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  1. How does our Defence stack up?

    On Sunday, on the ABC, Malthouse voiced the concern which worries me as to Lever. He said that he was yet to be convinced that Levef could beat a decent opponent one on one, that Adelaide had largely avoided that problem. I don't think he should be picked at CHB, he's a great interceptor. just one other point. I think Hibberd is as good an intercept mark as there is in the competition, it was for this reason I couldn't understand the acute interest in Lever
  2. Post Match Discussion: JLT #2 vs St. Kilda

    Pedo has been hopeless in defence. I like him but not as a defender
  3. Post Match Discussion: JLT #2 vs St. Kilda

    How was Lever in the third term? Bloody awful. And dropped an uncontested mark early in the last quarter which lead to a goal. Open your eyes guys!!! Might be ok in the long run but is struggling IMO
  4. Post Match Discussion: JLT #2 vs St. Kilda

    I think our hero Lever had one touch, and 2 dropped marks fir the third quarter. Correct? Those who want to justify the payments to him plainly don't watch the game
  5. Recruiting - going after the big fish

    Well that demonstrates why I remain v concerned about the Lever deal. in my view he is not, (11th in the Crows B and F) and will not be, the best player at Melbourne, yet he's being paid, we understand , much more than anyone else. Historically this has lead to dissatisfaction, unrest. We are signing a lot of our real stars for 2 years. What happens when those short terms run out. so, although the original piece from WJ related more to the star recruit's ability to lift a team by his play, there is another side to it also
  6. Poll: Who Impressed Most in JLT 01

    Yes, well on Stats, Lever was our third worst player, better by one point than Brayshaw and by several points over Pedersen who played half a game may turn out alright but he's no star just yet. I want to see Frost
  7. Agree ive tipped him for top 5 in the Bluey Truscott. I'm quite serious! His improvement last year was outstanding
  8. What the Fritsch

    Surely his main competitor for a game will be Hannan?
  9. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    I simply can't understand how you, and others, select Lever at CHB. He has never played a key defender role for Adelaide. We saw today how loose he can be. unless an opponent is only playing one key forward I think Frost must play. That doesn't matter--Lever is mobile, great interceptor but no-one in SA rates him as a key defender
  10. GAME DAY: JLT #1 vs North Melbourne

    Lever's defensive game is awful. Caught out badly twice in the last quarter
  11. Tilbrook and Lever

    Top article by Ben Guthrie! Names Lever as a Key Defender. But he wasn't! Must have been hard to research it properly
  12. Tilbrook and Lever

    Of course we paid too much for him!!! He is not even a key defender, or at least, has not played as one . How does he compare with, for example, Hibberd? I saw him last year against one of the young key forwards in one of the " new clubs". Talia had left the ground, injured. Lever was outmarked repeatedly. it attracted no attention at the time. It was the second half of the game and Adelaide were miles in front, but it showed me this bloke is not, at least at this time, a key defender. anyway, he may well improve!
  13. Tilbrook and Lever

    WJ, Colin, that's why one subscribes ( at great cost) to this site! well done.
  14. Tilbrook and Lever

    Certainly has proven his wealth , if not value! 11 th in the B and F
  15. Tilbrook and Lever

    Reading that young Jake ( to whom we are paying a fortune) managed to finish 11th in the Adelaide B and F, prompted dark thoughts. is it possible that both Jake and big Johnny Tilbrook have the same player agents? I recall that we bet the Members' Stand on Tilbrook, to very little effect.