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  1. The Jake Stringer Thread

    Their Pres said the same thing this morning on John Pain's programme 774....
  2. The Jake Stringer Thread

    There's a lovely song by The Kills,' I love you when you're crazy coz you're boring when you're straight...'They wrote it for you Biffman.
  3. SSM postal vote

    I get it, old boy. Like I say, shades of shady in that Liberal/National neck of the woods.
  4. North Korea

    People on this site also forget the extent of the atrocities perpetrated on North Korea during to so-called Korean War. When they flew Macarthur over what had once been Noth Korean cities - keep in mind Macarthur wanted to nuke them - Macarthur wrote that he almost vomited when he saw the devastation. The Us dropped more bombs on North Korea than they did during the whole Pacific campaign. No wonder the North Koreans are paranoid and feel only nuclear weapons are going to protect them from the only country that's ever used them.
  5. SSM postal vote

    Is there a difference, nutters? Sure, there are shades, but to me it's more like grades of shady. Reminds me of the nutshop in Nicholson street North Carlton which changes its name in about 1992 to 'Shady Nuts.'
  6. Does Max Gawn work for the AFL?

    Yes, very sharp tools those three!
  7. SSM postal vote

    In view of the lovely Andrew Bolt's accusations about the hard core tactics of the Yes Vote, let's assume the bomb threat on AFL house was TOTALLY NOT RELATED because Christians and No voters are very gentle folk.
  8. Tomas Bugg Opens Up

    Great article. The poor bastard must have gone through hell. I respect him a lot for writing this. Now, about his goal kicking, get it right, Tommy.
  9. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    May I suggest a diet of worms may do you good?
  10. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    You are very judgmental about one of the great men of history. Typically, may I add.
  11. The Andrew Gaff thread

    Now called Fowles, drove past there on the weekend, was trying to remember what it was once called: thank you Bitter.
  12. AFL Finals - Week 2

    If it's a 'sport' with a DEFINITE set of rules,I don't understand why it would be so difficult to umpire. The problem, as I see it, is that the rules keep changing. Please nominate one other sport where the rules not only change annually - as they have for the past 15 years or so - but about three times within a season. It is what they call in the classics a f.....g joke, not a sport any more.You can have as many ' professional ' umpires as you like, the bottom line is that there is no traditional basis of rules. Western Bulldogs get away with throwing one year, get pinged the next, a player like Selwood gets a million frees for a decade, next year it's a sin and a crime for everyone except Selwood and a Schuey ( Phuoy ) in a final, Bartlett throws the ball in front seconds before a tackle and becomes a tats lotto millionaire for his entire career only to change the law because of his cunning tatts wins for a decade, I could go on... Sure, as Iggy sang, you deal with the real, but every year the 'lawmakers' respond to another leak in the dyke of rules, they plug it up and another kind of s..t happens above or below the rule makers. For one, how does anyone but an unapologetic veteran of fooling the lawmakers, E.G. Selwood, prosper despite the ever increasing posse of umpires? In the end, the golden rule is not only simplicity, but consistency of simplicity. When umpires are micro-managed by a chameleon-like 'rule' dogma which changes from month to month, let alone season to season, it's no frigging wonder that most of us scratch our naked skulls and get driven to the delusion-like necessity of inventing conspiracies. Mind you, that doth not excuse the blatant anti-Demon decision/non decision atrocities especially this season.
  13. SSM postal vote

    You make much sense Herr Nussbaum. Much more than the placard carriers, the black and white one, you get my drift.
  14. Demonland New Member Meet and Greet

    Timbuctoo, I hear...