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  1. Character references during sentencing are generally from a friend or family member who have known the accused for their whole life. Turnbull wouldn't have even known who Houli was until he shook his hand when he and Houli attended a function together earlier in the week. Turnbull's speech would have also been written by someone else, it's quite pathetic that an excerpt of the speech was allowed to be admitted during the hearing. The system is in need of a massive overhaul and restructure (but we already knew is).
  2. Yes, can't even have water. Listening to Adam Saad earlier in the week he stated they could ask for special dispensation to have water only but he chooses not to.
  3. I knew he was fasting.
  4. Are you serious?
  5. Can we keep Waleed Aly and his soapbox out of it this time.
  6. Hopefully the Swans even the ledger and rule Tippett in.
  7. No matter what defence was used or what the character witnesses had to say, two weeks is an absolute disgrace.
  8. Considering race and religion were used to get a more lenient penalty for Houli, I don't see why it can't be discussed.
  9. Waleed Aly played the race card as Houli's character witness. #classy
  10. Lol @ Oliver's latest Twitter profile photo.
  11. Is this "from the top" GV?
  12. Been copping a bit of flack from some very salty eagles supporters over here due to the Oliver incident. They quickly shut up when I show them this clip.
  13. No wonder we're so let down and emotional when we lose...
  14. You know that you're in Perth on a Saturday night when you cop an elbow to the head and don't see it coming.
  15. Someone slap me I'm [censored] dreaming