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  1. Watts the matter

    Marc Murphy at the Dees.

    Get out! He is the type of player we have been trying to eradicate from our list.
  2. Watts the matter

    Jordan De Goey

    According to who? I don't believe it.
  3. Watts the matter

    Jordan De Goey

    Dreaming that you could essentially trade Brayshaw for De Goey.
  4. Watts the matter

    Jack Billings

    23 possessions a game and 6th in the league for goal assists last year from a hff. Must have been one heck of a game. Toumpas is a draft bust, Billings isn't even close to a bust. Will be a 200 game player. Garlett can't get a game because he has been putrid this season. If he was playing good football he would easily be out best small forward. Some of the names you have listed are not even worthy of a comparison. But you are making your point on the basis of thinking Billings is a hack, so I can see your argument in that regard. I can guarantee you there would be, but we will have to agree to disagree. If the Saints get rid of him you will be able to come back and see you were off the mark. Ultimately, I agree with you that we don't want him for what he would cost. However, if he was available for a second rounder I can assure you it would be done in a heartbeat.
  5. Watts the matter

    Jack Billings

    Selling him short would be calling him a draft bust, clearly you didn't watch him last season if you believe this is the case. Have you seen Chad Wingard play this year? Is he a spud also? There is no way you are getting Billings for a second rounder, I can assure you of that. He is an elite talent. I can agree that we probably wouldn't be after him given his price though. His value would be similar to Brayshaws and easily more than Tyson on the open market. Swimming in them? Who?
  6. Watts the matter

    Jack Billings

    Billings has had a poor season, but you are really selling him short. He is a very good player and every club in the afl will be interested if he is on the market.
  7. Watts the matter

    Round 12 Non-MFC

    Another club, not clubs. I was so happy when Toumpass slid to 4 after seeing him in the nationals. I wasn't as confident once his highlight video was released after the draft. GWS messed up pick 2 and 3. Bulldogs took Macrae and Stringer with 5 and 6 which were both understandable decisions. The SANFL players are as hard to judge as the talls with the early picks.
  8. Watts the matter

    Jack Billings

    Random post from you mono, both are adequate in the context.
  9. Watts the matter

    Jack Billings

    Yes. Our pick 20 became 22 or 23 after bidding so Leslie is not available. We probably would have taken Lewis Taylor if we kept that pick.
  10. Watts the matter

    Jack Billings

    I've seen this inaccurately put on this site too many times. Give us Merrett or Crouch in that example and then we're laughing. We traded Pick 20 also.
  11. Watts the matter

    Wines Unsure of Contract

    Agree. Judd and Cousins quite easily for mine. Black not quite in the class of the other 3. Oliver/Viney have a long way to go to be in that sort of discussion.
  12. Watts the matter

    Wines Unsure of Contract

    Voss, Black, Akermanis, Lappin, Power, Headland. We are not even close to that. Judd, Cousins, Kerr, Embley. Or that. If you swap Wines for Fyfe, Martin or Dangerfield then you might get a seat at the table.
  13. Watts the matter

    Changes v Collingwood

    I actually think we do better against teams with better ruckman as their midfielders aren't used to roving to opposition taps. The bulldogs knew Gawn was going to win every tap. Collingwood might think Grundy is a chance which will help us.
  14. Watts the matter

    Jason Taylor Resume

    He has done a great job but there is always an element of luck with recruiting and as a club we appear to finally be getting some good luck. The Salem and Tyson trade would be a failure if we utilised pick 2 correctly. However, as we most likely would have taken Billings with pick 2, it is probably an adequate result. Oliver is an absolute revelation, but if we had pick 1 would we have ended up with Weitering? We also bid on Mills and risked the chance of missing Oliver. Weideman isn't looking like the best pick but with Oliver being the best in the draft it is easier to forgive. Brayshaw and Petracca both solid selections and it seemed like they were the only ones considered. Would have been interested to see where the club rated De Goey, who is probably slightly ahead. From looking over the drafts, I am just thankful that we don't have GWS's recruiting team. They have been appalling and are very lucky for their original 17 years olds which netted them some steals (Treloar, Shiel, Cameron)
  15. Watts the matter

    Post Match Discussion - Round 10

    I think early in the game, when the game is in the balance you go and get stuck into him. But with the margin as it was, there was no need to do it and I'm glad he didn't.