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  1. Round 5 Non-MFC Games

    Kennedy looking old and slow. Parker and Hanners poor
  2. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Nice to see PJ come out in defence of the Goody. Some wise words. http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2018-04-18/jackson-offended-by-goodwin-criticism
  3. Training 19/4

    Tyson, and an in-form Hunt will make a positive impact on the team for sure. I'd bring the Weed in as well for Harmes or Melk or Frost or take your pick!. thanks for the reports. im still so flat from Sunday, fair play for getting the motivation up to go to training!
  4. Breaking down the 15 goals to 1

    people saying we have trained this way all summer. so our game plan is to only have one tall fwd and for him to play half the game on the ball/wing? and then bomb it long to no-one? surely ANY game plan since 1850 requires having at least one tall fwd that stays fwd. and if you only play one fwd to kick short and handball more (unless on a counter attack). we have (or had?) the most inside 50s of any team. these are obvious things to fix.
  5. Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 5

    The Ricky Petterd Cup surely Biz ;-)
  6. Angus Brayshaw

    Great response Gus. Can't wait to see what you can do with a run of games under your belt
  7. Changes v Richmond

    Who’s accepting it? We’re all [censored] off mate. Not much we can do but.

    We are so bad. another 10 years of pain coming up. Goody can't coach, players have no heart.... Oh sorry, wrong thread. I pressed reply before I realised!
  9. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    When you have a small fwd line WHY KICK IT LONG AND HIGH EVERYTIME!?!?
  10. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    We lost due to being mentally weak. As soon as we were challenged we folded. ALso starting to worry about our tactics that we can’t change something in 100 minutes of football!
  11. Changes v Richmond

    Lever finally starts to take marks and puts his body on the line and people wanna drop him?? Wtf melksham is a definite out. Frost is a liability. Just not a footballer. Out. Hunt and pedo in
  12. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 4

    O Mac Salem hogan jones lever oliver
  13. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 4

    Assume this a gag? He was average at best
  14. Round 4 Non MFC games

    Man I am so glad the mfc made the tough call and got rid of Watts. Lovely bloke, great skills but those lazy soft efforts just demoralise a team.
  15. Round 4 Non MFC games

    Did not realise Carlton were this bad. Wooden spoon coming up