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  1. Changes v Richmond

    Outs: Goodwin In: Someone that has a clue
  2. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    What worries me is that he thinks he is too clever by half. He seems to think that his grand plan of the week will baffle and confuse the opposition. What it does is gives us a 5 minute break, then other coaches figure it out and use it against us. Having no wings? Really? Half the forwardline starting on the back flank? Really? Midgets in the ruck? Really? These things are fine for a little bit to unsettle the opposition team, but there is a bloody good reason why they aren't the norm. It's no wonder why our forward line and back line are looking more and more dysfunctional by the week. They have no set plan; no time to gel before the next brain fart changes everything. But the big thing is that he won't or can't change these things when they are countered by a better coach ( like yesterday). I'm not surprised the players gave up yesterday. When the instructions you are given stop making sense then you don't have a team; you have 22 players all trying to interpret things in a way that does make sense to them. We aren't losing games at the selection table. We are losing them because each week the players are given different directives.

    I'm not blaming the players. They have been given a crap system, that changes from week to week, and which is figured out by good coaches in about 15 minutes.

    [censored] off Goodloss. You are another Neeld.

    Goodwin is a bad coach. While having talent on tap he has taken us backwards. He seems to have a bright idea every week that confuses the players. If we win it will be because of the players and not because of his inventive tactics.

    Do we actually have a backline coach?
  7. Clarry's goal

    It was a joke, Joyce.
  8. Golden Era of Ruckmen?

    Then I expect you to become a genius tomorrow, Doc.
  9. Golden Era of Ruckmen?

    I think you missed this bit, Doc 'Sure you can win without a gun ruck, but only a fool wouldn't want one.'
  10. Golden Era of Ruckmen?

    You think? Big men don't get smaller as the game goes on. It's no co-incidence that whenever Gawn has been resting or injured other sides get their run on. Sure you can win without a gun ruck, but only a fool wouldn't want one.
  11. 3 Good Things Vs North Melbourne

    We won!!! Max!!!! We didn't panic after such a bad start. A sign of a maturing (but not quite there yet) side.
  12. Clarry's goal

    Thought he was pretty quiet on Sat. 20 touches and 2 goals. I'm not used to seeing anything less than 30 next to his name.
  13. Post Match Discussion - Round 3

    I'll be in that. Put me down for a dollar each way.
  14. GAME DAY - ROUND 3

    Next 5 please
  15. GAME DAY - ROUND 3

    Perhaps just once on this forum some [censored] won't get the giggles over a typo. Perhaps.