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  1. A joe the goose for Weeds 6th
  2. Cox kicks one on 3QT and it's a 22 point lead
  3. So you don't have to deal with the terrible AFL site media player
  4. Sorry mate gone already!
  5. Edit: Someone has grabbed them Super late notice but I had to pull out of going today at the last minute, would anyone want 2 tickets to medallion club seats? Would just have to come pick them up in the Brighton area. Free of course
  6. Rance just flopped, hit him in the chest from what I saw
  7. Can't stand Mathieson
  8. Nothing at all in the Franklin report
  9. Can't believe North arn't closer, shocking kicking into their 50
  10. I think Weller needs to give up on the don't argues
  11. I agree we definitely got the better run in the last quarter but no where near as good as the Collingwood supporters are making it out to be. If you had just read what they thought about the game and hadn't seen it you would think it was the worst ever umpired game in the history of the AFL. Some of the "free kicks" in that video I don't even know what player or tackle they are referring to.
  12. Someone on Bigfooty made this, not biased at all obviously
  13. They had him on the Deebrief podcast (I think that's what it is called) and said their cheersquad wasn't booing him, yeah right
  14. The pies supporters are saying Collingwood should make a complaint about Watts goading their cheersquad, anyone see what he did?
  15. Targeting an injured player while he is trying to get off the ground is as bad as it gets