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  1. Fatman Blues


    As entertainment goes - maybe a pass - like basketball, all scoring no defence As football goes - below a pass The commentary by Taylor et al - a MASSIVE failure - what a turn off The AFL's reaction - absolute success (but behind closed doors will be mortified at what was produced) The presses reaction - absolute success (but behind the AFL's back - most journo will say a failure) The players/coaches - like obedient children will say absolute success (with their fingers crossed)
  2. Fatman Blues

    Leadership Group

    Why do we need a leadership group greater than three players? Why not just a captain, a vice captain and a deputy vice captain ( or in the current environment dual captains and a deputy vice captain) On field leaders will lead naturally - Vince, Lewis, Hogan, Gawn etc A quick check of the google machine shows our 2015 leadership team consisted of Nathan Jones, Lynden Dunn, Jack Grimes, Daniel Cross, Chris Dawes and Heriter Lumumba. Only one who is still at the club. In 2013 we had a leadership group of nine players and we won two games
  3. Fatman Blues

    The 2017 Membership Thread

    Yes - I'd forgotten - beautiful Taking a friend to the Nth Melb game - I'll get her to pay for the beers The $209 is a straight donation - and for a worthy cause
  4. Fatman Blues

    Changes vs Hawthorn

    Extremely interesting and one would suggest extremely rare to have such a variance Lets assume Hurley and Oliver each got 5 votes from one coach, then they got one vote from the other coach. This means Watts got 3 and 3 from the respective coaches. TMac gets four from one coach and CP5 four from the other coach Tyson two from one coach and Viney two from the other Both coaches clearly saw the games best on ground different to each other
  5. Fatman Blues

    The 2017 Membership Thread

    Just increased the numbers by two - a full mcc/mfc premium membership with a complimentary junior membership Young Sam has an exciting period in front of him and can't wait to see the Dees in action this year Go Demons!!!!!!!
  6. Fatman Blues

    Who pays these blokes?

    I'm not the smartest bloke and I'm the first to admit that. The Bont was taken pick four in the 2013 draft and CP5 pick two in the 2014 draft Well, that's what I am reading in wikipedia Luckily, none of you are journalists - or maybe you should be
  7. Fatman Blues

    I enjoyed this. No Dwwwayne Russell

    Same and agree - was awesome - will never forget the excitement
  8. Fatman Blues

    2016 Player Review - # 6 Chris Dawes

    From the AFL website Melbourne veteran Chris Dawes has attracted interest from rival clubs and still has something to offer http://www.afl.com.au/news/2016-10-03/stats-a-bargain-top-trade-targets-by-the-numbers
  9. Luke is a ripping young man - but only playing ammo football - did his knee last year - he is about 21 years of age. Maybe 22 years of age
  10. Fatman Blues

    Everyone's a little 'Ian Nankervis'

    Choke - use your mince pies to read, then use you north and south and say the words out loud - by then your tram and train will have kicked in and you'll understand what has been written. If not, i think you are cattle truck and will never understand (said in jest) Drinking brown cordial helps (and just to confuse brown cordial is not rhyming slang) And drinking too much brown cordial may make you jan juc - if you do, best to be in the don't be funny - and try not to Con Britt at the same time - could be messy
  11. Fatman Blues

    Everyone's a little 'Ian Nankervis'

    Agree - it's all above the Gregory Peck. If the players have their Billy Goggin's screwed on properly, then a rusty tin will occur
  12. Fatman Blues

    MFC injury list - 2016

    As recommended by Shaun M - mmmmmm -
  13. Fatman Blues

    MFC injury list - 2016

    Answer B - $13.70
  14. Fatman Blues

    Dees v Dockers - Round 5

    The Band wagon has started - I guess that is a positive
  15. Fatman Blues

    Aaron vandenBerg