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  1. Frank Stallone.
  2. Derrick Dunstall.
  3. No deal if it's a delicious nacho hat.
  4. My reply was in regards to Alir Alir.
  5. Not sure what makes you think this Jim. He's been very underwhelming this season so far. He's not a good contested mark and doesn't get much of the ball.
  6. Bring a jacket, it's cold down here. Stu says hi.
  7. We have 0 defence. We have a long way to go.
  8. Who the [censored] is on Neale? Could see that coming a mile away.
  9. Depends if you're ugly or not.
  10. Early days I suppose, but it won't take long until it starts if he continues the way he is.
  11. Really disappointed with Weidman's efforts.
  12. Very messy so far, just like McCarthy's head.
  13. Just not good enough.
  14. Scrap that.
  15. Watts for the Brownlow.