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  1. AFLW: Rnd 7 V W Bulldogs @ Whitten Oval

    Final say: Our mens team copped more adversity last year than our women's team did this year.
  2. AFLW: Rnd 7 V W Bulldogs @ Whitten Oval

    Here's the deal from my view guys. We've missed a GOLDEN opportunity to be something in a league that WILL grow in the coming years and will only become bigger than we could imagine. Next year it'll grow to 8 the year after 10, and it'll jut keep growing. We've had the best squad the last two years and have missed narrowly each time, due not to lack of talent but our coaches instruction RE conversion and forward 50 entries. I really hope Stinear gets the boot and we can get a coach next year minus unfortunately Mithen, Cranston, Hoare and others who will take us to the flag! Those lost playes WILL be Stinear's legacy.
  3. AFLW: Rnd 7 V W Bulldogs @ Whitten Oval

    Never seen you post before, as I rarely post in any of our forums but have to say SPOT ON! And not to further rubbish Stinear, but when at 3/4 time I heard a 'Neeld' spoke line to our players relayed from the channel seven commentators, I knew our fate.
  4. AFLW: Rnd 7 V W Bulldogs @ Whitten Oval

    Nope, I get it. We won't get a better chance in a while. As expansion comes in, it'll become harder. You're crying, I'm punching walls.
  5. AFLW: Rnd 7 V W Bulldogs @ Whitten Oval

    It wasn't this game, it was those preceding, Mick Stinear (spelt it right finally) failed to take advantage of the best midfield he'll ever get. Extremely disappointed that the dees have missed their best chance in a long time to make a GF. Next year Mithen, Cranston, Hoare plus others will be gone to expansion. A missed opportunity that lays with Stinear.
  6. AFLW: Rnd 7 V W Bulldogs @ Whitten Oval

    You just can't pay 50/50s in a game like this in front of goal. You just can't.
  7. AFLW: Rnd 7 V W Bulldogs @ Whitten Oval

    AS others have said. Yes, I dislike Steiner but that free kick is absolute rubbish!
  8. AFLW: Rnd 7 V W Bulldogs @ Whitten Oval

    With the talent Mick Steiner has had the last two years (which will be decimated next year with 2 new teams, especially with Geelong), if he fails to make a final he has well and truly blown it. I've said this before in our game threads, as a fan of womens footy I'm flabbergasted with the way he has abused a dominant midfield with the awful forward line setup he has adopted. #1styearplayerisourgotoption #Notherfault
  9. AFLW: Rnd 4 vs Pies in Alice

    Weak, excuses
  10. AFLW: Rnd 4 vs Pies in Alice

    Absolutely, you've said it right there. Collingwood are not a good side & we are behind them at half time. With the quality of players we've got this is inexcusable. Next year we'll have heaps of our list (Mithen, Hoare, Rocky) taken from us to Geelong and Steiner is just leading us to another disappointmentent with this talent. Very very angry!
  11. AFLW: Rnd 4 vs Pies in Alice

    Bloody frustrating to follow the women's game for 5 years and see the equivalent of Ablett, Dangerfield and Martin in our midfield but we are as meek as we are against legit toilet rolls. If we don't win this Stiener should never coach any side male, female, junior and anything inbetween ever again. Unbelievable idiotic stuff!
  12. AFLW: Rnd 4 vs Pies in Alice

    Thoughts on the coach?
  13. AFLW: Rnd 4 vs Pies in Alice

    For all the 'guns' we have recruited, I haven't been impressed with Mick Stiener's coaching. Looks out of his depth. Scored out the back, smashed out of the middle and we apparently have the best midfield. Yeah, Steiner has had his go.
  14. Neville Jetta Unbelievable

    Apologies for the self indulgent bump but I feel today is worthy of it. As the thread suggests back in 2014 Neville arrived as an elite small defender. This week, 3 years later, the media will finally recognise him. It won't be any surprise to us.

    Agree, values every possession he gets. Tom Mcdonald should follow Jetta's example. Know your limitations.