face kid. Also remember thinking how like Essendon and how unlike any young Melbourne player. Of course, I disliked him immediately as a total prat. Now it's very nice to see him in the face of our opponents. In a team with others who are no longer the hunted but are now the hunters.
  7. hemingway

    Harmsey Ready to Wreak Havoc Again

    I respectfully disagree. From day one he showed he had the guts and determination, and also showed flashes of what he could become.had However, he lacked the consistency and polish. He was rough around the edges. Last seasons efforts showed to me that he has what it takes and the class to be something special. He developed consistency and confidence to take the game on, taking himself from a fringe player at best to a team player with the individual skills to influence games.
  8. hemingway

    Jake Melksham extends for three more years

    Always thought Ron was an oldie, well middle-aged although he does at time exhibit the naive, enthusiastic and emotional responses of youth. Thought crossed my mind that it could be the second or third, but the Maldives does suggest youthful spontaneity and a desire to please. The unforgettable honeymoon that becomes forgettable if like a candle, the initial bright flame of love slowly flickers before being extinguished by boredom or unfaithfulness.
  9. hemingway

    Jake Melksham extends for three more years

    Sorry to interrupt the Tiger Beers and playing Twister with your loved one...........but correction, I meant wife not new wife. When I use the word wife I usually use the plural.
  10. hemingway

    Congratulations Daisy

    A class act. Hard to measure Daisy's contribution to the Club but it has been huge. Has brought so much not only to Women's footy but the whole club. Total respect from all. Now a proud Mum with two little Demons. She gets everything right. A girl and a boy. Perfect.
  11. hemingway

    Jake Melksham extends for three more years

    Ron, I think you must be the best lover on Demonland. Now adding a new wife to your list of other loves. Keep loving Ron, it must be in your DNA. Your last sentence does suggest honeymoon euphoria. After all my marriages and liaisons, I can tell you, it does wear off.
  12. hemingway

    Sam Weideman

    If the intent is to mould a closely bonded team, with the players playing for one another and the coach, and doing all those team things in a game, I would choose...........................
  13. hemingway

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Needs to be split up due to age, demographic, religious or non religious beliefs, behaviour, manner of speech, intelligence, education, social class, residential address, special interests, gender, alcohol and illicit drug preferences, etc.
  14. hemingway

    Misson Leaving at End of 2019

    What do you think that is down to, DS ? Weights or a special diet?
  15. hemingway

    Sam Weideman

    Sam has footy smarts. He does a lot of right things instinctively. Must be in the genes.