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    what is the change for Port? cant open the link at work
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    id go with no change. back the team in that won 6 in a row. It'll be dry and Port are tall so I think we keep Pedo in. he had weeks of excellent form at Casey so deserves a game as no other fwds are knocking the door down at Casey Tyson a chance to come in but not sure for who
  3. does that make us unofficial MFC supporters???
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    a piece of trivia: did you know Melksham has had more scoring shots on goal than T Mac this season? Melk 14 goals - T Mac 25 goals. Plugger Mac really is so accurate. also with Hogan on 31, I reckon we will have our highest goal scorer in many years this year if they stay fit. maybe 15 years? when did Robbo kick 60-70?
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    Only 10 more season defining games to go!
  6. DubDee

    Training - Tuesday 19th June, 2018

    You're a legend DZ, thanks for the report! much needed footy chat after the last week (how has it only be 8 days since QB??)
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    Round 13 Non - MFC Games

    Christian came out with a straight face and said the contact was not intentional and was graded careless. Astounding Also the case didn’t go the tribunal when the previous ones did.
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    Round 13 Non - MFC Games

    Anyone have any idea how Dusty gets a fine for an ump push and Curnow get a week for an ump push?
  9. DubDee

    Home ground disadvantage

    dont think the MCG is an issue at all. we play the better teams there. poorer team either at Etihad or we sell them to NT
  10. Enjoy the oval. Im heading over for the crows match next month. Fyi tickets are on sale now for that match
  11. DubDee

    Marc Murphy at the Dees.

    Marc should have left 2 years ago if he wanted to go. only desperate team will go from him - St Kilda, north.
  12. DubDee

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    Mick is still so bitter about the Buckley succession deal. you signed off on Mick! I think Pert will do very well, he oversaw a period of success on and off the field for Collingwood. they made a mistake with the buckley move but stuff happens. That young 2010 team really should have won 1-2 more flags but Buckley decided a re-build was in order, hilarious! they are only now recovering 6 years later
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    Watts Dropped from Port

    That’s the bad news. Good news is he sold 10 pairs of shorts today
  14. DubDee

    MFC Cactus for the rest of 2018

    A troll or a 12 yo. Maybe both
  15. DubDee

    Watts Dropped from Port

    I'm just relieved I don't have to stick up for him anymore. After 9 years I was exhausted!
  16. DubDee

    Hunt out for 4 to 6 Weeks

    this is a big blow, even though he is not in the team now. we need his speed and line breaking badly to deal with the high pressure teams. I was hoping he would be back to form soon
  17. DubDee

    Watts Dropped from Port

    I surprised he wasn't dropped a few weeks back. He has been poor. He played a lot better for us over the past 2 years. Hopefully he does well at SANFL and plays against us the next week. Be good to see him play against us
  18. DubDee

    Ladder predictor

    A wise man once said unless you get 9/9 in your footy tips each week, the ladder predictor makes as much sense as cows wearing pants
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    I know it is probably a bit early for this thread so feel free to keep venting, but I thought I would highlight the following for some perspective. Total games played: Oliver - 47 Salem - 56 Petracca - 50 Hogan - 63 Brayshaw - 45 O Mac - 49 Lever - 67 Like it or not, the reality is these guys are inexperienced and will be inconsistent - aside from the freak that is Clarry. We could fluke a flag in the next 2 years but going by past trends, we should be a consistent strong team from around 2 years time when our talented core is around 100 games. Just look at our main consistent performers: Gawn (86 games), Jetta (128) and T Mac (133) Collingwood should be performing better, their best players are all in the sweet spot of experience and that experience showed yesterday. All is not lost, we just need to keep improving. Beat port and get the season on track again.
  20. What do you rate our performance out of 10 to this point? Why? based on preseason expectations Id say 7.5/10. We have improved on last season, developed new players. The thing that has impressed me the most is a new level of consistency (6 in a row) and developing a killer instinct when on top. Losing to the good teams though has been tough to take Which player has impressed you the most? T Mac. he has turned into top 3 forwards in the game! 25 goals in 7 games. he would be on track for 75+ goals over a full season! Which draftee has made the biggest impact? Fritsch What has been our best win to date? no stand out really. the best is yet to come. beating Crows by 91 was good. Which player(s) needs to improve in the second half of the year? Tyson, Hunt and Trac. We need to develop our potential stars further and give them confidence to become game changers. I was disappointed that no-one did anything to change the course of the game yesterday What has been our most disappointing performance? The Hawks game by a mile. 1 goal in the second half. pantsed by an average team and went into our shell. horrible to watch Where do you see us finishing? Give a win/loss and finishing position 7th. 14 wins. I expect a couple of big wins in the run home
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    my point is that our best players and core group that will eventually be our best chance of success are all around the 50 game mark. Inconsistency is to be expected once we are improving overall. I'm telling myself this so I don't get too angry about yesterday! we are set up for success much more than the pies in my opinion. their defence is poor and they lack tall fwds.
  22. DubDee

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    anyone know why we didn't kick to Hogan yesterday? he took 3 marks, zero contested. well below average. in the first half especially we never went to him. I know Mac is on fire but [censored] me we needed Hogan to get in the game. Not sure when Hogan went on the ball but it should have been half way through the first quarter when it was very clear Pies were on top
  23. what a joke of a thread
  24. DubDee

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 12

    Garlett and Stretch both held over for Monday. Wouldn’t be surprised with another change. Hannan is sore