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  1. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Good stuff, Wise. Balance.
  2. Gawn Calls for Leaders to Stand Up

    I am probably old hat but I find the club's approach on media bites a little strange or inconsistent. I know Gawny's popular but I would prefer to see him concentrate on his game and stay away from the wise cracking media star. I would prefer to see fewer folks being interviewed boring as that may seem. Stay with the coach/captain/or other spokesman. And as boring as it is, to stay on script, avoiding comments that can be misinterpreted or that can create another headline. I am never confident that that will occur with the likes of Max or Bernie.
  3. List of shockers in past two seasons.

    Gee this is an uplifting thread! And uplifting week on Demonland.
  4. Gawn Calls for Leaders to Stand Up

    He's a country boy. Many country folks have few words but express themselves by actions. Many are smarter, capable, tougher, more resilient and better grounded than their city cousins.
  5. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Because OD you, me and many others keep posting.
  6. Training 19/4

    Question: When players are having shots at goal (ie Maxy, Bugg and Melksham) are they supervised? Is there a coach nearby watching them and providing advice or demonstrating technique?
  7. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    For Whom The Bell Tolls is my favourite or at least not the worst. However, as you know, i find talking about my books very depressing, hence my reliance on "mothers little helpers." However, I find myself thinking constantly about the great escape.
  8. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Thanks, and that's fair enough. Despite my comments, I was not suggesting that the Tigers success was due to Dimma's revelation or reflection, and of course as you point out, there are a host of things that play a part. I'm sure that most folks try and think the thing through, but sometimes respond to a single issue or a couple of issues that they identify and can talk about more easily such as the coach or a player/s.
  9. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    It is disappointing that a discussion about the Coach and the teams performance goes off the rails because posters start attacking others for their views. The point of this site to exchange views which necessarily will involve different opinions. Some may feel that they are better informed than others and adopt a righteousness about their own point of view. I accept that most posters are better informed than me on matters of performance, statistics, game and player analysis etc. Some folks are analytical others passionate. Our opinions are influenced by our own personality traits, beliefs, observations, our own view of the facts, passion and mood state. That does not mean that some opinions have greater worth than others. To characterize some posters with words such as "sad, old, miserable, whingers, irrational, unrealistic, soft, etc is unfair. On this site everyone is equal. The rational view is that it is going to take a full season to determine where individual players are at, where our team is at, and where our coach is at. At the final match of the home and away season are we in the 8 or top 4, and/or going to be a serious finals contender ? In the meantime, we observe and form opinions from week to week as each match goes by. Our opinions will vary as the form of players and team will vary. When the team is losing we are going to look more critically at the games and seek to understand the reasons for the loss and where we went wrong. It is right to question players whose form is poor, a game plan that is not delivering, or coaching tactics that are not working. At the moment, we have a team and a coach that are under performing. We look to understand why and also hope that some of these problems will be addressed and changes made. That does not translate to sacking players or more importantly sacking the coach. But given the amount of emotional investment we put into this Club, it is fair to ask why this is happening and be critical when problems are not being addressed. Perhaps it is just a matter of time as we wait for players to gain more experience and/or adjust to the game plan. Perhaps the coach just needs more time, like Clarkson, Hardwick etc. It is frustrating to hear the same old explanations from players, coach and club. Supporters are sick of spin. We don't want to blame individuals, but it would nice to hear some of our leaders, including our coach own up to their failings on the day. Take responsibility for the performance. We all know the old question about whether the team makes the coach or the coach makes the team. However, the buck stops with the coach. The coach's reputation is enhanced when the team wins and damaged when it loses. Either way, I would prefer to see a coach that is prepared to own up to and accept responsibility for individual and team performance. Hardwick is a really good example of a coach that had the emotional intelligence to question his personal style, the message he was giving to players, his game plan and all manner of things associated with his job. I think Buckley has done the same. I hope that Goodwin can do the same. He is only in his 2nd year so we should not be too harsh on him and give him time to work on all these things. He needs to be backed by the Club. Jackson did that yesterday. Both he and the Club need to continue to do so unless there is an unexpected crisis that makes his position untenable. However, the MFC does not have the luxury of waiting another 5 to 10 years. Repeated failure will damage sponsors and our supporter base. The ability to grow the club will become harder and harder. It is reasonable that after such a long period in the wilderness, together with more recent promise of better times, for supporters to see improvement week to work. That inevitably will involve watching further losses but hopefully also see the emergence of a team that we can all be proud to support.
  10. Missed Opportunity - ANZAC Eve Crowd

    And the vast majority will be Tiger fans. They are becoming unbearable.
  11. Changes v Richmond

    But Doc, we need you there......at CHB standing toe to toe like you used to.....long arms and awkward body repeatedly punching the ball with the occasional overhead mark with those long arms. Frustrating the opposition as they try and find a way around you. My God, we need you there holding the back line together. I know you have slowed up, but we have plenty of younger fellas who can crumb and run.
  12. Angus Brayshaw

    It takes two to tango. A player may want to stay but what will be the club's attitude regarding contract negotiations. And what will be Brayshaw's attitude if the club puts a limit on its offer and does not match other offers? Angus has shown enough to prove he has what it takes, but has not had enough game time to determine his worth in terms of future contract negotiations. As others have pointed out, the big unknown is the impact his past concussion issues and the possibility of future concussion issues may have on his health and footy future.
  13. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    My gosh, I see you have the Wisdom of Solomon, thanks for your advice. It has made a big difference.
  14. Jordan Lewis Out with Broken Hand

    Perhaps not. Perhaps a retirement trip to Paris, a nice little bar and a glass of Ricard/water and ice.
  15. Jordan Lewis Out with Broken Hand

    Brutally fair OD.