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  1. DubDee

    The Darcy Fritsch Thread

    https://www.coldstreamfnc.com/copy-of-34-andrew-barling-2 'FrittDog' is 19, plays fwd and as someone said above, looks taller than his big bro
  2. DubDee

    100 Days Until Round 1

    long wait but at least the line-up will come out in 98 days!
  3. DubDee

    Play of the Year - 2018

    Jetta knocking Selwood on his [censored] in Final #1 Jetta knocking Mitchell on his [censored] in Final #2 both fair bumps, brilliantly and deliberately executed early in both games to set the tone. Jetta found a new level in finals
  4. DubDee

    Ab-Fab Harmes

    Geeesus Harmes. what are you thinking posting that?? glad he copped plenty from his teammates!
  5. DubDee

    Lewis Giving It Everything in 2019

    Ultimate professional and sets the standard on and off the field. I'd expect him to play the majority of games, barring injury. with a new look defence, leadership, organisation and quality kicking are needed.
  6. Saw this article a while ago and thought it was interesting to note the difference between the clubs with regard to height. For example, MFC have 13 players on our list above 190cm (~6"3') whereas Collingwood and Essendon have 22. Obviously this means we have more players in the 180-190 category. What do people think are the reasons for this difference and is it to do with our gamestyle? One things is that teams would usually have more developing rucks and key back/fwds then we do. I guess this is a bit of risk or perhaps this is strategic and we are planning on trading in key talls like Preuss and May as drafting talls is risky on the other hand, our big group of 180-190cms players gives us an advantage particularly in the midfield interested in people's thoughts.... http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-11-30/the-long-and-short-of-it-how-the-bombers-measure-up-in-2019 How teams stack up in 2019 Players 179cm or shorter 8 – Essendon, Fremantle 7 – Richmond 5 – Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Collingwood 4 – Carlton, Port Adelaide, St Kilda 3 – Geelong, Gold Coast, GWS, Hawthorn, Western Bulldogs 2 – Sydney, West Coast, North Melbourne 180-189cm 28 - North Melbourne 26 – Western Bulldogs 25 – Sydney, Hawthorn, Gold Coast 24 – Geelong, Melbourne, Port Adelaide, West Coast 23 – GWS, St Kilda 22 – Adelaide 20 – Brisbane 19 – Carlton, Collingwood, Richmond 18 – Fremantle 16 – Essendon 190-199cm 17 – Collingwood, Essendon 16 – West Coast 15 – Carlton, GWS, Richmond, Sydney 14 – Brisbane, Geelong, Hawthorn 13 – Fremantle 12 – Adelaide, Gold Coast, Western Bulldogs, Port Adelaide, St Kilda 11 – Melbourne 9 – North Melbourne 200cm+ 6 – Brisbane, Carlton, Port Adelaide, St Kilda 5 – Adelaide, Collingwood, Fremantle, Gold Coast, North Melbourne*, Essendon* 4 – Geelong, Sydney 3 – GWS, Hawthorn, West Coast, Western Bulldogs 2 – Melbourne, Richmond
  7. DubDee

    Training - Wednesday, 5th December 2018

    Gees the Weed is turning into a unit! his shoulders are very broad and once his chest and thighs/backside fill out, good luck to anyone trying to reach around and spoil
  8. DubDee

    Training - Monday 3rd December, 2018

    DS - Was Goody wearing a hat? forwards/backwards? cheers
  9. Adelaide, Bombers and Port I reckon. North could easily make the 8 too. and I expect improvement out of Saints and Lions. I reckon the swans will make it, just.
  10. Dees to finish 10th. Tougher draw plus being hit hard with injuries. Weed still needs time to develop and the loss of hogan is felt sparrow top 3 in the rising star KK to finish top 10 in BnF geelong and hawks both miss finals dees win flag in 2020
  11. yeah i know. this thread is discussing that article posted in the OP
  12. righto, ive got the wrong end of the stick. should properly read the article next time
  13. sorry - 'team to beat' was the wording used
  14. Alright, I'll change the phrasing: Ranking sides based on a combination of stats does not indicate who will win the flag. how can we be the 2nd best defence? even us supporters know this was our weakness all year. it's pointless imo
  15. DubDee

    Contract Extension Looms for Goodwin

    I reckon Viney will be appointed sole captain this year but if not certainly next year (my opinion only)