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  1. Rarely gets beaten one on one, great player.
  2. Thanks everyone for the support, I feel like it is getting a lot better with the younger generation in regards to talking about it. If you are struggling I found talking to a stranger actually helped me a lot so as ofhers have said my PM box is always open. Cheers
  3. Thanks buddy, I have a fantastic girlfriend luckily but I hope maybe this could help other people struggling
  4. I know this isn't a football topic but it is still very important, I have struggled with anxiety and depression for the last 10 years. I know its hard for anyone to talk about these issues to people they care about, let alone strangers on the internet but everyone needs to talk to someone. I struggle a lot with drinking too much and I hope I have never been rude or mean to anyone on here. I dunno I guess I just thought this could be an online place for people who were struggling to vent and let our their problems.
  5. If people saw me dancing they would think I was on every drug possible
  6. The new video is absolutely nothing
  7. I watched friends playing at Ormond many times while he was there, he has always been a very good mark
  8. Is there footage of it anywhere online?
  9. Oscar in and Frost to the ruck
  10. What was his kicking efficiency tonight? He has been awful this year.
  11. I found a good stat for last year, when we had 9 odd numbered player jumpers last year we actually won 85% of our games!
  12. Helmets are only useful for preventing skull fractures and cuts, this is why helmets do nothing for concussion:
  13. The pads and helmets are why they suffer so many concussions