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  1. Is Dom Is Good

    The Fremantle Football Club Appreciation Society

    C'mon Freo! Get the job done!
  2. Is Dom Is Good

    Trade HOGAN

    I was thinking this also. Play Weid/TMac up forward and Lever, OMac & Hogan in he backline. That is easily the best group of KPP in one side.
  3. Is Dom Is Good


    I was there!
  4. Is Dom Is Good

    Sam Weideman

    Loved his game. Do that every game for the remainder of the season and we will be tough to beat!
  5. Is Dom Is Good

    Hogan 2018 season over with foot injury

    Time for the Weid to make his mark! I called for Pedo to stay in the side but I'm backtracking on that. Weidemann has a massive opportunity to stamp his place in the side and possibly play a final or two.
  6. Is Dom Is Good

    Changes v West Coat - Round 22

    It seems likely that Hogan will miss based on his interview on Talking Footy. With that in mind I'd go with the following: Out - Hogan (inj), Hunt (inj), Spargo In- Melksham, Hibberd, Kent I love little Spargo but he looks tired and may need a break. Kent will come in to take his role and Pedersen will go forward to replace Hogan.
  7. Is Dom Is Good


    Gawn seemed really down and looks to be struggling. Begs the question why we would risk him against the Suns last week rather than give him a week off? This football department make dumb mistake after dumb mistake. We should have a genuine second ruck who can come in for a week when we play one of the bottom sides! Everyone on here was screaming out for us to go after a mature ruckman, but the football department believe they should just run Maxy into the ground!
  8. Is Dom Is Good

    Demons Player Rankings

    That's impressive. This COULD be a golden era for the Dees..... please let it be so. We have all had years of heartache!
  9. Is Dom Is Good

    Constant New threads

    Oh the irony
  10. I can go back to work now....
  11. Is Dom Is Good

    Go and get Gaff!

    Of course I haven't spoken to Gus. Never met him in my life. I'm just sharing my opinion on a supporter forum like everybody else.
  12. Is Dom Is Good

    Go and get Gaff!

    I could ask the same question of people saying Gus won't want Gaff at the Dees. It's all ridiculous innuendo. These are grown men playing football, the will be able to move on from this.
  13. Is Dom Is Good

    Go and get Gaff!

    That was fairly soon after the incident and he still sounded a bit shaken by it. His Dad has recently come out to say all is forgiven and they want to move on. Also heard Hamish Brayshaw will be organising a meeting between them both to 'move on'. If Gaff wants to become a Dee there will be no issues between him and Angus.
  14. Is Dom Is Good

    Go and get Gaff!

    When Gaff was talking about the incident, he mentioned that at the time he did not want to go back out on the field. Given where the game was at, with the Eagles winning comfortably, it is surprising that Simpson and the Eagles player welfare team did not advise him to finish up for the day. The vision of Gaff on the bench distraught, with Simpson trying to talk with him seems to look like he is frustrated that he has to continue playing. Where I am going with this is, I wonder if that will have any impact on his decision whether to stay or leave. If he felt that he wasn't looked after as a player of the Eagles, it may way his decision away from staying there. Drawing a long bow I know but just some food for thought. On a side note, the Eagles as an organisation has had a very poor year off the field in the way they have conducted themselves. From someone who previously lived in Perth, couldn't have happened to a better club, they really are an arrogant bunch of to$$ers!
  15. Is Dom Is Good


    haha nothing like a little man love.