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  1. 3 with Hibberd
  2. Not not a huge fan of his but the footy department see him every day at training and are doing a pretty reasonable job so happy to back them in
  3. How good has his kicking on both sides become in the last year or two. Almost the complete player now.
  4. Never thought I'd see Jayden Hunt compared to Rohan Bail!
  5. You've seriously got to be joking. You said that he never said he came back overweight. I point you to a direct quote where Pedersen says "I came back a little heavy". But it's me with a lack of comprehension skills?! You couldn't make it up. If Pedersen says he came back heavy, if the club says he came back heavy, if his teammates say he came back heavy, THEN HE CAME BACK HEAVY. It's OK to admit you're wrong once in a while.
  6. "I had a shoulder reconstruction over the pre-season and came back a little bit heavy, so Simon Goodwin sat me down and said, ‘you want to put a jumper on for this club then get down to the weight you need to be at.’ He told me that the way I was at the time wasn’t going to help the team and that I was probably being a bad teammate". How could you possibly argue with that? It beggars belief.
  7. You cannot seriously STILL be peddling this line? He admits he came back overweight. The club has said he came back overweight. Why on earth do you think you know better than the people directly involved?!
  8. The word some people seem to be looking for is uninterested. Disinterested means impartial.
  9. Mate have you watched him play at all in the past two seasons? He's an absolute shadow of his former self. He's about to turn 30 and is done.
  10. Kieren Jack? Really? He can't get a game for them anymore. Would make no sense.
  11. I'd say pick 14 for Mitchell was about right.
  12. Brett Anderson who's got pretty good sources and is a huge Dees man has been saying for the past few weeks that we're having huge cracks at both May and Lever.
  13. Don't want to mozz it but was stoked to snap up the 21.00 odds pre-season on Oliver being our highest Brownlow vote getter. After 5 rounds he's into even money.
  14. Pretty sure he was saying that that was the order he had the three of them at the time.
  15. Yep people forget how good he was. A Brownlow and the most all-Australian jumpers of anyone in history.