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  1. GAME DAY: JLT #1 vs North Melbourne

    Norf fans frothing over seeing Hartung. Are they the dumbest supporters?
  2. Robbo (Mark) doesn't think we'll make finals

    He was fired by Hutchy.....enough said.
  3. The Elephant in the Room

    Nice one @Colin B. Flaubert.
  4. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Next, Shorten. Remember that time the old scallywag knocked up one of his staffers, while he was married. I should have become a politician. Even the ugly, nerdy ones get a heap of action.
  5. Robbo (Mark) doesn't think we'll make finals

    If he said that we’d make finals I wouldn’t care either.
  6. Millionaire Ex-Demon

    I can forgive Jake Stringer for his past indiscretions however will never forgive him for that haircut. Seriously, that should be an offence.
  7. Millionaire Ex-Demon

    The beginning of the GFC was due to a crisis in the subprime mortgage market in the US which developed into an international banking crisis following the collapse of Lehman Brothers.
  8. Will do. I’ll have to bicep curl a few pints.
  9. I’m going to have to go to the ‘gym’ so I can listen to the podcast live without being hassled.
  10. Are we training with Port Adelaide this week or something?
  11. 2018 Membership Thread

    I’d rather they save paper and just send me our cards and scarves. I don’t use the vehicle stickers because my car would get keyed over here. Any letter is just generic and means bugger all.
  12. Christian Petracca Re-Signs Until End of 2020

    I’ve never heard that one, and it just sounds outright ridiculous. Adelaide’s list manager inquired into Petracca as part of the Lever trade. I heard Justin Reid state this on trade radio. He said Melbourne and Petracca’s manager swiftly declined.
  13. Christian Petracca Re-Signs Until End of 2020

    They wanted him last trade period as part of the Lever deal.
  14. Interstate Request

    And in other news Jones (C), Viney (C), Gawn and Lewis form the Leadership Group for 2018.