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  1. Farmer

    Changes v St Kilda

    Agree the backline is undersized. Must play Frost who brings so much to the table , we MUST have someone to play on a second big forward. And despite Garlett's ordinary form in the twos, I would play him. He is a genuine forward, not convinced that Spargo is--he's better around the ground.
  2. Farmer

    Shaun Smith: Joel can fill Lever's Role

    Well we didn't have options. OMac off the ground, Pederson required in the ruck for quite some time
  3. Absolutely correct. Can't understand this post. Amongst our group we rated him our third best player after TMac and Oliver. Sure, a clanger at the end but look at the many pinpoint kicks to a running player
  4. Farmer

    Casey Demons v Collingwood VFL - Round 10

    Surely the absence of both Stretch and Garlett means that one of them, presumably Jeffy, is playing on Monday instead of Hannan?
  5. Farmer

    Training - Wednesday 6th June, 2018

    I would play him on Monday
  6. Farmer

    Jake Lever injury - Confirmed ACL

    For some unknown reason, he's been a disaster as a defender. Seems odd but it's happened several times
  7. Farmer

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 11

    Jetta 6 easily oliver salem hibberd fritsch Brayshaw
  8. Farmer

    Jake Lever injury - Confirmed ACL

    Rubbish. Bloody good player
  9. Farmer

    Changes v Collingwood

    I suggest you see your doctor. Frost is a damned good player.would walk into many teams. Not many combine his height and speed.Yes, makes the odd mistake but he creates some great plays
  10. Farmer

    What’s really changed since our last loss?

    Not playing Hunt, or any other sucker, in the ruck. Three talls plus Max. critical difference
  11. Farmer

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    No-one missed that! We won with that tactic v NM against Hawks, too wet and slippery to make much of a judgement. Weideman then picked but still greasy v Richmond. Since then, on dry tracks we gave picked a team far removed from the Richmond model. That's ok isn't it?
  12. Farmer

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Well both this and other posts have ignored what has happened . We dropped Peterson and played NM with no tall to back up Max or Hogan. We were thus following the Ruchmond model. Although we won well enough v NM we took barely a mark in the forward line. Still, having won, we stayed with the same team structure. The match v Hawks was v wet so you couldn't make a judgment, but when we played the same structure v Tigers it was plain that it wasn't working. So the match Committee changed tack and Weideman was picked . He hasn't been startling but he did offer a tall target when Hogan was upfield. He was retained when Tom McD was available. Suddenly we were playing 2 additional talls. And to my great relief when Weideman became injured we didn't respond by going back to 1. Smith has been serviceable but the critical aspect is the structure. We took something like 20 marks in the forward line today. When Max takes a break we have a capable tall to fill in, rather that Petracca or Harmes. good effort by coach and match committee to change direction.
  13. Farmer

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    That is a bloody untruth! You can't just say that without providing details. I'm quite happy you set out your absurd views about Goodwin's coaching, but to say, without any stated evidence, that there is discontent is, quite simply, calculated to cause discontent. my informant is a player who has every reason to be unhappy--but he's not. At dinner early this week he commented that he'd never known such an atmosphere at the club
  14. Farmer

    Is Daisy the best special comments person?

    Yes, she is first rate. Knows the current scene better than many of the ex players
  15. Farmer

    A good word for our co-captain

    [censored]! His great form has occurred since he went into the middle--where he belongs.