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  1. Adzman

    Changes vs Bulldogs

    Goody might do a shorter main training session this week to get ready for dogs. I think Spargo might be an option for a rest but he deserves to play against the dogs.
  2. Adzman

    My 3 word player ananlysis V Adelaide

    ADZMAN - I am speechless What a win!
  3. Adzman

    Blues Free Football

    Skills free football. They were f'ing awful. They should be ashamed of that effort
  4. I really like this signing. Coming from a professional sporting background is a huge advantage in terms of commitment and preparation. Should be able to take to the AFL system like a duck to water. If he has the goods he could be big max's replacement.
  5. Adzman

    Lever Ready To Take on the Crows

    This games narrative is all about 3rd v 4th. I'm glad Lever v the crows is getting some airtime but the real story is us needing to beat the crows so we can be taken seriously. Hope Lever has a blinder.
  6. Adzman

    Confidence is the key: James Harmes

    At the start of the season he was best 22 by a small margin. His work and form has seen him cement his spot. He isn't first in line to be dropped if we have a loss due to his tireless work and effort. Players like Harmes win you premierships.
  7. Adzman

    Jake Melksham

    All good mate, I was a bit perplexed first up. The last thing I want is to annoy my fellow supporters.
  8. Adzman


    That Collingwood would look to replace a young tall with a young tall. Plenty of chatter from Collingwood fans about it. Not sure you will get anything concrete at this stage of the year.
  9. Adzman

    Jake Melksham

    Jake knows where the goals are, and is a challenge to match up on given he is good body on body and has a good tank. Really starting to build some good form.
  10. Adzman

    My 3 word player analysis V Carlton

    Brendon Bolton - won't sleep tonight His team got picked apart at the seams. Great performance from the Dee's, insipid performance by Carlton players.
  11. Adzman


    We have some very good players of our own that are without a contract next season. How about we worry about signing them before raping and pillaging the rest of the league. Lot's of mail on Weeds to Collingwood given they might be losing Moore.
  12. Adzman

    Changes vs Adelaide

    VFL game was also impressive, and I think Pedo could come in for Smith to help Gawn in the ruck. You can't ask Gawn to take as much of the ruck as he has been rucking in that heat. He will need some more help, and Pedo's engine isn't too bad. Smith was Ok, I'm more thinking for team balance a second ruck is going to help in the heat. Spargo just did enough, but could be due for the dreaded first year "rest" week. Bailey got it already, and Spargo might be rested.
  13. Adzman

    GAMEDAY - Round 9

    OH dear God we look like an average football side. Hopefully the quarter time break allows us to hit the reset button.
  14. Adzman

    Our Best Team, if.....

    I know Bernie has his haters on here but he is ahead of Smith and Vanders. I still think Pedo has the edge over Weeds, but I get why the club is playing him. We need games into Weeds to try and get him developing as a ruck forward for next season.
  15. Adzman

    Rejuvenating the backline

    I think Hunt is an option provided he can keep developing. I think Harmes, Nibbler, Brayshaw seem to be players goody likes to position tinker with. Maybe goody makes one of those players a general down back.