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  1. The Stigga

    Every day not Sunday?

    Went through the draw again and noticed we only have 5 Sunday games (not including the Round 23 lottery) Surely this has to be the least amount of games on this day we have had in years? I for one cannot stand Sunday games so this is a good development. Paging @Supermercado...
  2. The Stigga

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    23, 28 and 54 for GC Pick 6? Pretty much equal on points... 1751 for them 1712 for us
  3. The Stigga

    GAMEDAY - Elimination Final

    How long left.
  4. The Stigga

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    Adelaide? Just can't see it happening. Should beat Gold Coast. Sydney play the MCG well, don't think so. West Coast away? No chance. GWS most in form side? Won't win. If we'd won the Geelong games and the St. Kilda game we'd currently be in second place.
  5. The Stigga

    Ladder predictor

    The St. Kilda game...just mind boggling...
  6. The Stigga

    If we lose to Freo....

    I don't think that will happen. For what its worth, I think several key players are playing hurt, I've watched Neville Jetta quite closely this year, he's never played better, but i can remember 5 or 6 times vividly this year of him getting absolutely smashed and taking a minute or two to collect himself, he must be hurting... Coupled with our upcoming draw, Geelong and Adelaide away in successive weeks, playing in Darwin prior to that and Footscray in between, all in the space of 20 days...pretty brutal if you ask me... Edit* in saying that if we make finals from here it will be a bloody good effort.
  7. The Stigga

    If we lose to Freo....

    True, still I think if the arrangment is going to continue we should play the Darwin game instead of the Alice Springs game before the bye.
  8. The Stigga

    If we lose to Freo....

    I don't disagree.
  9. The Stigga

    If we lose to Freo....

    I'm not sure the decision is 'fully' ours, i think we are partially beholden to the AFL to continue this arrangement in some form, perhaps due to previous 'support' we received.
  10. The Stigga

    If we lose to Freo....

    Even if we'd beaten St Kilda and say Geelong, I still think we'd struggle to make the 8, the last 5-6 weeks is just a brutal run of games, coupled with teams around us having much easier draws...
  11. The Stigga

    Changes v Port

    Agreed, since the Hawthorn game (except for the Adelaide game) our first quarters have been deeplorable.
  12. The Stigga

    Are we ready for 580 Brownlow votes?

    Yeah look to he honest I'd just get Bugg in there to [censored] [censored] up...
  13. I must say looking at the draw a month later it's quite a difficult one. I only count 4 gimmes, Carlton, Freo at home and the GC games. Maybe the 5th would be North, but that's perennially been a bogey game. I don't have Supreme confidence about anything else. Tough start to with Geelong . Lose that badly then not hugely confident about Brisbane away the next week in the heat.
  14. The Stigga

    2018 Membership Thread

    I wouldn't be surprised if the Watts trade cost the club 3000-4000 memberships. What would that translate to in $$$?