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  1. Preseason Training Week commencing 19 February 2018

    Going to be very interesting to see people’s round one 22s... it’s looking like a very challenging exercise at this stage.
  2. New MFC facility?

    Article here detailing plans being pushed by MFC hierarchy to have a new facility built to accommodate the Football Department and club administration. https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/melbourne-football-club-considering-new-training-facility-next-to-goschs-paddock/news-story/ef692ba70fd95c0c2334174f443f7284 It’s in keeping with Bartlett and co wanting to keep the club central, visible and associated with the city of Melbourne. (There might even be a merchandise store that isn’t terrifying to visit)
  3. According to the stats our midfield is below average

    Champions Data's capability to gather information is excellent. Their ability to interpret that information is dubious.
  4. Nev as a Leader

    http://m.melbournefc.com.au/news/2017-07-19/jetta-a-man-for-all-people Very good profile of Jetta from last year. Clearly a strong leader and presence at the club.
  5. Christian Petracca Re-Signs Until End of 2020

    Would you rather he said... "I'd love to end my career a one-club player, and I anticipate that will be the case."??
  6. Preseason Training Week commencing 12 February 2018

    Thanks for the reports everyone- much appreciated! Great to see Viney’s rehab has taken a big step and finger crossed Tyson’s calf was just a twinge. Just wondering which group Salem was training with? Are they looking to him to play midfield this year? Also where are Balic and Kent training? Thanks again!

    Just turned over to on today’s AFLX extravaganza in Sydney. I don’t I’m exaggerating when I say there’s about 70 people there...

    I think you tuned in for the best match so far, as far as intensity and competitiveness goes. Was a good match, but head and shoulders ahead of anything else in the last 28 hours.

    I could quote you a few names from MFC’s recent history...

    Paddy Dow is going to be a handy player.

    On a positive note- thought the jumper looked great.

    The commentary is horrifying. There was less propaganda in Stalinist Russia.
  13. Preseason Training Week commencing 12 February 2018

    I did a double, then a triple take as well... I then thought surely he was referring to onfield demeanour... surely..?
  14. Retro gear

    Spot on. The Schwabby one always looks like it was designed by a committee and everyone’s ideas needed to be included. It was cluttered and haphazard. FWIW I think our current monogram is great. It’s simple, effective, stands out and is timeless.

    Someone suggested earlier that it might make a good social game and I tend to agree. As a professional spectacle, when compared to AFL football, it’s pretty terrible. All the manufactured glitz and glamour (silver balls, LEF goal posts and zooper goals) is cringeworthy and grossly over-compensates for a competitive sport that is lacking any sense of competition. As a game played at the local soccer pitch, with low stakes, limited contact and a bit of fun... it has some potential.
  16. Ollie Wines

    Why would he have wanted his son at the MFC 2013??? He should be thanking his lucky stars that we passed on him and he has gone on to play plenty of finals football in front of huge parochial fans at a great new stadium. Maybe he could be filthy with the Bulldogs who passed on Ollie twice and have won a flag in that time.
  17. 2017 Player Reviews: # 19 Mitch Hannan

    I had forgotten how quick his hands are below his knees. My recollection of Hannan last years was as more of a marking small-forward. If he can get involved in games for longer and not drift in and out, we'll have an absolute gem!
  18. Ollie Wines

    With that express intention? No. However they will be offering him well below market value. They are banking that the talent they have brought in, at significant expense, will bring them immediate success. This success, they’d be hoping, will make players accept much less money to stay. If they are not successful this year (a flag or close to it) players will wonder why they are accepting less to stay.
  19. Ollie Wines

    You’re right! No club has ever felt the salary cap squeeze and had to let a player go as they were not able to meet his demands! It’s not as though Mumford had to leave Sydney to accommodate Franklyn? Mitchell and Lewis from Hawthorn to make room for O’Meara and Mitchell? Lobbe’s trade last year to Carlton was so they could get his contract off the books to free up some cash for the free agents. Ever wonder why GWS didn’t kick up when Treloar asked for a trade?? Because cap pressure meant they needed to lose someone. His money went to Cameron and Sheil. Famously Shane Woewodin was dumped by Melbourne to free up cap room. Bradshaw to Sydney to pay for Fevola. To retain Hird, Essendon cut Heffernan, Caracella and Blumfield in 2002. Cap pressure (and release) is part of list management. It’s why good teams always preach the virtues of getting paid ‘unders’ In exchange for success. It is entirely absurd to argue otherwise.

    As much as I don't like the concept of AFLX, it'll be good to have a look at Spargo, Baker, Fritsch and Johnstone.

    Who captains that side?? Probably out of Nev and TMac... personally, I hope it's Nev.
  22. Ollie Wines

    My 'argument' being that it's possible that they have a tight salary cap after spending 2-2.5 million of a 12 million cap to bring over 4 players from an opposition clubs... it's not a huge reach. Leaves 10 million for the remainder of the list, including Boak, Gray, Wingard, Polec, Hartlett, Westhoff, Pittard, Ebert, Powell-Pepper and Ollie Wines. Polec, Westhoff, Wines, Gray, Boak and Byrnes-Jones, Neade and Wines all out of contract this year.
  23. Ollie Wines

    Paddy Ryder was reported to have crossed over for 700K Rockliff over 650K per season Dixon over 620K per season Motlop is over 500K per season That's not exactly poo-change. But I'm not saying they have mis-managed their cap, I'm saying it is possible that they have. If they've been sensible with their contracts (like Geelong/Hawthorn) then they won't have a problem re-signing Wines. If they've got carried away, which offering huge contracts to Hamish Hartlett and Matthew Lobbe suggests they may be inclined to do, then they could find it difficult to meet Wines' realistic demands. Time will tell...
  24. The Cam Pedersen Appreciation Thread

    He's an enigma... I'm not sure where Cam sits in the best 22. He looks a little lost when he's not the main focus, whether that be in the Ruck or the No 1 Key Forward. His best football seems to be when he's floating around wing and half forward and able to hunt the ball and find some space for himself. Will be interesting to see where he lines up this preseason as a forward line with TMac, Hogan and Pedo, sound a little too big on paper.
  25. Ollie Wines

    Yes... but free agents, particularly ones from interstate, always come at a premium. Like I said, it depends on whether or not they paid 'overs' when they brought these experienced players in. If they have managed their cap sensibly, then they have nothing to worry about. If they 'pulled an Adelaide' and spent a fortune on retaining a player like Jenkins, then they might be in a bit of trouble.