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  1. Farmer

    Melbourne and Matthews

    Don't know about that, but in a practice match at the G in the early 1980s he punched Laurie Fowler in the head when the ball was at the other end of the ground. Fowler concussed, carried off, Matthews jogged away and joined in play . Melbourne supporters who saw it were screaming but no cameras , no action taken. Fowler was no angel but his aggression usually was in the heat of the play. This was unprovoked, as far from the play as it's possible to be well done Ross McMullin
  2. Farmer

    Jordan Roughhead

    We definitely need someone! Can't believe the match Committee has left us so exposed this year.
  3. Farmer

    Melksham Injures Hamstring

    Really? Almost all of our rivals have far worse injury lists
  4. Farmer

    Round 23

    The fact is that every match in the last round with bearing on the finals should be played at the one time. This happens in The Premiership in UK soccer, even in the lower division , the Championship. It happened in the recent World Cup when the last matches in the Group stage were played at the one time. No one should have the advantage of playing later than its competitors . Last year, sure, we were responsible for the loss to Cwood, but even then we would have made the finals if results had gone as expected. Before the Cats v GWS match was played on the Saturday night ( remember, until then GWS could still have finished top of the ladder) WC were heavy odds against to beat Adelaide in the last match. But as it became plain the Cats would beat GWS, the odds on Adelaide blew out. By 11 pm WC had become favourites to beat Adelaide, who no longer could lose top spot. And so it transpired. Adelaide left a couple out, WC knew EXACTLY what it needed to do. And we missed out effectively by a couple of goals. Situations such as these actually lead to corruption , and I'm not talking of betting. The top side may rest half its best players. Sure, if by the last round they must finish top, nothing can be done to prevent them from treating the last match with little interest. But if it's only in that last round that final positions will be determined, then no-one should be given the very real advantage of playing last. One other matter. Many here will remember the last round of 1987. All those matches played at once produced the best season finale I can recall.
  5. Farmer

    Post Match brawl

    Dead right! Studies show that domestic violence is worse after football ( of all description) games are completed . This validates the studies
  6. Farmer

    Post Match brawl

    Go away and think how silly you are
  7. Farmer

    Will 12 be enough

    Sorry, that's nonsense. With our percentage, if we win 13 we are in. i agree, could make it with 12
  8. Farmer

    There is a role for Bugg

    I agree. I had overlooked Bernie as he hasn't been playing the tagging role. But can he now match the pace of the good on ballers? when Pendles, Sidebottom, Treloar and de Goey were slaughtering us I was missing Bugg. He would have handled one of them
  9. Farmer

    There is a role for Bugg

    Well the players who many of you have mentioned are not those I had in mind. I like Hannan and what he offers for the future, but with the opponents we have for the rest of the year, I would very much like Bugg standing alongside some seriously good midfielders. I disagree about his pace and my recollection is that his kicking is only poor when he is shooting for goal. Particularly with the hardness of Viney lost for at least a month, I think Bugg could play a real role, whereas we have a bunch of forwards making Hannan's role more questionable
  10. I expect to get bucketed for this but here goes! Today's papers report that WC successfully reduced the influence of Sidebottom and Pendlebury by playing taggers on them. In the game we played v Dogs, Harmes tagged McCrae with some success after half time. The best tagging job by a MFC player that I can recall, was by Bugg on Pendlebury a couple of tears ago. For some unknown reason Bugg hadn't been used in this capacity thereafter.. i regard Bugg as a capable player. Ge can get the ball and us tough. Kicking for goal is a problem but in my view he would offer more than a couple of Saturday's team if he were to play an old fashioned tagging role. And this week v Cats would be a great place to start
  11. Farmer

    Changes vs Western Bulldogs

    So we overlook the 8 precision kicks , some of 50m to players able to run away into attack. Week after week. Hibberd can do it, Salem when on the backline, who else can hit targets like Lewis can?
  12. Farmer

    Training - Wednesday 11th July, 2018

    Bloody silly observation. He did it once in Darwin. He also hit 8 targets with precision passes at 50m
  13. Farmer

    Hogan in the Ruck

    I was delighted to see Jesse doing Ruck work in the forward line. First time? Exactly as Schwarz used to do. It enables Max to stay behind the play. Against a top line ruckman it will lead to some problems but I really I like the move. And Hogan plainly enjoyed it
  14. Rubbish! Played well except for one undisciplined act