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  1. Adzman

    My 3 word player analysis V Swans

    Harmes - becoming very important
  2. Adzman

    GAMEDAY - Round 21

    This club is a waste of a membership each year. [censored] weak club.
  3. Adzman

    GAMEDAY - Round 21

    Jones has been [censored] garbage. Is he wearing concrete blocks on his feet???
  4. Adzman

    Nibbler Playing For 2

    Billy's and Nibblers careers have gone in opposite directions this season. Easy to forget that Stretch had played more career AFL games than Nibbler at the conclusion of last season. Both drafted same year, Stretch was the first to really show promise out of the two. Fast forward to now, and it is Nibbler who is the mainstay in the team. Hopefully Billy can turn it around and both boys can be mainstays in the demons team that should be playing finals for a few seasons ahead.
  5. Adzman

    Dayne Beams

    Still a damaging player when he gets on the park. I do wonder if he comes back to Vic whether he would be willing to forgo dollars to join the MFC. I think he has one 3-4 year contract left in him, so I imagine not.
  6. Adzman

    Dees who may be gone in 2019

    In Bendigo league. Still have an ok seniors side but haven't dominated for a while. They are 6th currently from memory.
  7. Adzman

    Goody Presser (9/8)

    Frost getting the nod to take on Buddy is huge!
  8. Adzman

    Dees who may be gone in 2019

    I'm still optimistic about Pat McKenna. A good mate of mine was involved with Gisborne FC when he was playing there and he swears by him as a gun talent. I have never seen him play, but my mate is a pretty good judge of football talent so his opinion carries weight with me. I would be shattered if we don't give him one more year to see what he is made out of.
  9. Adzman

    Jared Polec

    Let the saints or roos cough up a million for him. Handy player but not for the money his agent can command with a desperate club like the saints.
  10. Adzman

    Oskar Baker out for 6 weeks with Hamstring

    A real shame. VFL finals would be a step up in intendity so it's a shame he will miss that experience as a player. He has been good in the VFL so I think next year could be the year he finds time in the AFL team.
  11. Adzman


    Very hard to switch clubs when you have bonds like that.
  12. Adzman

    My 3 word player analysis V Gold Coast

    Smith- confidence was growing Feel bad for him, he was building form and confidence and was looking good before injury. A real shame he won't get to participate any further.
  13. Adzman

    Harley Balic Retires

    Good on him for making a tough call. His opportunity to play league footy can now be opened up to someone who really wants it. I hope he finds what he is looking for out there.
  14. Adzman

    There is a role for Bugg

    I've got no problem with buggy, but the reality is he has seen a handful of guys move ahead of him in the pecking order. He needs to be kicking the door down if he wants to break into this side.
  15. Adzman

    Melksham Injures Hamstring

    I think Kent gets a run. Melksham is a bigger loss than he looks on paper. We will miss him, he has been very good this season.
  16. Adzman

    The Age: Dare to Dream

    Pig and Captain Jack are nice additions in the lead up to finals. If Hunt can build some form we do have some options to strengthen the lineup. I'm not getting ahead of myself, but we could be a sleeper if we make the top 8.
  17. Adzman

    What they're saying over at West Lakes

    "Melbourne play the kind of footy that we hate" What kind of footy, contested footy?
  18. Adzman

    My 3 word player analysis V The Crows

    Frost- deserves more love Come on guys. Frosty isn't in many best 22 conversations, yet here he is getting the job done for us in our 22. Makes some mistakes, but overall has been a huge positive down back. His run and carry is a bonus given none of his direct opponents will ever catch him. He is actually pretty exciting to watch when he is up.
  19. Adzman

    GAMEDAY - Round 19

    We might get investigated for tanking playing JKH, Smith and Spargo.....
  20. Do we even have any mids left if Clarry goes down?? Might have to convince Daniel Cross out of retirement....
  21. Adzman

    Dom Tyson - 100 Games

    Hopefully both Lewis and Tyson have huge milestone games and will us across the line for the win.
  22. Adzman

    Happy 21st birthday Clayton Oliver!

    Amazing to think he is only 21. Oliver in 4 years time could be a monster. Hopefully he enjoys his 21st year on the planet with some finals footy!
  23. Omac stays. Has clearly missed lever back there, but is still a better option than any of the the vfl troop. JKH is done at the MFC. I'm sad for him, but that's footy. Maybe he breaks into Carlton and makes a name for himself there.
  24. Adzman

    Pace Or Grunt

    Geelong have a good mid field, but they aren't quick. Tyson isn't a clearance machine, but he can find the footy which will be important against the Geelong engine room. I'm torn, I don't think Hannan did enough to keep his spot, but Tyson just hasn't performed thus season.
  25. Adzman

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    If he keeps this B.S up he will just become a miniature version of Caroline Wilson.