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  1. Training - Tuesday 25th July, 2017

    At his best he is a very good player. I heard Roos describe him as " elite". I don't want to give up on him. Look at his R3 game v Cats. Kicked a couple, missed several. Has great pace and, at his best, tackles ferociously
  2. Post Match Discussion - Round 18

    Max was great in the first half. Nearly back to his best till he got injured
  3. MATCH REPORT - Round 18

    Nice summary like you I was v impressed by the defensive efforts in the last quarter. Must have been nearly 20 minutes between goals, while we always had 2 or 3 with hands on the ball in packs. Port must have been quite confident--only 16 points down, 5 minutes into the last quarter, but we defended beautifully. Can't recall Dees doing this as well in the last decade
  4. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 18

    Good for you! Look at the number of targets he DID hit. Hunt was just as wasteful 6 Hibberd 5 Tom MCD ( 24 disposals at CHF, good in the ruck also) j4 Jetta 3 Tyson 2 Oliver 10 disposals in the last quarter 1 Hogan
  5. The treatment of Dean Kent

    Well I referred to the piece about Matt Jones and the hurt he felt from time to time. its a GAME for heavens' sake. Why do people feel the need to be quite vicious, occasionally
  6. The treatment of Dean Kent

    Really will hesitate before posting again. Can't believe the personal vitriol this topic has provoked. im signing off on this topic, but before I do so, at a gathering involving a number of doctors yesterday, several of whom had seen the footage, a unanimous view was expressed that his arm should have been supported not merely by a sling, but also by a cushion or pillow. Far from suggesting negligence, what I was querying in my original post was whether in Darwin resources available to medical staff are as adequate as in Melbourne.
  7. The treatment of Dean Kent

    You are possibly correct. It's quite possible his future career was unfolding before him. But what I am certain of is that Dean Kent was in awful pain, and I was squirming with him. Had serious pain relief been administered he wouldn't gave looked like he did. Just watch him, look at his colour. at Docklands in R1 Smith suffered a similar injury but half an hour later, after much treatment, was sitting on the bench
  8. Am I alone in expressing concern about the club's treatment of poor Dean Kent last night?About half an hour after his injury, we saw him in the changing room with his arm in a sling. Someone was nearby but didn't appear to be assisting or comforting him. I've had a couple of bad orthopaedic disasters. I could see that he was in great pain, which leads into uncontrollable shock, and this appeared to be his fate last night. He was very pale. I was surprised that, with the pain he was in, he had not been transferred to hospital for the best possible pain management. Had the game been in Melbourne I believe this would have happened. Perhaps there was no-one to coordinate this until the match was over? If games in Darwin lead to sub standard care I am even more opposed to them.
  9. Critiquing the content not the person

    But Adzman, this misses the point. You are not a player struggling to perform, struggling to keep a place in the side. Ive been away a few weeks but shortly before I left I read an article about Matt Jones, who as I recall it, indicated that he and other similarly placed fringe players, were deeply affected by criticism on sites such as this for those who rubbished the original post and pointed out that players of old didn't suffer effects from comments on social media, the fact is that there was no social media till recently. It's a new ballgame!. my sense is that players are just as likely to be affected by hurtful, personal comments and that we should be sensitive to that fact. Apart from anything else, it will assist our cause if we have confident, determined players, not looking over their shoulders
  10. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 17

    Lewis oliver Hunt JKH ANB I agree Hibberd got it a lot, but much of his disposal was uncharacteristicly poor
  11. MATCH REPORT - Round 14

    And I think that the match report is inaccurate. WC were much better than Footscray. I think the Dees played v well for the greater part of the match. I don't usually think much about umpires but from half way through the third quarter we did get a poor run. Until that happened I thought we were dominating play.
  12. MATCH REPORT - Round 14

    I think we may be 4th anyway,Geelong percentage will drop slightly
  13. The Jake Lever Thread

    Rubbish! oscar will end up as our premier gun defender. Lever not needed. watch last Monday. Better to spend big bucks on a gun, truly fast, midfielder. Watch how Treloar cut us up
  14. Time to show Oscar some respect!

    The lack of memory on this site is remarkable. He played extremely well,in difficult circumstances v Adelaide. And to suggest that he was v poor in the first quarter is to ignore how many errors, were made by so many, in the frenetic first half hour. My companion, a constant critic, commented at quarter time that, overall, he'd played quite well. The replay shows this to be correct
  15. Time to show Oscar some respect!

    Watch the bloody game again and then apologise! He was infinitely better than Frost and Lewis, even in the first half