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  1. Round 22 - Non MFC Games

    Definitely Port Adelaide tomorrow. I don't have enough faith in us beating both Brisbane and Collingwood. If Port Adelaide win and we smash Brissie, then we're all but confirmed for September. I'd take that. But as I said, I don't consider beating Brisbane a certainty by any means.
  2. From memory Craig Cameron used to post here when he was recruiting for us. He was a good bloke and gave the forum plenty of insight without giving too much away. Worth noting that this was around 2003-2006, before the days of Twitter, smart phones and relentless social media scrutiny. I doubt he'd be doing it these days if he was still around.

    And he literally said "Full credit to Melbourne..." after a couple of minutes, before giving us more praise. I find him extremely boring in the media but thought I better check his press conference after that post, as it did sound out of character for him.

    Not often I get to attend but was there today and mightily impressed with our composure in what was a mini-final. Whilst being at the game is undeniably better than watching on TV, it's not good for the heart AT ALL. I felt physically ill at three quarter time. And the umpiring was [censored] atrocious in the third quarter, Razor Ray seeing things from 100m away the rest of us can't?!? I honestly don't understand people who come on here and only point to negatives after a performance like that. Were the last two weeks of misery not enough? Each to their own but... My main positives: - Brayshaw. Brayshaw. Brayshaw. To play like that any week would have been a breakout. To play like that in your return game is downright inspirational. Perfect game. - Hunt, a heck of a player when he lowers his eyes. He'll never have the ball spinning perfectly like Salem or Watts but his DECISION MAKING today was elite. - Pedersen, playing like a pro. - Harmes in the first quarter, Hannan in the last. - Jones and Oliver dominating at the coal face. - Melksham the super boot. What a trade! - Jordan Lewis dominating the last quarter when we needed our leaders to stand up. I [censored] hate the Saints. Their culture, their fans, their players. Even their coach bores me to death every Monday. To end their season and be 2-0 this year after a decade of misery is immensely satisfying.
  5. Simon Goodwin

    He couldn't have picked a worse week to appear, had it been 7 days ago the posters above would all be saying how impressive he was and how we're in good hands. BTW, I still believe that we are. He was definitely listening in Roosy's seminars on "How to say a lot without actually saying anything". PR was the master.
  6. Demon Injuries 2017 season

    Pat McKenna is a worry. Pinged a hammy in Round 2 and will now miss the entire season. That was after hip, achilles and knee surgeries while he was at the Giants.
  7. Rance the Stager

    He actually helped us out a little this week. Without his theatrics Greene's hit might have been deemed insufficient force. Now we get to play a shaky GWS without arguably their best player. Thanks Alex!

    Next time one of the uneducated bogans from the HS brings up Josh Kelly and Tyson/Salem, make sure the following year's trade is pointed out to them. Melbourne traded pick 23 to GWS for Frost, pick 40 (Neal-Bullen) and pick 53 (Oscar McDonald). The best part? GWS used pick 23 on Pat McKenna, who is now on our list. That has to be the most one-sided trade we've ever done. Anyway, ANB, tracking very nicely. Has gone from panic merchant to Mr. Cool with ball in hand.
  9. My 3 word player analysis V Pt Adelaide

    I dunno, Vince is averaging just the 20 touches this season, and with that comes the semi-regular brain fades in defence and occasional stray elbow. He has slaughtered Sloane twice but most other mids aren't tagged out so easily. If Trenners can lift his output a little next week (20+ touches), then I'd have no qualms with Bernie coming back through Casey.
  10. Post Match Discussion - Round 18

    Just watched Goodwin's press conference. Reporter: When did you lock Viney in as a definite starter? Goodwin: Monday LOL
  11. Jayden HUNT

    Today wasn't one of his better games. Turned it over a lot. But if you're gonna turn it over, gaining 90m in the process is probably the way to do it. The girly headband and flashy style fools opposition players IMO. The guy is no pansy, in fact he's probably only behind Viney and a couple of others as toughest at the club.
  12. From memory Goodwin brought him over with the idea of playing him in defence. That didn't work out, but he's absolutely smoking it in his new role and fast becoming a favourite. All of a sudden I love that punchable head of his. Love his passion too. If you think about it, paying pick 25 for a steady role player in a Top 8 side is probably a fair deal, despite the early kerfuffles. A similar pick for Hibberd was quite simply highway robbery.
  13. Neville Jetta Unbelievable

    My guess is that the big Neanderthal thought Jetta had done his best Joel Selwood impersonation. But who cares. Jetta is the 180cm version of Rance with about 1/10th of the hype.
  14. Post Match Discussion - Round 18

    Who cares if Watts had a stinker? If anything it's a positive. We beat Port's best 22 (literally, they have no injuries. NONE!) with some of our best players either tiring or playing well below their best. We can go deep in September if our cripples regain their touch in the coming weeks.
  15. Post Match Discussion - Round 18

    Hannan is streets ahead of vandenBerg. I liked what AV brought to the side but he was essentially a straight ahead truck with minimal skill. Hannan has an elite skill set, fantastic 1-on-1 and goes as hard as any. Very good player.