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  1. I hope his shoulder was reduced before he was sitting there!
  2. The reasons we hate them are: a degree of jealousy at Hawthorn's success and the way they beat us by 96 points in the GF in 1988. Leigh Matthews was a thug. He was charged with assault for an incident on field. He fractured Neil McMullin's (a MFC seven-gamer who later became a paediatric surgeon) face. He broke lots of other players' faces too. Ablett has also been involved off field with more than one incident of sociopathic behavior, resulting in court cases, a fine and associated with a suicide of a man who was alleged to have assaulted him and the death of a young woman "associate" while he was in her company and he was allegedly off his face on drugs. Great role models for behavior!
  3. Absolutely right.
  4. I'm still predicting we finish 11th.
  5. He kicked into the man on the mark. As usual.
  6. And next week the players have an excuse to lose against Port scum.
  7. The media told them they had no hope because Nathan: turnover king bomb it in long Jones, Jack poor kick Viney, Dom: o my knee's always sore Tyson, Jack Watts and injury prone Salem were out. They went in with that mindset apart from Hunt, Petracca, Jordan Lewis, Jetta, Frost, Oliver, Garlett, Kent, Milkshake and Gawn. ANB and Hannan had a go as well. The two McDonalds tried hard but were pretty bad. Pedersen likewise. The team decided they couldn't win and didn't follow the game plan of hard in contested ball.
  8. Tex walker=Freddy Mercury
  9. Hunt the country boy!
  10. Agree. The replacements need to follow the game plan and not the media hype that we are going to lose because a few players are injured.
  11. Kent is not Mia. He kicked a goal and has done lots of good things.
  12. If you actually watch the game you will see MFC winning it out of the middle and into the forward fifty then there's nobody there to put it through the goals.
  13. Port Adelaide will kill us.
  14. Disagree