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  1. He also had two that dropped short yesterday. So 5 shots on goal.
  2. Apart from the fact holding the ball doesn't exist anymore..... Edit: Sorry @Dr. Gonzo just saw your post and looks like I've copied it.
  3. He had another pretty poor one, when he couldn't stick the tackle on Watts at the top of the goal square.
  4. Strange, I always thought you were the other way around, for example your ratings of Salem and Tyson I have been critical of Hannan before and I still wish he could kick and handball better but you can't have it all. Has a good, quick snap on goal, some speed and ability in the air. He keeps finding a way to get amongst the goals, so credit to him.
  5. how do you figure this?
  6. unfortunately he can't kick, has x-factor in the contest though.
  7. Can we stop with this 2 or 3 players behind the ball [censored] now. Let our inside mids compete and bomb it in, they aren't skilful or quick enough to carry the ball through the middle.
  8. Couldn't help but cringe after Round 1 when Lewis said Goodwin jokingly said he could play for 5 more years (or something along those lines). Doesn't provide anything close to what was advertised.
  9. Tom McDonald unbelievably bad. 3 marks with in 55m for a return of a handball to someones foot, a lob to Hannan vs May when within range and just a pathetic shot at goal. All while the superstar Leslie takes 5 intercept marks in a half. Jordan Lewis, refuses to chase, maybe it would be acceptable if he could actually hit a target. Forward line is a joke, bunch of plodders who you have no confidence with when kicking for goal (ANB, Bugg, Harmes). Watts leading well in the first quarter and dropping everything. Frost is always pathetic in the first 10 minutes of games, needs a new routine.
  10. Jordan Lewis, get out. Mistake getting him.
  11. Played poorly IMO and lucky Gold Coast missed a lot of easy chances. Commentators assuming the wind will do the work for us. Gold Coast will put numbers behind the ball and we are nromally incapable when this occurs. No targets up forward will be a big struggle for us.
  12. Haha gotta love kicking your first goal in AFL. Sandy calls you Sinclair and then Brown calls you Acres.
  13. Well I guess this the main point of difference for us. I have never considered that he would be this player and perhaps I never subscribed to the hype you are referring to. Very few players fall into this category. The main issue with Mills may be similar to my issue with Salem. What is his position at AFL level, we haven't seen him in the midfield yet so maybe he will excel in that regard. Running half backs are all the rage at the moment and he is more in the general mould.
  14. Disagree entirely, is a fantastic prospect. Great overhead, good kick and reads the play exceptionally well. Had two opportunities in the last quarter which he blew. Heeney made a big mistake also when he had options galore. They are young players, it happens. No different to Oliver dropping a sitter 15m out last week. I'm glad we ended up with Oliver, but would still rate Mills the 3rd best prospect out of that draft.
  15. Ok, I'll retract it somewhat, I think he would fall somewhere between 15 and 24. The following players would be undisputedly taken before him (not in order). 1. Bont 2. Kelly 3. Cripps 4. Merrett 5. Billings 6. B. Brown 7. J. Hunt 8. O. Fantasia 9. R. Lobb 10. C. McCarthy 11. C. Cameron 12. M. Crouch Then I would think the majority of football fans would rate these players ahead of Salem. 13. L. McDonald 14. K. Kolodjashnij 15. T. Boyd (not that I would) He would be batched in with the following players. 16. B Acres 17. T. Nankervis 18. D. Sheed 19. T. Barrass 20. D. McStay 21. J. Impey 22. D. Byrne-Jones (haven't watched him much this season, but loved him work last season) 23. L. Taylor (personally don't rate him) 24. Z. Jones (Edit)