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  1. Went down for a look this morning. List of things I observed in no particular order. . - Maynard and Balic completed their 2km time trials... Maynard finished about 200m in front. Both were well and truly spent at the finish. - One particular drill was just focused on the "Dustin Martin don't argue". Picking the ball up off the ground and pushing off a bag/opponent with the hand. - Jones, Weid, Kent, T.Smith in rehab. Ditto Viney and Joel Smith but they were running lap after lap rather than the balls. - Brayshaw had his thigh taped up and at one point removed himself from the main group to complete some run thru's. He joined back in soon after. - I was most impressed with Dion Johnstone. Put on some muscle and his skills on both side of the feet was a highlight. Crumbing off the forwards and kicking them from all angles. - Lewis certainty entrenched in the back-line group. Vince also down there. - Omac looked noticeably bigger in the legs and arms. - Trac also looking fit without any strapping on the knee.
  2. PartyBoy


    Reminds me of 2004 when Scott Thompson requested a trade to SA. Reluctantly we accepted pick 12 from the Crows and he went on to be an All Australian and play 300+ games. There's the precedent.
  3. PartyBoy

    The Jack Trengove is BACK Thread

    I'm told he has put his hand up this for the first time this week.... in 2 years. Pretty big news, but I am not to know what happens at selection. Whether it be this week, next, or the week after, you better have the defibrillator handy.
  4. PartyBoy

    The Jack Trengove is BACK Thread

    Sorry old sport, I'll stick to writing about our backline and boring opinions like your 9,943 posts....NOT I've been told he has put his hand up, I wen't out on a whim and said "I'm hearing he might play" Would've thought I murdered someone.
  5. PartyBoy

    The Jack Trengove is BACK Thread

    I'm hearing JT will return this week..... #9
  6. PartyBoy

    The Incredible Hulk - Jesse Hogan

    Jesse was spotted ripping in to some red rooster in Geelong yesterday. Obviously after a big session at Winkipop. We can bank the 4 points now.
  7. PartyBoy

    Nathan Jones on AFL On the Couch - 16 May

    I was up at the GC last week for the game and intended to catch up with a player (who I won't name) for a few beers afterwards. Not long after the thumping win I got a text through saying a few other players would be joining us. However, Jones wanted none of it and told the group they were bound to the hotel and an extra early morning recovery was called. This was on the back of Melbourne's dismal record after a win and turning the focus to next week. Whilst I was personally disappointed not to "get around the boys" it was pleasing to see a great show of leadership.
  8. PartyBoy

    The Incredible Hulk - Jesse Hogan

    I hope you're right.
  9. PartyBoy

    The Incredible Hulk - Jesse Hogan

    As a supporter, I was lead to believe Jesse’s decision was around the club’s prosperity and win’s/losses. However, in one little interview grab this seems to have changed “it’s not my thought process at all. It’s not really a money thing, it’s just (about) where I want to be” Let’s hope that’s Melbourne but we need to be well prepared if it’s not. I propose the club goes to Jesse at the end of this year and asks if he’s in or out. We don’t want another 12 months of it dragging on and the distraction. Should he play the homesick card we get on the front foot and deal with Fremantle. Request their first pick this year (top 3 you’d suspect) first pick 2018 and Lachie Neale. Then pass on Freo’s 2017 pick to GWS for Jon Patton. We get a ready-made replacement, a young gun midfielder and a round 1 pick the following year.
  10. PartyBoy

    Paul Roos to take back seat

    Time will tell. But, I'm pretty sure I broke the news about Goodwin becoming senior assistant too.
  11. Goodwin will be head coach in 2016. Roos to take on a mentor role for players and coach before his 3 year tenure finishes.
  12. PartyBoy

    Dwayne Russell

    The amount of Ex Footballers turned "expert" commentators is alarming. Queens Birthday Match: Example 1. Players walking to position - Tim Watson "Jetta going to Elliot, that's surprising. I thought Garlett would have." Example 2 Brayshaw avoids Varcoe and kicks a goal on none preferred. Nick Maxwell "Varcoe needs to be better there, he should have known Brayshaw was a left footer" 'On the couch' has been ruined by Brown and Dunstall. The viewer wants to be educated with strong & controversial views. Rather than "back in my day Jase" In saying that, I'm looking forward to watching them all tonight.
  13. PartyBoy

    Paul Roos - don't give us more excuses!

    2 Nathan Jones 3 Clint Bartram 4 Jack Watts 5 Jordan Gysberts 6 Matthew Bate 7 Jamie Bennell 8 James Frawley 9 Jack Trengove (c) 10 Cale Morton 11 Mitch Clark 12 Colin Sylvia 13 Jordie McKenzie 14 Lynden Dunn 15 Ricky Petterd 16 Jack Grimes (c) 17 Sam Blease 18 Brad Green 19 James Strauss 20 Colin Garland 21 Lucas Cook 22 Brent Moloney 24 Liam Jurrah 25 Tom McDonald 30 James Sellar 34 Stefan Martin 35 Luke Tapscott 36 Aaron Davey 37 Max Gawn 38 Jeremy Howe 39 Neville Jetta 40 Mark Jamar 41 Troy Davis 42 Jake Spencer 43 Rory Taggert 44 Rohan Bail 46 Josh Tynan 48 Jack I don't buy the excuse of the past anymore. The 2012 list above has been significantly turned over and we've added experience and young talent. Of those remaining, some are our best players, some are our leaders, some didn't even play on Saturday. It's the supporters that bare the scares, time Roosy started to look for a different excuse. If we break up the list and excuse, Captain: Jones VC: Dunn 2015 All Aust: McDonald Most Improved: Jetta At season's end we delist or trade the remaining. Watts Grimes Garland Howe Jamar Spencer Bail Fitzpatrick Gawn* Trengove* Mckenzie* *did not play Saturday. In the mean time, play the young kids and stop blaming the past!
  14. PartyBoy

    Two Collingwood Players Test Positive

    There were up to 17 AFL players from different clubs at the St Kilda Fest house party. 15 dodged a bullet.
  15. PartyBoy

    Raiding GWS

    Sheil will be at Hawthorn next year.