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  1. Tilbrook and Lever

    Reading that young Jake ( to whom we are paying a fortune) managed to finish 11th in the Adelaide B and F, prompted dark thoughts. is it possible that both Jake and big Johnny Tilbrook have the same player agents? I recall that we bet the Members' Stand on Tilbrook, to very little effect.
  2. Tilbrook and Lever

    Top article by Ben Guthrie! Names Lever as a Key Defender. But he wasn't! Must have been hard to research it properly
  3. Tilbrook and Lever

    Of course we paid too much for him!!! He is not even a key defender, or at least, has not played as one . How does he compare with, for example, Hibberd? I saw him last year against one of the young key forwards in one of the " new clubs". Talia had left the ground, injured. Lever was outmarked repeatedly. it attracted no attention at the time. It was the second half of the game and Adelaide were miles in front, but it showed me this bloke is not, at least at this time, a key defender. anyway, he may well improve!
  4. Tilbrook and Lever

    WJ, Colin, that's why one subscribes ( at great cost) to this site! well done.
  5. Tilbrook and Lever

    Certainly has proven his wealth , if not value! 11 th in the B and F
  6. Any Chance Jake Spencer back to MFC as Rookie?

    Which is an outright disaster. Appalling failure unless we pick up a mature ruckman. We could lose Max before the season even starts. Would you be content if Pedersen and Tom had to do the job all year? FFS!
  7. Any Chance Jake Spencer back to MFC as Rookie?

    He's had ample opportunity? Rubbish. He's been most unfortunate and good team management over the past two years would have involved him playing more
  8. Farewell Jack Watts

    And when Watts did get ready, for R1, he played well. Umpires gave him votes in R3

    You were then, and still are, dead right!
  10. Farewell Jack Watts

    If so mate, how did he play in Round one. Bloody well from memory
  11. Farewell Jack Watts

    Would u have said Watts wax barely in our best 22 the week he did his hamstring? Of course not. He had played about 15 weeks of decent footy including pinch hitting in the ruck. He had kicked a number of goals no-one on the list could have kicked. This is what pisses me off. Several players were brought back this year, too early after injury. Watts, Viney, Salem spring to mind. Watts was plainly worried about the hammy v Crows and then played poorly twice. He was ok in the last match. who or what replaces a clean long kicking forward who, if he gets a dozen disposals, makes a contribution. i don't know why he wasn't fit at the start of the season. This was v poor, I agree. But he would have learned from this. I think we are making a poor decision. If he decided to stay I'd be delighted
  12. 2017 Player Reviews: # 16 Dean Kent

    I really think that this bloke, if fully fit, is in our best 22. Look at the match v Geelong. Had missed preseason, was rushed back and actually dominated except he kicked badly for goal. I think he had 8 shots. Took a couple of great marks. Has great pace and can tackle. I suspect he thought he had it made at the end of 2016, this season will have been a real shock. I like Hannan, but at his best this bloke is better
  13. Adelaide tanked

    immediately Geelong beat GWS I knew that we were gone. It meant Crows had nothing to play for. it does highlight the importance of the suggestion Mick Malthouse made, notably that to avoid unfairness, every match in the last round should be played at the same time. This is what happens in the Premier League in U.K. Of course, it was our fault that we lost to Collingwood, but WC had an unbelievable advantage knowing precisely what they needed to do.
  14. The Remaining Free Agents of 2017

    I suggest you stop thinking. It can be dangerous I
  15. Dom Tyson - Yes or No ?

    Decided to look at some stats tyson afl dreamtime rating in 2017 was 91 viney 90 petracca 76 jones 101 oliver 102 not certain who else we should match him with. Tyson was second in the B and F in 2014, season ruined by injury in 2015, 4th in 2016 and there are are many who want to get rid of him!!!
  16. 2017 Player Reviews: # 5 Christian Petracca

    I agree. I thought his second half of the season was disappointing, but there again, if we hadn't had the serious run of injuries, perhaps he could have been rested for a week
  17. Farewell Jack Trengove

    That's sheer bloody rubbish! You obviously didn't see him in his first year
  18. Farewell Jack Trengove

    This might well be correct. I think he is an ideal back pocket, has good footy smarts, reads the game well.
  19. Dom Tyson - Yes or No ?

    A ball kicked to a contest is NOT a turnover . You are plain wrong
  20. Farewell Jack Trengove

    I think he is a class act and highly intelligent. If he doesn't play elsewhere, and I rather hope he doesn't, I hope the club finds a role for him. The fractured foot was not the immediate responsibility of MFC, but I know he made atrempts to return too early, because of our appalling plight at that time.
  21. Dom Tyson - Yes or No ?

    Didn't he miss preseason? it hasn't always been the case
  22. Dom Tyson - Yes or No ?

    Sorry to puncture this long thread, but, apart from the last match, when did Tyson play on a wing? Because of the controversy on this site I started watching him closely. Almost always, he has been in the middle getting first hands on the ball. He has not been an " outside mid " at all. And this has been particularly the case while we have had either Jones or Viney out for the last half.
  23. Dom Tyson - Yes or No ?

    Rubbish! We saw in the last match how poor we looked when he started in a wing instead of in the middle. For some reason I will never understand, Hannan and Salem were in the middle, while Tyson was on the wing. When eventually he was put into the middle, the game started to turn our way. Without Viney he was critical. Watch carefully how much grunt work he does. Didn't he miss pre season? This may explain how frequently he had amazing possessions in the first half, less so in the second. After his first season we weren't complaining about the deal which brought him to Melbourne--I still rate him highly. And if his fitness lifts so will his kicking. It was excellent in his first year with us
  24. 2017 Player Reviews: # 3 Christian Salem

    Hey, hold on! My recollection is that we consistently gave him votes in the first 16 rounds. In fact I believe we rated him our best at least once. We tend to overlook the earlier games because of the disastrous end. Does anyone have the votes we awarded?
  25. Dom Tyson - Yes or No ?

    For heavens' sake, give him a preseason before u decide he has no tank. The first quarter is just as important. Many times he has dominated our possessions in the first half