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  1. Trade rumours

    O'Meara? Ortazio ? OMG? OMG=Ablett. Disclaimer: not saying I'm pining for these players, just playing the O game
  2. Trade rumours

    Isaac smith. Lewis connection.outside speed. I wonder
  3. Trade rumours

    Would prefer the other Lauchie from that club. Apparently wants to come back to Melbourne anyway.
  4. Farewell Jack Watts

    It would devastate me to see Watts traded and become the player we always hoped he would. Maybe it's the optimist in me, but, I think he'll own next year. Hopefully at our club.
  5. Umpiring of MFC games very questionable

    Knowing our luck we'll reach the grand final and have Razor and Nicholls officiate proceedings.
  6. Aaron vandenBerg Re-signs for 2018

    I love that Vanders really strikes fear into the oppositions. He and Viney must make the night before the game the stuff of nightmares. Hope he stays fit and gets a new contract.
  7. Changes vs St Kilda

    Not the sort of snow we're renowned for loving.
  8. Match Review Panel Farce

    Are they part of that evil triumphant of the Rothschilds, the queen and colonel Sanders with his wee beady eyes?
  9. Changes v Sydney Swans

    Let's hope we can keep this ball rolling. If we win next week we can jump into third spot on the ladder. GWS play the Cats at home, and port play Richmond. Any way it falls it will loosen up the top four. Now for us to get up and grab another HUGE win.

    Likes on this site are just like high fives right? A like for you...a like for you... i dont care what you've said. Go Dees!!!!!
  11. Changes v Weagles

    Would love to see Salem spend a bit of time in the centre with Jones out
  12. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 10

    I'm also loving what Frost is bringing to the table. However, it was our midfield's ability to deny GCS forward entries that helped Frost keep Lynch quiet in the second half. However, his trajectory is looking positive.

    I wish I shared your optimism, but, I have a bad feeling about this. We have matched up on them well in recent times, but, injury has cruelled us of height. And not Unlike last week, where a strong team of talls had the ascendency, I have a suspicion Lynch, Wright, May and Witts will tear us a new one. I hope the boys stand up and prove me wrong.