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  1. Be Patient with Lever

    Yet weren't willing to offer him half of what we did. He was a good component of their team, but wouldn't have been in there top 10 players. He is not a terrible player (even though he has played like one for us), but he definitely isn't worth what we gave up.
  2. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    I listened to the whole podcast and it was almost mix messages in what Peter Jackson was saying. At one stage he said we trashed our brand with that performance, then moments later he is saying he is offended by the criticism. The line that really raised my eyebrows was when he said Goodwin was lauded for what we achieved last year. He most certainly was not!!
  3. Angus Brayshaw

    I don't think anyone is debating that. I have not seen one poster say that he be dropped. DeeSpencer is just making some extremely valid observations on what he has delivered so far and what appear to be some serious limitations that will stop him from being a good AFL player.
  4. Freo poised to pinch 2

    I'm a bit confused. You said the plus for us, so you want to get rid of him?
  5. Freo poised to pinch 2

    Disagree, it would be for more opportunity or a fresh start and aren't his parents still living in Melbourne?
  6. Angus Brayshaw

    I thought he was average at best. He started the game really well then faded out badly and was slow and poor with his disposal as he often is. If he doesn't show some drastic improvement this season, I would be more than happy to hear what other clubs would be willing to part with. It is quite damning that with Tyson and Viney out that he still couldn't find his way into our midfield rotation. If he is not an inside midfielder, what is he?
  7. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    Jones did a good job, but Mitchell had 13 clearances, so I would prefer we don't tag at stoppages as it just left us essentially a man down.
  8. Backline Setup and Structure

    I agree with your post but I need to pull you up on this. You were very strong on Lever prior to the trade when many of the posters here said things along the lines of Lever is overrated and surrounded by very good players at Adelaide and is not a KPP. If we have to model our backline around a player who is an average kick and is slow, we are going to struggle. His inability to play as a key defender is already making us have to play Frost and leaving us a runner down from the back half.
  9. Shepherding the man on the mark

    Well since you are allowed within 5 meters of your opponent, if they are standing next to the man on the mark, another player should then creep 5 meters over the original mark.
  10. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    Well actually it does when we play a game without wings or play with a loose behind the ball and have our forward half completely clogged up while they run into open space in their half.
  11. My 3 word player analysis V Hawthorn

    Admittedly, my stream was in and out for the second half. I 100% agree there were many worse. It was more of me disagreeing with Joeboys assessment than actually thinking Brayshaw was one of our worst. There was a lot of competition for that. I just wouldn't call that an 'impressive' performance from Brayshaw. He must have had 7 or 8 touches in the first 10 minutes, then faded out of the game. It was a hard day to find a winner for us and tbh I don't think I could sit through a replay of that junk.
  12. My 3 word player analysis V Hawthorn

    Lever was side by side in the middle of the ground, then not even in the camera shot by the end. As bad as Hunt was, we need him back with this press.
  13. Watch AFL

    Sounds exactly like my issue and response!
  14. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    and get 2 first rounders back!! What a disaster.
  15. My 3 word player analysis V Hawthorn

    It is what it is, but I had hoped for more class from a number 3 draft pick and still hope it will magically change every time he returns to the team.