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  1. Travis16

    The Clarry Pass

    All above a tick , if we're talking gifted as opposed to absolute fulfillment one Travis Johnstone had that gift too. Pity it was never fully realised.
  2. Travis16

    Round 17 Non MFC Games

    Has to be. Ran past ball, eyes only on player, and high
  3. Travis16

    Changes v Fremantle

    I miss Garlett when he's on, but bringing him back without vfl form sends the wrong message. Basically if you have some runs on the board, just wait out your time in the twos and you'll be back when we are desperate. Not the message I want from my club. And there's no case to push from his vfl form.
  4. Travis16

    Lynden Dunn

    Even a taste of a final would have been some reward for years of toil, but I can't imagine what missing a GF would feel like for him. You're right , hope they bomb out !
  5. Travis16

    Lynden Dunn

    Would have played in his first final, may never see one now
  6. Travis16

    Lynden Dunn

    Confirmed ACL. Shattered for him.
  7. Travis16


    But we took weed instead of Charlie Curnow 😲
  8. Travis16

    GAMEDAY - Round 15

    Goodwin moved our best small-mid sized forward to the backline early in the second. (fritter). Mind boggling
  9. Travis16

    GAMEDAY - Round 15

    Yep, the backline isn't our problem...lol. Stkilda has scored 72 points in a half. STKILDA.
  10. Travis16

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    Lever plays we win. We didn't miss Lever? Wow. As I said earlier, 39 inside 50's only. But 62 % efficiency inside 50 is way above the AFL average.
  11. Travis16

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    Sadly we shouldn't assume anything, we know better than that. Each of the next 3 games is it's own challenge for this side. I'm not looking at 11-5 yet, just 9-5 to start
  12. Travis16

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    Our backline , especially the deeper backs, certainly didn't hold up. Port went inside 50 only 39 times, normally under pressure from our mids. They had an efficiency inside 50 of 62%, way above the average which across the comp sits very close to 50%.
  13. Travis16

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    A "hater" because I called him woeful?! He was good earlier in the year, he was woeful the past two weeks. Not alone though, look at the contrast in effort between JV and JH. Or am I a JH hater too?
  14. Travis16

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    Kidding right? He was woeful
  15. Travis16

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    Not the point. Oscar was woeful, all could see that