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  1. Not to mention the multiple actions a player can take both with and without the ball, i.e. pick it up / kick it off the ground / shepherd / tackle the opposition etc etc
  2. Pretty sure the developer Wicked Witch created two recent AFL games that I've played a fair bit on my iPhone and iPad – 'AFL Gold' and 'AFL Live 2'. Lots of good fun and the graphics weren't bad for the size I was viewing. In terms of the ability to play a fluid game of AFL it did the job. Obvious improvements could be made and they definitely have their limitations but my biggest issue was the fact that you had your fingers all over the screen and that made playing an intricate/complex game quite difficult. With the game being available on Playstation and other platforms this particular aspect will be remedied so I'm really keen to experience it – nothing better than playing as the Dees! I imagine this edition is the next 'evolution' of these versions so I can only hope they've built upon the experience and made it bigger and better.
  3. Here early and the roof is closed. Not much red and blue being worn - lots and lots of red and black.
  4. Bruise free football - from both sides. Pretty sad that these two teams were afforded the respect of a Trumpeter and the Last Post. Not much intensity out there.
  5. So so Melbourne - this is part of who we are unfortunately. Nothing's changed.
  6. Typical Melbourne and typical Round 2 Melbourne.
  7. Jonesy is on SEN right now for anyone interested – pretty sure he's there for the pre game.
  8. Problem is we've never learned from the past. They've beaten us for ten years straight. I think we've finally picked a team for the occasion - one that can match their spread and pace on a fast Etihad deck.
  9. Pretty happy with the inclusion of Smith and Hannan - I've been worried for months that we'd go in too tall and they'd run rings around us like last time. These guys are both pretty quick with good closing speed and I feel really comfortable with the team we're putting forward. Happy for Tyson to miss this one - if we're needing influence of his style we can pop Lewis in the middle and cover him pretty well I think. The coach must see something I don't in ANB as I probably have him further down the list, behind Bugg at least. Hope he has a cracking game though. Cant wait, go Dees!
  10. I'm in
  11. They'll be too quick and clinical for us I think - we're not far off them but the home ground advantage (particularly Etihad) gives them a massive edge with their speed of ball movement. They play it so well. Having attended most MFC games at Etihad over the last few couple of years in particular, I'm filled with dread about the possibilities of another doggies thrashing if we field a top heavy and slow team. Glad to see the betting odds starting to even up and I think they'll be favoring the Saints by the time the ball bounces - which is one positive for us given our inability to produce the goods as favorites. Wish it was at the 'G but still can't wait!
  12. SPENCER!!!! Nice goal. Overall: Not sure we're playing the 'hard' footy we've been playing in the last 2 weeks - looks like a few are protecting themselves a little which is understandable. We're a much better team when we go 'full bore'.
  13. Garland got the memo - play on as soon as you get it - I like it, he's playing well.
  14. Hope they give JT a good run in the second half - come on Goodwin.
  15. 'F'ing Hell* - Oliver is off this planet. Gets the ball and you assume that he must get caught with a player right on him - Nope, he still gets the ball off to one of our boys at least to their advantage. Biggest Jet potential I've ever seen