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  1. GAME DAY - Round 22

    Freo have put the cue in the rack in the middle of the 2nd qtr. Finals are due and they don't want injuries. It's embarrassing it took 10 goals to zip before we did anything. We look good playing junk time football.
  2. GAME DAY - Round 22

    A six! Good shot sir. Score now 56 for 1. Geez we're missing Siddle
  3. GAME DAY - Round 22

    50 up! Score 50 for 1 and Freo batting. Clearly a good batting strip.
  4. GAME DAY - Round 22

    You are generous. We have only kicked 3 goals during that period. None today. And we don't look like kicking one.
  5. Anyone for cricket?

    I am not sure why you are gloating. I picked you up on the double standard of say Clarke should never been Captain and is not a leader but wanting to retaining him on as Captain. Buchanan does not rate Clarke as a Captain but he has not hypocritically argued that he would have kept Clarke on for 12 months to mentor Smith. At least Buchanan could not be that stupid.
  6. Anyone for cricket?

    LOL. Turn it up.10 days ago when other more astute posters were suggesting an early end for Clarke you suggested that he be kept on for 12 months for Smith's succession plan. A bizarre and ridiculous suggestion given you suggest he should never have been Test captain and is a poor choice of a leader. I further note that 18 months ago against Sth Africa when Clarke was playing a heroic innings you will still deriding his character. You're entitled to your opinions on Clarke but on what you've shown here there is little thoughtful or coherent substance to them. And FTR Warne never captained Australia. One for the Ignore list.
  7. Anyone for cricket?

    Good post Angry. Not sure the Clarke dissent deserved a basic serving of the obvious. I would have added World Cup Captain. Not sure why you have Siddle ahead of Starc. Ponting said that Siddle believed that if he was ever going to play Test Cricket again it was at Trent Bridge. For mine Siddle is finished and selectors dont back him. He is no way an adequate replacement or even partial cover for loss of Harris. Starc is our No 1 strike bowler and this series has proven it. He can certainly improve and I believe will. And I think we need to look beyond Johnson too in the next 6/12 months. He has looked flat for most of this series and has hardly put any fear in the Poms at Trent Bridge. And I would not be throwing out Hazlewood after one poor series. He was v good up to the Ashes. He has had a lesson here but will come back. At this stage Ahmed was not close to an Ashes Test but I would not be ruling him out. As a spinner he is still in his prime. The batting farce prevent a real assessment of where Lyon is at.
  8. Steven Motlop

    Motlop a goal kicking mid??? He has staked his claim up forward but rarely a mid. If we are in the market for a real mid then Motlop isn't it IMO
  9. Jason Taylor - Is he up to it?

    Spot on.
  10. Anyone for cricket?

    I'd have Starc there because at 25 he will get better. And after last night he showed he can perform under adversity. Might help if he bats up the order too. Right on both counts.
  11. Anyone for cricket?

    Not surprised to hear that at all. Voges hits 1400 runs in the Shield last summer and looks all at sea against the moving ball. He clearly isn't the only one. I think at the end of this series Clarke will be swiftly followed by Voges, S Marsh. Watson and Haddin already done. Only Warner and Smith are locks for mine. The ACB should working is butt off to convince Bucky Rogers to play for another 6-12 months to at least balance out the inexperience within the middle order being re built. For a starter I would drop S Marsh and pick M Marsh for the final test and start the rebuild process. Great spirited bowling by Starc under adversity. While the batting has largely been a fail, Australia has sadly missed the skill, guile, experience of Ryan Harris.
  12. Diamond Jim Tilbrook and Glenn Swan 1973

    Nice get and spot on too.
  13. Diamond Jim Tilbrook and Glenn Swan 1973

    A great white blueblood hope that was a fail...sadly. Definitely not physical and ducked his head when going for a mark and opposition teams picked it and worked him over. RDB also picked it and lost faith in him
  14. Diamond Jim Tilbrook and Glenn Swan 1973

    I doubt it.Had everyone sucked as the great white hope given the attributes you mentioned. But provided to be an overhyped and costly bust because he got so little of the ball. He was indeed and outside receiver whose game would have struggled even more in the modern AFL world. He was a sensational kick of the ball but did not get enough of it. A case of the longer it is since he played the better he was as a player.
  15. Anyone for cricket?

    I actually wish we were able to make 186.