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  1. completely agree. I was having a go at the AFL not the sydney clubs. The AFL should 100% run and pay for these academies it's an unfair advantage imo. Heeney and Mills are both worthy picks 1s and should have gone to struggling teams
  2. Its a disgrace that Sydney get propped out with equivalent no.1 draft picks when in the top 4 through the acadamies The two sydney teams will be hard to beat over the next 5 years
  3. AFLX is coming (the X makes it sound cool)

    Bizarre experiment. I thought the season was already too long for the players? why risk injury for this mickey mouse comp?
  4. Gawn on SEN 16/11

    Great to Hear Viney is back running :-)
  5. Nathan Jones...

    if he plays the majority of games he'll get to game 300 (maybe in a GF?!) when he is 32 yo he will sht it in and finish on ~340 games with a Matt Boyd-type couple of seasons in the back half
  6. all relevant points but we only have ourselves to blame. we had early picks in 2007 and 2008 too and screwed them up. anyway best to move on! :-)
  7. 2018's 'breakout' player

    Hunt and Hogan to be AA. not sure if that is a 'breakout' worthy but thought id chuck it in
  8. yeah I remember in 2010/2011 when we were going to be the next superpower or "they're gonna be something" the thing that is different is that back then, people thought early draft picks equaled success. Dees had the pick of the draft before GC and GWS came in so everyone thought we would be a good team. Shows how intelligent the media are! now we are talking about young players that have shown elite potential on the field which gives me real hope. and the club has some stability for once. We haven't sacked a coach since Neeld. certainly our most stable period since Daniher
  9. List Updates by Goodwin

    Player B has arms. He uses them to handball as his arms, it seems, is where his hands are located. Can see Goody will have a post coaching career in the Media with his special comments!
  10. Who's the funny looking dude looking at the camera? baggiest shorts since Eddie
  11. Thanks for the photos mate. The main thing that struck me was how much I miss seeing Clarry destroy a stoppage
  12. Bugg beat T Mac! wow! Keep pucnhing Tommy
  13. 2018 Membership Thread

    That's the spirit! Just think we'll have a new rebuild to look forward to in 10 years
  14. you might want to look in the mirror before you call someone else pathetic
  15. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    haha takes me back to when Lee Dixon scored an own goal over the keeper's head "He's lobbed seaman from 30 yards!"