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    Great VFL GRAND FINAL preview with "Matty" talking footy with "Plappy" !
  2. 19 SEPTEMBER, 1964

    I remember that day clearly. I managed to get a ten shilling standing room ticket from a scalper .Got there early to get a good view in the Southern Stand behind the goals at the Jolimont end. Saw the the under nineteens win the premiership...can't remember who played in the seconds . By the time the main game began a north wind had sprung up which made conditions a little difficult. In front of a huge crowd I was hoping for an easy win after our second semi demolition of the Maggies. It was a tight struggle and my three hour ordeal looked like heading for disaster after Gabelich kicked "that goal". Somehow Crompton managed to seal it...what a relief being surrounded by Collingwood supporters who thought they had it. I had to ask someone who kicked the goal as there was no such thing as a replay screen.and I could barely see over the fence. Dixon and Adams were the stars I remember, Barassi had a frustrating day and my John Lord kicked two goals. That's my recollection of our last Premiership. at the time there was a real feeling we had got out of jail rather than elation.
  3. The Incredible Hulk - Jesse Hogan

    Curiously he was slotting goals with ease off a few steps during the pre game warm up.
  4. Who is the 'Big Fish'?

    The big fish could be a Morton Bay Bugg or perhaps it's just a red herring.