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  1. Trengove signs

    Probably just moi, but I'd offer Boomer a 2 year contract with this in mind.
  2. Christian Salem 2017

    Avid reader - once I started hitting keys, away I went!
  3. Trengove signs

    Great points - I think they help put this issue in perspective.
  4. Christian Salem 2017

    Mine had no affect on my breathing.
  5. Trengove signs

    I was just in nappies….I mean Depends.
  6. Trengove signs

  7. Christian Salem 2017

    It rhymes with Pimpernel.
  8. YAY!! - we've got a ripper here. Others only see his dash, but we've witnessed a more complete game. Lucky us!
  9. Christian Salem 2017

    I haven't disclosed my middle name….but….
  10. Trengove signs

    Hopefully yours.
  11. Trengove signs

    You are a….person.
  12. North delists 4 'stars'

    I'd offer Boomer a 2 year contract - we put the youngest side on the park of the 18 clubs last weekend (I heard), imagine his insights.
  13. Farewell and Thank You, Roosy!

    Dito (well said).
  14. Trengove signs

    This news makes me smile.
  15. Christian Salem 2017

    If you've never had a thyroid problem, me too.