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  1. Was a joke. Not a good one, sorry. Was referring to them losing joel selwood (half of dangerwood).
  2. Geelong deserve a little empathy imo. We would be losing as well if we lost half our team to injury in the first quarter.
  3. The no dangerwood, no Geelong hypothesis will be finally tested today.
  4. Cats and Richmond losing today wouldn't be too bad for us.
  5. Well, there goes that wish.
  6. Ohhhhh...a draw wouldn't be too bad between these 2 teams.
  7. ANB needs to work on his decision making.
  8. What's with Huddo blatantly supporting the opposition everytime he commentates our games.
  9. I love michael hibberd.
  10. Exactly. Otherwise, he's looked very dangerous lately. On the brink of a 4 goal game, imo.
  11. Good. Now, we need port to lose.
  12. Thank god I'm not a Gold Coast supporter. They have been absolutely pathetic this quarter despite the game being well and try up for grabs.
  13. Wtf? How lazy is Lewis?
  14. Because we're pretty good every other week. Last week was our disappointing week. Unfortunately that's been the trend thus far this year. On the brightside, it's better than previous years!
  15. We just can't deal with expectations. We played our best after we gave away a tricky lead. As soon as we came within a goal though, every time, we just stopped playing until they got a good lead again.