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  1. The Billy Hartung Thread

    Is he able to play the role we want Gaff for?
  2. Trade rumours

    Went in 2000 so I can relate to the crows supporters yesterday. My daughter was born 6 weeks later. I was so confident that her demon future wiuld not be like mine! How wrong I was! Sorry Hijacking thread
  3. Trade rumours

    Sorry CBDees Just after that I put in that Kade comes to us and motlop to port. Im thinking that watts to port is not happening. More of a plan B
  4. Trade rumours

    All born in 64? The longest wait possible!
  5. Trade rumours

    I didnt pay much attention to the GF But just seeing the joy on the players faces was tremendous! 47 years of waiting for me!
  6. Trade rumours

    Sorry bub Im really bored and wishing the new season started tomorrow!
  7. Trade rumours

    Just had a re think Ablett-geelong Watts-suns Motlop-port Kade-us Plus pic swaps
  8. Trade rumours

    Just speculating. Possibly a better pick or player target
  9. Trade rumours

    Perhaps ablett to geelong Watts to GC and Kade to port And some pick swapping?
  10. The Big Dance - Grand Final Day, 2017

    This is how we beat Adelaide [email protected]@k could have been us! What happened?
  11. Farewell Jack Watts

    If Jack stays, could he be that outside mid with skills that we need? Im not sure there is any other position that he could play in that doesnt involve contested marking and frenetic tackling?
  12. Andrew Gaff

    Tyson for Gaff?
  13. The Bayley Fritsch Thread

    Could he play like milne? That would be handy!
  14. Player position changes

    He does the roaming fwd role not jessie. We were killed by our lack of contested marking players out of defence this year