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  1. Best game so far: win over the Crows. The saints at etihad not far behind it. Worst game so far: Freo loss at home. That was a game we should have won. Most improved player: Oliver has taken his game to the elite level. We knew he was good but damn is he good! A player who needs to lift: There are a few. Kent leads the pack right now. Who is currently leading the Bluey?: Oliver easily. Best recruit: Hibberd. Adds so much. Will we make the finals?: hard to tell. Will come down to the wire. If Gawn comes back and dominates then yes. If not, then no.
  2. If we are going to make finals then we simply must find a way of stringing multiple wins in a row and going in as favourites and winning as favourites. The schedule isn't strong enough to keep us out of the 8, it will come down to whether the group can find the intensity to play well back to back to back for the rest of 2017.
  3. Wagner hasn't been near his best. I think he makes way for Salem. If Gawn and Hogan somehow find a way back in, then things become really challenging.
  4. Wow. That's actually phenomenal! I hope he is brought up in all Australian talk leading in to voting.
  5. Where are we ranked for quarters win? This is where we will fall down.
  6. He was underrated as a player. Came in after we lost the wizard and was very handy when he wasn't hurt. If he can be a modern day vardy equivalent then we have done well!
  7. I'm going to need to go to weight watchers if Melksham can keep this up . I am scoffing humble pie right now. Melksham- Becoming very valuable Good on him!
  8. Bugg would be great if he knew how to slot them. Seems to find it but has no goal sense. I hope he can find that part of his game, he could be a very damaging player if he does.
  9. Jurrah could have been the best. If he could have worked it out he would have become one of the most loved players in the game. Just a freak of nature.
  10. Weed and Kent had to be dropped. Can't complain too much with the changes, Nibs and Chomp deserve a run after their efforts at Casey.
  11. We are getting slaughtered down back. May has to be a top priority going into trade week.
  12. Reality is that this isn't the Demons side of old that could allow a player to develop in the 1s without showing consistency. Things have changed, we have options. Kent needs to work on bringing effort to every game and contest or start thinking about what he wants to do after football.
  13. Contender for biggest disappointment of 2017!
  14. OUT: Two quarter efforts IN: Four quarter efforts.
  15. Hannan- I was impressed