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  1. We just beat up Adelaide !!
  2. Vince is almost back to his best though Tyson is still in a rut
  3. Love how the lions are backing themselves in. Well done G.Fagan
  4. That comment is going to come back hard on u mate
  5. Just read the outcome for Ryder regarding the MRP. What a bloody joke.. King Hit and only misses a week. The MRP are pathetic. I cant even find the words to describe them really. Disappointing doesn't even come close
  6. Exactly. Obviously i wont name him but he worked very closely with me to get the outcome i wanted. They can put their name on just about anything without getting questioned. We got rogered and Carlton didn't even put on the lipstick
  7. What absolute rot... All the doc has to say is its his/her OPINION. Surprise, surprise Patricks playing this weekend.
  8. Must be special. ...
  9. Im sure the heads at AFL call the mrp and dictate whats what!!! Not happy Jan!!!!
  10. What a load of absolute! @#!..... MRP have no idea!. Scott Thompson the biggest weak piece of #@!/ only gets 1 week for a dog act.
  11. As much as Oscar makes me lose it sometimes, his field kicking is very good Evil however when the tank is dry it can go down hill quickly
  12. Nev Jetta..... best sidestep in the game.
  13. Couldnt care less if i get shot down over this comment but I've had an absolute gutful of Oscar Mac. Seriously? ?? Still playing like a deer in the headlights. Absolute zilch mongrel factors and doesn't want the ball. Please heal quickly Smith and hibberd!!!
  14. Watched hibberd train other day and it was mentioned by another seasoned observer that he doesnt seem interested. I kept an eye on him after this was mentioned and the glove seemed to fit... Doesnt get around the boys, appears a little overweight and not very happy. That was firsthand impression. Melksham on the other hand is the complete opposite, happy to talk, hasnt missed a session and my guess will go on to play at least another 100 games for us. I wish that i could give hibberd a glowing report however i reckon the game might have gone past him especially the speed its played atm so will be a mighty effort to get back to form as we would be a much better team with hibberd in our lineup
  15. Wasnt a good training run from watts yesterday. I think he is really feeling the pressure as i saw first hand Hannan took a screamer over him and then to top it off he got crunched hard when he hit the deck on his shoulder. Kudos though as he still took time after training for signatures with half of Gosches Paddock imprinted on his shoulder.