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  1. Are you really, really sure about that? I'm not. You obviously never did Commerce at school.( I didn't either.)
  2. You have the dude that took out Brereton at the first bounce of the '89 grand final, broke his ribs - a moment which I got and cheered about because finally someone had given this vicious c..t a dose of his own medicine - now pontificating on the so-called rules Christian is supposed to abide by. Please allow me to spit into a corner and call it what it is- a Circus.
  3. Even a finer replacement would be Lethal Leigh.
  4. Noted the displeasure with Christian's shall we say lenient decisions from SEN and Gerard Whateley and his Herald Sun offsider - Robbo - and I wonder how long the AFL can defer to this man's strange conclusions? What concerns me most is the blatant inconsistency.
  5. Just watched the Christian Justification segment and because I suffer from high blood pressure all I will say is the whimsical farce continues. The bloke Cunnington punched would have had to been near clinically dead before Christian would apply a suspension: minimum impact, you see. I recall the bloke who ran into May was rushed to hospital in an emergency ambulance....Also, it's apparently ok to do what May did - stand his ground - as long as the bloke who runs into you only gets his guts crushed, therefore serial offender Liam Jones, Ok son, just hand over some cash.It is all vanity and a striving after wind. There is nothing new under the sun.
  6. Preuss was quite what? Sorry, no offence meant, just my wicked sense of humour...
  7. Are you referring to a general illiteracy quotient?
  8. De trouble is German is no longer taught- blame WW1....
  9. Well, well, well. So far just about every underdog has won. Richmond was the exception, and they were challenged after the first quarter. I can see this season being a very interesting time for the so-called top sides.
  10. I was never an avid watcher of US comedies, though I plead guilty to F Troop. ( When you watch them today you would surely cringe but let's not get political because the censors will swoop.) Slower the Preusster may have been, surely though he would have given as good as Gawn copped all day...
  11. Gawn got slaughtered bruised and maimed. Weidemann proved yet again he is a hopeless ruck fill in. I say no more...
  12. As Maxwell Smart would have said about not playing Preuss ( in light of Lycett's form against Gawn, plus Ryder) : Very interesting, but STUPID.
  13. What is an acolyte? Some kind of half dosed beverage?
  14. Buy the Osicka from Nicks at $29.99 at the moment.... The first winery I ever visited, in 1975. I was a Rose and Port frinker, asked Mrs Osicka for a rose. She hissed they didn't make one. I asked for the port. She rolled her eyes and said, We don't make a port. Them were the days....
  15. My poor heart is broken: Rance has hurt his knee. Means he won't be able to maim people with it for a while. Or maybe he thought it was Bollywood and he'd pose hurt for the cameras. Wouldn't put it past him. I hate him with great passion.
  16. We really live in dangerous times because it is possible to not only post any kind of abuse on social media, it's also possible to post videos like the one about Jesse Hogan and insinuate it happened yesterday. It really is the age of fake news. On the other hand, if the video is 3 years old, it thoroughly vindicates Melbourne's decision to say ta ta. In the end, people are responsible for their behaviour and I don't mean that in a moralistic way, I mean it in the sense that if someone is a repeat offender - no matter what their circumstances - at some stage you have to decide for your own sanity that you can't carry them. I love the guy, I loved watching him play, I wish he hadn't gone through his traumas and I wish him all the best. The other question it raises is the simple fact that he was dragged from Perth to Melbourne when he was 17, away from family, into an environment at the brink of either recovering or sinking. The waters he encountered must have been turgid. At 17, on your own , to be asked to deal with the estrangement and uprooting into a culture where the stench of decay and failure still hovered must have been daunting. I'm glad it wasn't me.
  17. Oedipus Schmoedipus, as long as he loves his momma...
  18. I feel really sad for Hogan. I began to stop hoping Hogan wouldn't leave when Freemantle hesitated. It would seem his issues were well known. Most of all, I feel sad for the lad. I wish him all the best and hope things work out for him in the long term.
  19. Like I've said before, I agree with you on just everything. Like you I don't want to glorify the Gladiator days where playing with a punctured lung or broken ribs was a symptom of that weird phenomenon called manlihood. In the days of the gladiators an elbow to the head of an oncoming opponent was deemed ok. I recall Hardemann doing just that to an oncoming Sam Kekovich in the early 70's. I recall feeling uneasy. I played Under 16 Football for Sunshine, then a VFA side. I played in the ruck against Laurie Sandilands in a final and kicked 2 goals that day. I recall the sheer brutality, the eye for an eye mentality. I recall Jack Storey haranguing me at half time during that final for not taking out their captain, Lindsay James, in a sandwich tackle which probably would have killed him - probably me included because he was air borne, our captain tailgating his [censored] - what they called a shirt front in those days. I grew up watching Soccer - my father was a very talented player - and the notion that maiming your opponent was a totally alien concept. The above is my answer to the good old days when knuckle men ruled and players with the skill of Blight, Wells, Greig, Flower, Wilson and Alves were almost despised. Good riddance to them dark days. I still maintain May was/is innocent. He simply stood his ground. In a high contact game like Aussie Rules, those situations are unavoidable. Gone are the days of Mathews, Brereton, Scott and Dipierdomenico. I rest my case.
  20. I just wish it wasn't based on the whims of one man called Christian. Then there's the decision to ok Mumford's punch to the head. It's not that it's sanitised - let's face it, it needed to be - it's just the glaring inconsistencies which really make me feel inclined to walk away and just stop following it. The rules are called Rafferty's. They make them up as they go along.
  21. It still begs the f.....g question: wtf was May supposed to do?????Look at it again in real time.
  22. dieter

    Demon Legends

    At least you was well fed. Think I'll have some herrings tonight... By the way, I listened to the Ian Thorogood interview today, I stopped listening after the introduction it was Tobin bros and I assumed the worst. he sounds well...
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