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  1. The Steven Motlop Thread

    I'm with you here pman. His poor games are very pedestrian like. He has more talent than half our list, but he doesn't always use it which hurts his ability to be relied upon as a star player.
  2. 2017 Player Reviews: # 11 Max Gawn

    I had Gawn down before the season as a chance at the Brownlow. Never again will I be swayed by one brilliant season. Gawn needs to produce in 2018, 2017 was one to forget for everyone. Still a gun, but I wonder if his body will ever let him produce consecutive good seasons of football.
  3. Adelaide tanked

    Our destiny was in our own hands. Adelaide would have done what they did even if we had beaten Collingwood. No tanking, just good player management
  4. 2017 Player Reviews: # 15 Billy Stretch

    2018 is crucial for him. I haven't lost hope because some of his VFL performances were top notch. Consistency is huge, and he needs to find a way to back up strong performances. I like the kid and am backing him to take a leap forward next season.
  5. Well, he was all Australian.... Successor was the correct term for this one. If we can get someone in to take over the reigns from gawn in 5 years time that would be ideal.
  6. 2017 Player Reviews: # 13 Clayton Oliver

    He will win a Brownlow during his career if he doesn't get hurt.
  7. 2017 Player Reviews: # 14 Michael Hibberd

    Hibbo was sensational!! Best & Fairest shoe in.
  8. Cotchin out?

    Rub him out just to see the Richmond nuffies get upset. Now that's entertainment!!!
  9. Misson's Time Up?

    Abort Misson?
  10. If we are drafting a ruck I would prefer a kid for now. I'm not looking for Max's backup, I'm looking for his predecessor. If he goes down tmac and Pedders have it covered
  11. Delistings

    The real cost is integrity and culture. Garland deserves to play out the contract he signed in good faith. Imagine if players decided mid contact they wanted more money because their value went up. It works both ways. If you are mad he is on the list then your dissatisfaction should be directed at list management and not garland.
  12. Delistings

    Just on Garland, if he retires we still have a cap hold for his salary. If we buy him out, same problem. Geelong are going through this now with Bartel and his cap hold. May as well go around another year if that is going to be the case.

    The AFL really punched us deep in the fart box on this one. Should have been able to sign a player. Essendon dope their team and get replacementa, we lose His and don't get one. It might not seem like much, but an extra fit AFL ready body would have come in handy this season.

    Easy fix. Get tigers to wear demons jumpers, and then if they win it they can record the win as a MFC premiership.....
  15. Bernie Vince Re-Signs for 2018

    Bernie is far more useful than a 5th round drafting pick. At this point he is best 22, if he gets pushed out by youth next season then that's not a bad thing. Good sensible signing.