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  1. hemingway

    Travelling over next week for the game vs PA

    Enlighten me spurs.
  2. hemingway

    Travelling over next week for the game vs PA

    Or in town, the Belgian Beer Cafe just off Rundle Street. Recommend it. Great Beer on tap, local and Belgian and good pub food. The mussels are superb with frites.
  3. hemingway

    Travelling over next week for the game vs PA

    British Hotel, Finniss St, North Adelaide, good public bar and nice restaurant at the back. Upmarket. Good staff and pleasant patrons. Not the sort of place for a fight. Not the sort of place for Port Fans more the Crows type. You will be safe! More likely to have a philosophical discussion with a retired academic from Adelaide Uni or pick up a middle aged lady from Unley.
  4. hemingway

    Round 13 Non - MFC Games

    Correct, just thinking about the challenge of getting over the Cats. Wait, Nigel from Brunswick has just reminded me that there is also "the Fremantles" who seem to be coming into form. Will need to increase all my meds.
  5. hemingway

    Round 13 Non - MFC Games

    Huge couple of weeks for the Dees. It is going to tell the story as to whether we are the real deal or imposters. I am hoping that our expectations have not got ahead of us. The way we lost to Collingwood is a real worry. We need to have a huge improvement from that game to beat Port. They have some of their best players back in form. After Port, the Cats are going to be a real test. Despite their loss they have a big upside with probably at least 6 players returning from injury that will make a major difference to their line-up. Getting nervous and worried? You betcha. We not only need the points but we need to regain the confidence that only winning can instill. It will be a real test of our ability, game plan, and, most importantly, our character.
  6. hemingway

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    Pert has a healthy ego. He may well be a good appointment but there may be a downside if current staff leave. He will ruffle some feathers. There will be a noticeable difference to style of PJ.
  7. hemingway

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    Correct, reflects poorly on Malthouse.
  8. hemingway

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    We may well find that the internal candidates who missed out would be considering their options. They may have to wait another 5 or more years for another opportunity at MFC. That’s a lifetime these days. Perfect opportunity for another club to chase Mahoney. Collingwood? Eddie would love the [censored] for tat.
  9. hemingway

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    May have missed it but what has Pert been doing since he left Collingwood?
  10. hemingway

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    In a nutshell.
  11. hemingway

    Robert Flower - Demon Legend

    He and his wife used to sit on the bottom deck of the members with the crowd. A devoted Demon and always happy to chat, always unassuming and humble.
  12. hemingway

    Watts Dropped from Port

    Reckon Jack might find that Adelaide is a cold lonely and unforgiving place in winter. For family and friends need to head south east. Unfortunately no footy club.
  13. hemingway

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Don't worry, just buy a nice bunch of bananas for your physical and emotional well-being. However, you could further indulge. Perhaps try watching some repeats of Bananas in Pyjamas. You could take the opportunity to improve your knowledge on the banana. Its nouns, adjectives, synonyms, derived terms, foreign language meanings, pronunciation, racial significance, freudian relevance etc. There is also the banana's significance as a figure of speech, its allegorical meanings, not to forget its relevance as a metaphor or analogy. Really a limitless subject. Just think Red of all that time you will have researching, talking about and writing about bananas. Engage your analytical mind. You don't need to worry about footy or searching for salacious stories contained in case law and the ratio decidendi or obiter dicta of your extensive law library. We have enough salacious [censored] bits from other posters on this thread. That just lowers the standard and of course the tone. Wrong side of the tracks and all that.
  14. hemingway

    2018 Membership Thread

    Agree, one can only imagine what the number will be with a period of sustained success.
  15. hemingway

    Robert Flower - Demon Legend

    Even if you are judging players from the post war years, it is very difficult to come with our third best. I agree with Barassi and Flower. However, we had so many great players during the 50s and 60s and such great teams. During this period, we always scored poorly in the Brownlow counts because we had so many great players. The Brownlow votes (exc Don Cordner) were always split. There ares some names that stand out. Fanning (he kicked 18 goals against the Saints in 1947), Mueller, Smith, Spencer, Ridley, Don and Denis Cordner, Williams, Dixon, Adams, Mann, and so on. Many who watched footy during this era think that Stuart Spencer would have become one of the legends of the game if he had not gone to Tasmania in the middle of his career when he was at his peak. Norm Smith was by all counts a remarkably gifted player and great team man. It is felt that he would have kicked many more goals from full forward if he had not been so unselfish and not acted as a decoy for others like Mueller. However, if you look at possession numbers, impact on the game, consistency, longevity, premierships played and won, it would be hard to go pass Bluey Adams or Brian Dixon. Bluey with his pace was sensational. In todays game, he would be called a line breaker. Bluey running down the wing, bouncing the ball was a sight to behold. He was a team lifter, who could punt or drop kick a goal after a 20 to 30 metre run Dixon was also incredible. Rain, hail or shine he was always the highest possession winner. Long arms, sticky fingers, and an ability to get the ball to foot when under pressure or in packs. Like a magician, he always came up with the ball despite the heavy treatment he got from the opposition. True, he was a shocking kick and could only kick left foot, but he had a huge impact on the game and the teams fortunes every week. So in a line ball decision, I would go for Brian Dixon over Bluey Adams.