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  1. " How much ? Tell him he's dreaming "
  2. Out Harmes In Gawn
  3. Get better output from his twin brother. .. Sorry, Sister lol
  4. Bit harsh on Bernie mate. He is the teams Mr Fixit or go to player from the opposition who is giving us grief. He does a hell of alotof work of the ball?
  5. We just beat up Adelaide !!
  6. Vince is almost back to his best though Tyson is still in a rut
  7. Love how the lions are backing themselves in. Well done G.Fagan
  8. That comment is going to come back hard on u mate
  9. Just read the outcome for Ryder regarding the MRP. What a bloody joke.. King Hit and only misses a week. The MRP are pathetic. I cant even find the words to describe them really. Disappointing doesn't even come close
  10. Exactly. Obviously i wont name him but he worked very closely with me to get the outcome i wanted. They can put their name on just about anything without getting questioned. We got rogered and Carlton didn't even put on the lipstick
  11. What absolute rot... All the doc has to say is its his/her OPINION. Surprise, surprise Patricks playing this weekend.
  12. Must be special. ...
  13. Im sure the heads at AFL call the mrp and dictate whats what!!! Not happy Jan!!!!
  14. What a load of absolute! @#!..... MRP have no idea!. Scott Thompson the biggest weak piece of #@!/ only gets 1 week for a dog act.
  15. As much as Oscar makes me lose it sometimes, his field kicking is very good Evil however when the tank is dry it can go down hill quickly