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  1. dieter

    Four Field Umpires

    If one umpire can't get it right, multiply that mistake factor by 4.... Boundary umpires can't even work out that if a ball passes over the white boundary line they ought to blow their whistles.
  2. dieter

    Marc Murphy at the Dees.

    And Phil Rohde...
  3. dieter

    Islam in the West

    So you were an Israeli spy? I know one. He boasted about the murders he committed there...
  4. dieter

    Islam in the West

    you not very nice chap, Biffen.
  5. dieter

    Islam in the West

    you not very nice chap, Biffen....
  6. dieter

    Islam in the West

    Ha ha Wreckster, as though your animus comes from facts rather than ideology. Anyone can cherry pick 'facts'.
  7. dieter


    Jordan Lewis put things into perspective when he said sides learn more from losses than from wins. He also mentioned that the Hawks lost a few games by ten goals just before finals when they won flags. Have faith, my friends, we have lost one game in the past seven. Yes, Collingwood wiped us, but as Tom Mc said, it could have been, and was very often, worse. There is a great saying in literature, Homer nods...
  8. dieter

    Islam in the West

    My goodness gracious me, been banned for a week for putting the letter L into a well known swear word and I come back to the same old nonsense. I applaud you Jara and the Earl of Hood, but in the end, you can't argue with the sheer logic and omnipotent knowledge of just about everything on the face of the earth that the likes of ET, PD , the once mighty Biffen when he played for the Dees but alas and alack no more under his acronym, Skuit and the Emblem man post to these pages. On most sites they'd be banned for spreading hatred and propaganda but I won't say any more ...
  9. dieter

    VFL Thuggery

    While I'm on my high horse, has the VFL done anything about the violence and behind the play thuggery of Williamstown on Sunday? According to Drunk'n Rawlings was livid after and during the game. I have understood that this violence has been outlawed from the game. Apparently not so. Apparently you can still get away with it.
  10. dieter

    Alex Rance

    I understand this has nothing to do with Demons but it is to do with the health of the game. Rance performed one of his most blatantly absurd and bulldusty dives on the weekend, was rewarded with a free kick and today his coach comes out and says there is nothing wrong with the way this soap star in his own lunchtime plays the game. He then criticised those who have raised their voices about this serial offender's antics. What annoys me is that even those who criticise this so called 'legend' almost apologise that they can fault Rance because he is a 'great' player, after all. Rance's claim to great player status is totally immaterial to the discussion about his flagrant and continued breaches not only of the spirit of the game but the basic laws of the game. In other words, he's a bloody cheat who deserves to be called out for his cheating and his total disrespect for the game. He plays like someone who feels he is entitled. In other words, he plays like a kid who has never grown up, who is entrapped by his own sense of privilege and vanity.
  11. dieter

    Islam in the West

    This is becoming even more absurd. There is a site called Evil Bible.com which catalogues the atrocities, racism and sexism in the Bible and the Torah. Steven Wells also wrote 'The Skeptic's Annotated Bible'. Funny how Prodee just quotes Wells when it suits his agenda. There is a site called Evil Bible.com which catalogues the atrocities, racism and sexism in the Bible and the Torah. The bottom line is that all of these ancient texts are simply annotations and projections of life as it was lived at the time. To single out the Muslim faith in this context is simply a sad and sick joke. To attempt to use the above to persuade us that there is only one evil religion implies none of us have any brain cells to rub together, that we should all simply reduce our prejudices and loathing to the levels of the Pauline Hansons of the world.
  12. dieter

    Islam in the West

    And Saudi Arabian Wahhabism fostered by the Brits....
  13. dieter

    Post Match Discussion - Round 11

    I've only watched the replay but I thought the Doggies were up and ready and pretty organised yesterday. They would have beaten a lot of sides the way they played yesterday. Not having a decent forward apart from the Wanton Bontom hurts them though. There's something settled and organized about the Demons this year. It's like they've turned a 'mental' corner. Our forwards are basically just very classy...
  14. dieter

    Williamstown v Casey Demons - Round 9

    I played Under 16 in the western suburbs. It was always rough playing against teams from the Willy area. Also, where were the umpires when all this violence was going on today?
  15. dieter

    Jake Lever injury - Confirmed ACL

    And, just for the record, when Lever was playing yesterday the Dogs scored 3 goals. They scored another 4 in the next three quarters and a bit... ( No, I'm not saying Lever was the reason the Dogs scored three goals.)