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    Don't blame Adelaide. We should have secured ourselves. The loss doesn't bother that much it was about the way they played especially in the first quarter. I bet my life if the Wce v Adel match was on Sat & the result was the same which meant Melbourne needed to win to get in to the finals. We would have been ready to play. It is better we didn't make this year this just proves we aren't ready. We would have been belted in the first week of the finals. Hopefully this heartbreak makes there attitude change. They need to go to school on the Swans watch them how they peform week in week out whether they are favourites or not.
  2. GAMEDAY - Round 23

    If they get up from here i will thank Pedersen
  3. GAMEDAY - Round 23

    How the hell was that not a free kick to TMac
  4. I have some stats from our 2017 fixture. After looking all this up i am stunned we are now in a position that we can make finals considering. This is remarkable job considering the fixture we had & the injuries. These are not excuses these are just facts hopefully we make it but i will send this to the club so they can make a request for their 2018 fixture hopefully we don't get such a shocking fixture. 6 Day Breaks We have had 9 six day breaks this year yet our opposition going to matches against us have only had 2 6 day breaks going to a match against us. Those 2 matches were against Geelong in rd 3 we had a 6 day break aswell & against Essendon in rd 3 were they had a 5 day brerak & we had a 6 day break. Consecutive 6 day breaks we had 3 consecutive 6 breaks together from rd 13-15 yet none of our opponents had any consecutive 6 day breaks leading into a match against us. 2 days extra break or more We only had on 1 occassion a 2 day extra break against our opposition at that was against Collingwood on queen's birthday as we had the bye the previous round so we had a 16 day break & collingwood had a 8 day break. Yet our opposition had on 5 different matches at least an extra 2 day break. In particular was the bulldogs game when we played on the monday on queen's birthday & the bulldogs played the previous thursday night & the week after against west coast were we played on the sunday aginst the bulldogs & the eagles played the previous thursday night again. Bigger Breaks We had on 6 occassions a bigger break then our opponents yet out opposition has had 10 occassions where they had a extra break on us. This is just very interesting i thought.
  5. Opponent in finals

    Agree completely
  6. Opponent in finals

    We are not there yet. Just get at least 2 points & we are in. If we lose by 20points & West Coast win by 20Points we are out. So let's just make sure of the Collingwood match first that is all we can control we can't control how much Port or Sydney win by to determine who we play or even if Richmond lose & we play Richmond. Lets just get the result first.
  7. Key Positions

    No way for god sake. It was his first game back in 9 weeks give him a break. It is going to take time for him to get back to his best probably not until next season. With Hogan in the team we are much more dangerous.
  8. Media Going Hysterical

    I just can't believe how over the top the media have been since Friday night. We lose our first game in 5 weeks & the media have completely gone overboard. Danny Frawley claiming because of our performance we were drinking our on bath water reading to much about ourselves. Micky Malthouse saying the same & telling Melbourne to grow up. In my opinion this is way over the top has anyone taken into account our 3 concecutive 6 day breaks the last 6 day break coming back from Perth in a night match which also meant we had to stay in Perth until Sunday. What about the injury list going into friday night we had 5 of our best 10 players out Jones, Hogan, Watts, Salem & Garlett. Let me see another club have 5 of there best 10 players out after 3 concecutive 6 day break & the last one coming home from Perth in a night match having to stay in Perth overnight let see how they perform & i bet my life if they performed like we did & were flat they would excuse them. Lets just hold off for a few weeks & settle down
  9. Depth issues

    I don't care who you are any team that is missing 6 of their best 10 players are going to struggle. You can only hold on for so long before it gets you that on top of the three consecutive 3 day breaks & coming homing from perth. We wouldn't have got into this position in the first place at 8 & 5 before tonight's game if the recruiters hadn't recruited well i think they have recruited well over the last 3 years before that the recruiting was disaster.
  10. Roosy's bias towards Dees.

    If we win the flag i would like to see the Rev present the cup & i would like to see Roosy up there holding the cup with Jonesy & Goodwin.
  11. Hawthorn's Defense

    Not to mention we had no Hogan & no Ruckman
  12. Hawthorn's Defense

    Cameron Mooney declared Hawthorns defense as the best defensive effort all year against Adelaide. He said that Adelaide average 122points per game at home & to hold them to 82 points was the best effort all year he claimed inparticular there 2nd half when they held Adelaide to 24 points in the second half. i am not knocking Hawthorn's defensive effort here but what about the Demons defensive effort against Adelaide there in round 8. Has he forgotten about that or is it again that we get no respect. Adelaide had 6.6.42 at the 17min mark of the second quarter against us & we held them to 3.6.24 for the rest of the game.
  13. MRP & Sydney

    Is it just me or do Sydney get away with suspensions nearly all the time. How the hell did Grundy get off with just a fine i can't believe they claimed that didn't hit him in the head that they claim it was to the body if it was to the body why was he charged at all. The AFL come out last week& said they will tolerate any more punching anymore & in the first week they have a chance to make a statement they wimp out again. Buy the way the AFL are stupid 2 years ago when they first brought out the fine system for charges Mark Evans came out & publically announced that you could have 2 fines before you are suspended why would you do that the players aren't stupid all you are telling them is that they have 2 free hits before they are suspended for low grade charges. The fine system was not designed for deliberate acts it was brought in because of careless suspensions that like Steve Johnson was getting.
  14. Can Someone please tell me what that free kick was awarded against Christian Salem for in the last quarter with 13.32 left in the last quarter with the score 11.11.77 to 12.14.86. It was just outside our 50m line Christian Salem did not take possesion of the ball & was dragged off the ball & thrown over the boundary line the North player grabbed the ball & the umpire called advantage. It can't be advantage unless a free kick is awarded if a there is no free kick awarded it is play on not advantage. He didn't take possession so it can't be for holding the ball or a throw i have looked at this about 10 times now & i can't work it out can someone please tell me what it was for
  15. Can Someone please explain to me what that free kick was paid for against Christian Salem just outside our 50m line in the last quarter with 13.32 left in the last quarter the score at the time was 11.11.77 to 12.14.86.Christian Salem did not have possession & was dragged of the ball & thrown to the ground over the boundary line then North grabbed the ball & the umpire blew his whistle & called advantage. How can it be advantage. Advantage is only called when a free kick is awarded if there is no free kick awarded they call play on. Christian Salem did not take possession of the ball he didn't throw it i have looked at this about 10 times & i can't work it out can someone please tell me what it was for.