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  1. Perago Validus

    Dom Tyson

    Tyson has ability IMO. He is just currently poor in the contest due to his slow decision making and kicking technique. The coaching staff have seen this and put him on the wing. Unfortunately for Dom this position doesn't suit him as he is slow and doesn't read the outside game and his kicking isn't elite. Dom still has potential but needs to strengthen his core to withstand the tackle and needs to give the first option. His height is his biggest asset meaning his best position is as an inside mid not a winger.
  2. Perago Validus

    Salem ready to make his mark

    Goes back with the flight, gets unfairly crunched in the back by Sam Day. 50 metre penalty. Kicks the goal. This is after multiple concussions in previous seasons. Tough and Classy. Not saying you but I feel seem watchers don't believe he's tough because he is a beautiful left foot kick. Remember Jase Taylor saying on draft night that we got him due to his excellent skills and tough as nails attitude. In Clarry, Viney and Hibbo's league in regards toughness.
  3. Perago Validus

    Why is Nev invisible to the umps (and Match Review)

    Seems you're the one with the issue.
  4. Perago Validus


    IMO a poor comment, leading goal kicker last year and lead us to one of our two victories against Brisbane. There are others that deserve more criticism than Jeff. Easy Target.
  5. Perago Validus


    We haven't been poor. In fact if we played like this against the Hawks at half time we'd be in front by a bit. It;s painful for me to say this but they're just really good. Only way we win is if they continue to miss goals from the goal square. This game feels like Queens Birthday 2010. They're better but we can compete.
  6. Perago Validus


    And that's what could cost us the game. Footy is a game of momentum more than ever before. If you don't capitalise when you're dominant you tend to loose the close ones against even teams. You won't keep getting chances to miss, eventually Hawthorn will have their time in the sun. We've won the inside 50s both quarters and are behind. Extremely concerned.
  7. Perago Validus


    Before the game, I thought to myself the only way Hawthorn would win would be if we fluffed our chances and they nailed theirs. Not feeling good at the moment.
  8. Perago Validus

    Be Patient with Lever

    Missing kicks, fumbling, dropping marks, running over the ball, it's been a horrible start. To add insult we spend so much time trying to get him free poor Hibbo has lost the role that made him All Australian.
  9. Perago Validus


    Three times this quarter Bugg has stuffed up our best attacking opportunities. Gives his all but not up to standard.
  10. Perago Validus


    True, on a bright note though Brayshaw looks a number 3 pick again!
  11. Perago Validus


    Lever frustrating
  12. Perago Validus

    GAMEDAY - Round 2

    To be fair, Goodwin plays him as a second key tall, when in reality he is a third tall drop off defender. Apparently Wagner is of more use than Frost.
  13. Perago Validus

    GAMEDAY - Round 2

    I'm getting sick of this umpire blaming. We are the more experienced team. Umpires are an excuse for the weak. Poor quarter from us, that's it!
  14. Perago Validus

    GAMEDAY - Round 2

    As Clint mentioned Wagner, Bugg (both of whom I don't rate) & Harmes clear bottom three. Hunt quiet but has credits with me as I'm a huge fan. The rest have been good. Hopefully two consistent quarters to come.
  15. Perago Validus

    AFLW: Rnd 7 V W Bulldogs @ Whitten Oval

    Final say: Our mens team copped more adversity last year than our women's team did this year.