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  1. Sparrow didn't get much of it, but he also didn't look out of place. No.32. He looked similar to vandenBerg. Kicked a nice goal from the south west flank.
  2. Bit of a scrappy match. Best thing: no injuries. My other small takeaways - Brayshaw will take another step forward this year. I thought he was great. Harmes will continue his new found midfield role and do it well. vandenBerg will have his best year. And Sparrow has a very mature physique already. Oh and I thought Oscar looked really good. He's just going to keep getting better. Both teams a bit rusty.
  3. ProDee

    Training - Wednesday, 20th February, 2019

    Way too much being made of stills.
  4. ProDee

    Harmsey Ready to Wreak Havoc Again

    Nine games in a row at AFL level is more than enough, especially if one is familiar with his development years. And especially as he performed on the biggest stage in front of 90,000 people - finals. As I said though, you can please yourself.
  5. ProDee

    Harmsey Ready to Wreak Havoc Again

    Rjay is too polite to say your point is silly. I'm not. Although, naturally, you're welcome to it. Averaging 25 disposals per match for his last 9 games and kicking 7 goals while nullifying some of the best players in the game is enough of a sample size to say Harmes is the real deal as long as injury doesn't raise its head, or his application drops. I don't see the latter happening. Clearly, the club was also happy with his output, as a top 3 placing in the B&F for a prelim team attests. He's fast, aggressive, and he's strong bodied. He's also improved his foot-skills.
  6. ProDee

    Sam Weideman

    But of course. I knew Hogan only played 20 games and that game was round 21. The dastardly bye.
  7. ProDee

    Sam Weideman

    Having just had another look I think Hogan was 0 from 5, not 6, as he missed the Sydney game.
  8. ProDee

    Sam Weideman

    In his last 5 games in 2018, including 3 finals, Weideman took 13 contested marks at an average of 2.6 per game. Across the season as a whole that average would have placed him equal second with Jack Darling on 2.6 and just behind the best contested mark for 2018 Jeremy McGovern. What you envisage as a weakness is one of the biggest strengths in the competition.
  9. ProDee

    Sam Weideman

    By the end of the H&A season we'd played the final top 8 sides eight times, not 11. So I'm guessing you looked back and noted who the top eight sides were at the time we played them.
  10. ProDee

    Jake Melksham extends for three more years

    I think I was pretty underwhelmed when we recruited him. I might have to bump that thread for some self-flagellation.
  11. ProDee

    Training - Tuesday 12th February, 2019

    Goodwin said to Mark Robinson that May could probably play JLT1, but will be ready for JLT2, which is two weeks before round one. Unless he has a setback I don't see why he won't play. When one looks at who could potentially miss only Lever and Melksham would be in our best 18 players.
  12. ProDee

    Training - Tuesday 12th February, 2019

    It's one thing to note that some players have had interrupted preseasons and another to be overly concerned by it. Firstly, best 22 is a fluid concept that changes due to matchups, form, injuries, etc. Players (not a complete list) who may not (or won't) make it to round one: Lever - Hore or Frost the replacements As much as I want Lever back we can cover him early on. Jones - Stretch, Sparrow or others I squeeze Jones onto my bench, but he's no longer a pivotal player. Hannan He's around my 22-24 ranked player. Handy player, but well covered and is touch and go for the best 22 anyway. Kolodjashnij I'm really looking forward to him playing and think he'll add to the team, but if he's missing the first few weeks I doubt we'll notice. Melksham He's the only player that I expect to miss (other than Lever) that weakens the side. Joel Smith, who's a different type, may play instead of him. Or they'll rejig in some other fashion. I expect Viney, May, vandenBerg, Petracca, Oliver, and others to be right to go. So while it's not ideal, as you say, most have got miles into their legs and players who may miss are relatively easily replaced.
  13. ProDee

    Training - Tuesday 12th February, 2019

    Of course it's been shorter, which can have its benefits and problems. I should have just posted this: Goodwin: "It's been a challenge to have so many guys have post-season surgery," Goodwin said. You know, as there have been many players with "'interrupted'' preseasons. It's sort of irrefutable, despite some trying to argue otherwise some months ago.
  14. ProDee

    Training - Tuesday 12th February, 2019

    Yes, of course he is, which is my point. Many players have had interrupted preseasons.
  15. ProDee

    Training - Tuesday 12th February, 2019

    Shirley you can't be serious. He even mentions all of the post-season surgery in the same utterances. No need to respond.