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  1. Just as many people do the opposite and tell you Weideman will be a good/great player. The truth is probably somewhere in between. You have said he has shown enough to indicate he will be a player. Based on what? He has shown some some glimpses but many, including myself, question his role at AFL level and ability to work in forward line with Hogan, who also offers very little forward pressure.
  2. 1 for the act. Hopefully his prior record brings it up to 2. Has been playing very well.
  3. He was stuck in a forward pocket with the ball barely coming down in the 1st quarter. Moved into the midfield and had 28 touches in the next 3 quarters, generated a lot of run and caused all sorts of problems for our midfield. Viney was great early, but faded badly, he was opposed to Gray often in the 2nd half. Oliver was once again too happy to handball and on numerous occasions put teammates under pressure by taking the wrong option. Tyson was wasteful, competed hard but butchered the ball. Hunt's disposal was worse than Tyson's.
  4. For future reference or anyone else out there. TJs Restaurant & Sportsbar in Ao Nang shows all the AFL games.
  5. Who were your best 3 on the ground? Robbie Gray changed the game when moved into the middle. Hibberd played 4 good quarters. Boak was very damaging. If that was his top 3, that's fair enough.
  6. Tbh, I think it's the opposite, the same as his return last year. Few posters were willing to admit he was poor prior to the bye, but then he was dropped. We all feel for him with what he has been through. I'll get shot down for being negative, but he added very little today. He made a good tackle early which the umpire incorrectly called against him but other than that, was a bit out of place. I'm OK with giving him another game to make sure but he was a long way off today. He doesn't have a get out move in defence. Hunt and Hibberd can run, Jetta is extremely evasive, Trengove lacks a move with front on pressure.
  7. Was absolutely dominant in the 1st half. Playing as well as his best games last year. Had an injury worry which slowed him down just before half time.
  8. A record of being realistic but seen as negative on here. Lost the game in the first quarter, goals from clearances really hurt us. The rest of the game we were dominated on the rebound. We would turn it over then they would slingshot to an open field. Had some moments where we looked alright, but every time we got a sniff we would fumble a simple ball or miss an easy goal. They were very clean with their skills and played like a top 2 team. I don't think anyone won their position in our team.
  9. Both are soft and shouldn't get weeks. If he goes it will be a blessing in disguise (well not for me), has been very poor this season.
  10. They were clean and played with a system. We bombed the ball in and hoped for the best. Backline players fumbling everything and forwards missing very easy shots. Melksham a terrible forward target and costed us numerous high quality entries, while burning 2 more of his entries by foot that should have been goals.
  11. Were you watching the game or just looking at the stats? He was playing back pocket/half back for a lot of the game. Clearly not his ideal position but developing some flexibility in his game. Oliver is a good pick, but the same sort of statement could be made about Weideman and any number of interchangeable players , where the gap is much greater.
  12. Yeah, I think you are on the money there. I also can't recall him doing that and I often find myself wishing that he would just have a ping.
  13. That's fair, but averaging 21 possessions is hardly groundbreaking in the SANFL. Does look to move better and quicker than I remember in this video, however, I stand by my kicking comments.
  14. The description fits a need, but his speed is hardly blistering and his skills were very average for a player that was described as having silky skills when drafted. Next.....
  15. Watts said on Fox prior to the Sydney game he wouldn't be playing this week, as ChaserJ says, there was an issue at training and they are treating it as a normal hamstring tear in terms of recovery.