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  1. Boot Camp 2017 cancelled by Players

    Who gives a [censored]. Richmond were copping it for years for their [censored] culture. Even as recently as 2016 Paul Roos arrogantly compared our situation to theirs. Then they came out and won games this year and then a flag. That's all that matters. Just bloody win games of football. The melts on here are pretty entertaining though. I guess it's a welcome change from houses being trained down.
  2. Mahoney, get away

    You don't write for the Herald Sun do you, OP? Let's break down the "big four" trades shall we. 1. Tyson and Salem for pick 2. You're forgetting how bad we were at the time. 2 for the price of one was a necessity. Tyson has been serviceable and Salem has shown his talent. Further, swapping picks from 70 to 55 that landed Hunt WAS crucial as Collingwood had promised to take him in the 60s (as Hamish McLaughlin said on air in Hunt's debut). Further, there's very strong doubt we would have taken Kelly at 2. Roos has publicly stated we wouldn't. You don't have to believe him if you want (he does spin some drivel). But that year, there were a lot of names thrown up for pick 2 including Kelly. I've read but haven't seen confirmed that we would have taken Billings. So Kelly IMO is a moot point at this stage as it's highly likely we never would have had him. 2. Bernie Vince for pick 23 Are you fricking kidding me? This one is a win for the ages. That was the pick we got for Sylvia! It's irrelevant that Adelaide spent it on Matt Crouch, as we would have selected Lewis Taylor with that pick had we kept it. He was our backup invitee in case Salem was gone at 9 (been confirmed). Give me five years of Bernie over Taylor any day of the week. 3. pick 25 for Melksham Who did Essendon take at that pick? Has he outperformed Melksham to date, even with the drug ban? I have no idea who we had in mind to take at 25 but it's proven to be a very good trade for us already. 4. The farm for Lever You must live on a pretty crappy farm. I think Lever was worth pick 10 and 20. We didn't have that, so rearranged some other picks to get a near market value for him. We maybe didn't have to buckle to Adelaide's demands but the actual price we paid wasn't the farm and wasn't far off a fair price. And of course, you didn't mention the trade of all trades. Sam Frost and 40, 53 for pick 23 (Pat McKenna) who is actually on our list now! Of course, WITH HINDSIGHT, I'd be keeping pick 2 and drafting Kelly, I'd be taking Cripps at 9 and Matt Crouch at 23, and I'd probably be taking Charlie Curnow ahead of Weideman while I am at it. But if we're allowed the benefit of hindsight, then so are 17 other clubs and it's all going to [censored] itself up with the sliding doors stuff anyway.

    Two things. Predicted superdrafts hardly ever end up being as good as projected. Rave about 2001 all you want, but then came 2006, 2008 and 2012, all of which have flunked. Meanwhile, 2013 and 2015 were considered weaker yet look the best of recent years. Secondly, we could have picked Scully (2x AA squad), Martin (best player in comp), Talia (AA) and Fyfe (AA) with 1,2,11 and 18 in 2009. That's just off the top of my head.
  4. Blast from the Past: Stephen Powell

    We also had a salary cap squeeze. We invested in Yze and TJ while Powell and Woey were the collateral. Doubt we would have won a flag even if we kept all 4 but TJ didn't do much more outside of 2005 and Yze faded fairly substantially after being AA in 2002.
  5. 2017 Keith ‘Bluey’ Truscott Memorial Trophy

    Interesting results. Hannan and Frost above Milkshakes? Petracca above Garlett? Jones, Viney and Lewis above Hibberd? Viney 2nd? Coaches pet! Can't argue with Clarry romping it in though.

    Every single year this happens. I remember the Gold Coast guy saying the exact same thing re. O'Meara. Brisbane were super strong re. Aish. Both ended up at their club of choice. You also need to factor in emotion, how would YOU be feeling if Petracca requested a trade to Collingwood three days after losing a GF we should have won? Yeah, I thought so. Burton will calm down and soon realise we're good and fair to deal with. We paid Essendon slight overs (at the time) for Melksham and they were good enough to return the favour with Hibberd for slight unders the following year. Playing hardball gets you nowhere. Lever is just about worth two first rounders outside the top 10. He's a very good player, although I question his selection in the AA squad. He's also injury prone. But draft picks are overrated, if it ends up being 10 and 20 or something for Lever then I won't be losing any sleep over it.

    You forgotten his predecessor?
  8. Bankers and shankers

    We'd have quite a lot of players with good routines. I'd be comfortable enough with any of Watts, TMac, Petracca, Pederson, Lewis, Jones, Brayshaw, Melksham, Salem and Garlett. Add Hogan if it's within 35m. I wouldn't be able to watch if it was Bugg, Kent or Tyson.
  9. Changes versus Collingwood

    Tyson won't be dropped. Not a chance. Outside of Stretch and Wagner, the most likely in the gun before Tyson would be Harmes, Vince and Hannan. Then maybe even ANB and Brayshaw after that. He is firmly entrenched get used to it.

    I think he deserves more credit for getting Melksham. Was a ballsy call at the time and pick 24 was largely considered overs. Find me anyone that wouldn't do that trade now!

    It was very Melbourne to limp over the line. It was very Melbourne to let them get back into it in the last quarter. However it was very UN-Melbourne to actually win it. I put it down to the value of experience. Hibberd and Lewis were terrific at the end there, cool and composed. Both experienced ring ins. Compare that to say, TMac, and the gulf in composure was enormous. Jesse fantastic and Pedersen not far behind. I want Frost back and TMac in the forward line next week. Dayne Beames. [censored] hell, it's been a while since an opposition player reamed us the way he did today. Great player.

    Haha, that guy was a pathological liar. Lucky I have an elephant's memory and remembered him claiming Dangerfield was 98% a Demon in 2014, thus taking the Rockliff stuff with a grain of salt. kurtneverdied did deliver the Brendan McCartney news ahead of time, so he has some credit in the bank. 1st and 2nd rounder will get it done if he has indeed chosen us. Expensive, but worth it. Lever is in his third year and in AA discussions. Oliver is in a similar boat (although only in his second). What price would we put on Oliver?
  13. Round 22 - Non MFC Games

    Honestly I don't hate Essendon that much anymore. They cheated, but they did their time for that and have ridded themselves of the ringleaders. I still don't want them in the finals but they play a good brand and I'd rather them than the bloody Hawks getting in again. Anyway, watching the Gold Coast tonight reminded me of Melbourne in 2012-14. What a spineless rabble they are. Mad Monday can't come quick enough.
  14. Round 22 - Non MFC Games

    Definitely Port Adelaide tomorrow. I don't have enough faith in us beating both Brisbane and Collingwood. If Port Adelaide win and we smash Brissie, then we're all but confirmed for September. I'd take that. But as I said, I don't consider beating Brisbane a certainty by any means.
  15. From memory Craig Cameron used to post here when he was recruiting for us. He was a good bloke and gave the forum plenty of insight without giving too much away. Worth noting that this was around 2003-2006, before the days of Twitter, smart phones and relentless social media scrutiny. I doubt he'd be doing it these days if he was still around.