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  1. dieter

    Demon Legends

    Football was a totally brutal 'sport' in those days. It was sanctioned assault and very rarely punished. Sure, every now and then someone would get rubbed out but Dermie and Co, Mathews and Co, Scott, Dipierdomenico and Co, Nicholls and Co, Balme and Co assaulted other footballers week in week out and got away with it.
  2. dieter

    Demon Legends

    In Barassi's first year as Carlton coach, Nicholls knocked Anderson senseless and essentially legless. In those days they kept players on so Anderson played the next 2 quarters from memory. There's footage of it somewhere on you tube.
  3. dieter

    Demon Legends

    Yes, what Nicholls did to Tony Anderson wasn't exactly 'nice'.
  4. dieter

    Demon Legends

    Barry Davis. oops, should have scrolled down, already identified...
  5. dieter

    Training - 2nd February, 2019 @ Maroochydore

    Des anyone a, why Burgo isn't still employed by the D's, B, what's he doing now?
  6. dieter

    Jack Watts video

    Since Adam and Eve. It's called mother's milk. Snort, suck, guzzle, every baby goes through the process. Keeps them alive, I believe...😍
  7. dieter

    Farewell Dean Kent

    Like Brian Wilson did when he left the Northey fold and kicked the winning goal against us in 1991?.... I always liked Kent and thought he had great upside. He WAS injured a lot though which no doubt frustrated him more than it frustrated his supporters. Injury is not a crime however. He reminds me of Vardy, Sean Charles and Warren Dean, terrific players who simply had bad luck.
  8. dieter

    Maroochydore Training Camp 2019

    He had a good a career at Melbourne as was possible. He was injured most of the time he was with us. I loved him, loved his attack, but....
  9. dieter

    Hunt Set to Reset

    I was there. I thought he'd kicked about 15 by then. A great act of genius from BB, he must have felt for poor Ray Biff who copped a spray at half time you could hear from Glenferrie station.
  10. He could have had more. I'm not complaining, just noting when he gets his confidence mojo and senses that he REALLY belongs, he will take teams apart.
  11. I watched it all yesterday afternoon. Geelong missed some sitters and the free kick against Selwood when Hawkins was shooting for goal muffled their chances. Had we kicked straight it would have been game over. I'm not sorry Tyson is gone, he was tres ordinaires. Weidemann was not very useful as a second ruckman and he'll need to get involved a bit more as he has a tendency to sit outside the action, a criticism a friend who has watched Weidemann since he was a junior made as well. What I liked was the grunt, the skill, especially Tom McDonald's marking in the first half, and the relentless attack on the ball.
  12. dieter

    Round 1 team 2019

    I am a huge Spargo fan. The Demon Coaching staff obviously are as well. When you consider his age, I believe the doubters on this thread will be haunted by their lowly assessment in years to come. In a nutshell, the lad has ability and beautiful awareness. He will be a beauty.
  13. Fork on through the rain, as Gerry and the Pacemakers once sang...
  14. For what it's worth. I know a chap who barracks for the Lions, an ex Fitzroy fanatic, who has known our Weidemann since he went to school with his daughter of the same age. He has followed his progress through the various under age competitions - he grew up in Vermont, a very strong Aussie Rules football region - and he vows he has not seen anyone with the same ability, potential and attitude. He was critical of some aspects of Weidemann's Finals games - he said he is still not running in and imposing himself the way he did when he was a junior, adding, but that will come when he gains self belief and more confidence. I also saw him kick 6 goals in the first half against a strong Box Hill side in 2017. When that player presents - as he already has against Geelong in last year's Final - consistently, as he did that day, we will no longer be having this meaningless debate about what have we lost now that Jesse has gone. The bottom line is, he's gone, ta ta, over and out, like Watts, like Frawley, like lots of players who have left the Melbourne Football Club. In the meantime, the Melbourne Football Club as it stands now is poised to go to the next level. When Hogan left, he left a great opportunity for Weidemann to grow and blossom. I am confident we will have lost nothing, just as I am confident that Hogan will kick the odd bag for Freemantle, just as I am confident that this outcome will be, So What?