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    At the end of the 2016 season Christian did not go overseas for a holiday, but did extra training to get fitter.He knows he has to fight for his place in the side. He is determined to be a Melbourne player.I spoke to a family member after one of his concussions and C. was not allowed to to watch tv or use a computer/ iPad for 2 weeks as part of his recovery.His father Alex was a Bombers supporter_ not now!He is 100% A Demons supporter and goes to the games as well as training.I hope he leads the team out on Sunday-50 Games played.
  2. Gawn: How Jones Saved Me

    Great article.Max is a very good Wordsmith ( for a bloke who “ only” went to his local secondary school ! )
  3. Gaming - we are out!

    Great news.Pokies ( sounds so nice, eh ? ) are a pox on society.
  4. Heaven or Hell?

    Go for Melbourne-the oldest sport club in the World.We are a team on the rise!Welcome aboard.
  5. What the Fritsch

    That was a magnificent goal by Jack. I was there. But don't forget it was a team effort: Hibberd punched the ball to the ground, Oscar kicked it to Harmes who ran and kicked a beautiful pass to Jack.
  6. Opposition Watch: Rd 1 vs Geelong

    For what it’s worth:I was at my physiotherapy centre this morning.My physio was talking to a senior physio about Danger.The senior bloke said he has heard that Danger has back related hammy issues and there is no way he should play against the Dees.This was in Bentleigh not Geelong.
  7. Millionaire Ex-Demon

    Mazer - you are a Greatful Dead fan?
  8. When and where are the Men training this week beginning Monday 19/2? Thanks.
  9. Time to ditch the Runner

    Restrict their ground time to between the 5 minute mark and the 20 minute of each quarter.
  10. Jones limped off the ground after injuring himself in a marking contest.I think it’s an ankle.Taken to rooms in the buggy.Did not appear to be in much pain.
  11. Jeffy and Dion training and boxing

    Love it.How seriously is Jeffry committed to the club?He is a role model.y
  12. 2017 Player Reviews: # 39 Neville Jetta

    Agree Luther.It seems that Paul Roos was very important to his development.
  13. 2017 Keith ‘Bluey’ Truscott Memorial Trophy

    I liked Clarry’s speech-confident delivery without notes.Didn’t miss a beat.Glad a redhead has won the Bluey!
  14. Farewell Jack Watts

    If Watts goes,and Max gets injured,who does the ruck work?Cause Spencer 's not around anymore.
  15. Blast from the Past: Brian Wilson

    When I met my wife in 1985 she was living in Kensington.Willo was her neighbour.I had a couple of brief chats with him.Then we got married and moved away.I saw him at a Melbourne game about 2 years ago and introduced myself.He told me to stick with the Dees because we're going to come good.He's still a Dees supporter.