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  1. Neville Jetta Unbelievable

    Apologies for the self indulgent bump but I feel today is worthy of it. As the thread suggests back in 2014 Neville arrived as an elite small defender. This week, 3 years later, the media will finally recognise him. It won't be any surprise to us.

    Agree, values every possession he gets. Tom Mcdonald should follow Jetta's example. Know your limitations.
  3. 2015 FINALS

    Feel for the dogs.
  4. 2015 FINALS

    The senior players showed true leadership. Brilliant stuff.
  5. Just heard Paul Connors Melksham's manager on SEN. Basically Goodwin wants Melksham, Melksham loves Goodwin from his time at the bombers. It's either Essendon or Melbourne for Melksham.
  6. Buddy's mental health issue

    Agree totally, I think some people unknowingly mistake the difference between circumstantial depression and biological depression. Bad circumstances can make anyone feel down, sad and even depressed but our moods generally change subject to improvement in our environmental factors (Job, relationships, stress etc....) People like Wayne Schwass, Nathan Thompson and now potentially Buddy Franklin feel depressed for no reason other than biological factors, their great environment (Million dollar player, engaged to a model etc...) make no difference to their outlook on life. And to be fair to people casting assertions, people with mental illness are lot more likely to use outside sources (Drugs, alcohol, gambling) to ease their emotional discomfort then people unaffected by mental illness. It's an unfortunate cycle that way. A lack of empathy from some on this board isn't surprising but an unfortunate trend I'm seeing a lot more in society lately.
  7. Buddy's mental health issue

    Mental Illness doesn't discriminate. I work in the field and feel the utmost respect for Lances's public admission. People raging about the contract I could generally accept, however through working in the field I cannot accept this mocking behaviour. I'll repeat mental illness does not discriminate. I feel sympathy for Lance and wish him all the strength in the present and future. I hope he connects with the important people in his life and feels better. All the best Lance.
  8. GAME DAY - Round 23

    Hell yeah Salem.
  9. GAME DAY - Round 23

    Haha, thankfully that's one similarity they don't share. Pathetic free kick just then too BTW.
  10. GAME DAY - Round 23

    I like Mitch White so far. Already feel more comfortable with the ball in his hands then some others.
  11. GAME DAY - Round 23

    Taylor always said Salem was a Luke Hodge type. Seeing it more every week.
  12. GAME DAY - Round 23

    Salem BEAST!
  13. GAME DAY - Round 23

    Grimes... So bad.
  14. GAME DAY - Round 23

    Salem is fast becoming my favourite.
  15. GAME DAY - Round 23

    I don't like saying it but Grimes & Garland just scream losers. Have ability but need to be at a strong club.