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  1. I like the idea of Pederson and Watts both giving Spencer the chop out. Keeps things moving, creates unpredictability and freshness. Throwing Hogan into the midfield every now and then would also challenge the flexibility of their defenders. Im not sure Weiderman allows us to change the dynamics of our forward line if things aren't panning out.
  2. A #2 Spencil and a dream can take you anywhere. Joyce Meyer
  3. I'm sure they'll get a compensation pick to soften the blow. Poor buggers haven't had a good go of it of late.
  4. Fancy big tough Nick Maxwell and co. Smashing a debutante...I won't hold Jack in any lessor light showing a bit of mongrel. Perhaps he could have made the bounce though
  5. Hats off to Uncle Fester for his early call.
  6. That's how I first misread the title of this thread. Granted it might have been late and a few single malt whisky' might have enhanced my vision. But, I stand true in my belief of this mis-Prophecy. The thread should be renamed.
  7. The cats are looming large.
  8. Mine too. Sent it too my old man last year. I still occasionally scroll back through my messages too show people. The kid is gold
  9. Clearance Oliver is fast becoming a fav
  10. Thank you Hawthorn. It will be a most enjoyable year watching you unravel.
  11. Rumours starting to pop up that maybe Hannan might debut. Watts doing extra ruck duties at training. Guess we'll find out pretty soon.
  12. It would be fantastic to see some of those numbers converted. Maybe a little taste of success this year might awaken this sleeping giant again.
  13. an interesting match up on Riewoldt
  14. At least we are not kicking into the sun this quarter
  15. Now that's a family day! Rock on you crazy diamonds