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  1. defuture15

    Losing Jack Viney

    Im Spartacus!
  2. defuture15


    I was getting sick of the frees we werent getting but wow that 3rd quarter!
  3. defuture15

    Casey Demons v North Melbourne VFL - Round 14

    Drunkn do you know much about Machaya? He looked like he wanted the ball and handled it better than most. Corey wagner looks like a rookie candidate?
  4. defuture15

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Completely outplayed today. Just kept waiting for them to switch on. We will learn from this. It was the best collingwood has
  5. defuture15

    Kent and vandenBerg

    There is a hole in the 25-26 age bracket. Hoping we will target some players in this range to fill specific needs
  6. defuture15

    Jake Lever injury - Confirmed ACL

    Need the best reader of the play and mark to replace Jake. Can anyone in the back six move 1 step to the left? Are we looking at a half back rather than a KPP?
  7. defuture15

    Post Match Discussion - Round 11

    Viagra for the blokes Ding Dont want anyone rolling out of bed!
  8. defuture15

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Well it is our home game!😀
  9. defuture15

    Casey Demons v Box Hill Hawks - Round 6

    Yes I will contact the media authority
  10. defuture15

    Casey Demons v Box Hill Hawks - Round 6

    KC do us a favor and let the runner know about the comments of this 3wbc commentators. They need some serious retribution
  11. defuture15

    Casey Demons v Box Hill Hawks - Round 6

    People thought the tigers commentators were bad! These d1ckheads have done the lot! Sexism racism homophobia Just lowbrow "horizontal lambada" and"69 dinner for 2" One of them thinks he is rex hunt. I forgot the fat shaming and the comment about the female umpire
  12. defuture15

    GAMEDAY - Round 8

    Kyo wa itenki des ne?
  13. defuture15

    The Jesse Incident

    The worse one was the front on contact with Jetta. No free kick. I think the st Kilda was bleeding from his face! No free!
  14. defuture15

    What is the Weid's role

    I remember watching Weid get double and triple teamed last year like Hoges when he started! Because we were so bad at marking around the ground last year they have now used TMac and Hoges to make this a strength. I did hope that weid would be doing this role as he is not developed yet. We saw a couple of marks from him against the bummers that show that he can do it without having to be the forward target. IMHO I think that the coaches have got it right and we just need to play 50 games with these structures. Having medium players that mark well overhead is adding to our scoring and defensive pressure too.
  15. defuture15

    Goodwin Presser (28/4/18)

    2 dogs fighting!