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  1. Farewell Jack Watts

    The Watts era has ended without the Demons salvaging anything notable from their 28 draft selections between 2006 and 2011. No top 20 picks are at the club anymore ! With Jack Trengove delisted and Colin Garland retiring, only three (Max Gawn, Neville Jetta, Tom McDonald) from that era remain at Melbourne.
  2. Farewell Jack Watts

    Spot on.....We all loved Watts but also need to read Lyon article.....
  3. Farewell Jack Watts

    One wonders what the real reasons are for seeking a trade for Watts? He's shown what he can do & it begs the question, what has [censored] of the coaches & leadership group to get to this? I dare say only Jack & club will ever know!
  4. Farewell Jack Watts

    Frustrating that a 31yo Lewis who has climbed the mountain 4 times, and finished equal 3rd B&F.... Watts finished 21st & understand injury etc but need to question the mindset and motivation difference between the two players...Lewis thanked his coaches how they helped him do extras etc and how Viney tried to keep up with Oliver's extras etf but couldn't match him. I understand different players will be motivated & do more to get better and this would be across all clubs, the question is what motivates Watts to get better? I would want nothing more than to see him succeed & be a premiership player @ the MFC!
  5. 2017 Keith ‘Bluey’ Truscott Memorial Trophy

    Great effort Olivef & shows what hard work can do .. Rapt for Jetta as has worked so hard! New recruiters Hibbered & Lewis top 6! Frustrating to see Watts come 21st..
  6. Farewell Jack Watts

    My thoughts have wavered.... Watts is much as a victim to the train wreck of a club when he first arrived to not preparing himself & not playing to his full potential since 2014! The sad part is that he has shown what he can do & what his full potential could be! Im sure the coaching & fitness staff are correct in their assessments etc but I think another season is warranted .
  7. Tiger flag lessons

    1- Goody & co stick to your plan & ignore the noise! If Richmond listened they would have sacked the board & the coach! 2- Need to be patient as it took Hardwick 8 seasons to win a flag & some auppprtes are questioning Goody after 1 .. lol! 3- Continue to improve the list & get players who can play high intensity/ pressure footy which wins finals. 4- Tigers gun players were all 26+ yo & played in access of 150 games.. All of our up young guns are between 20-24 & played below 100 games & a lot below 50!
  8. Good Win? ... I don't know...

    Not saying they are as good as the Rich players yet but the age & game difference.... Reality is they have over 400 games more experience and we need to be patient as hard as it is!
  9. Good Win? ... I don't know...

    Just to clarify it took Hardwick 8 seasons to win a flag, finished 13th in 2016 and they wanted a new board & to sack the coach! I think we can allow Goodwin to coach after his 1st season! Just to compare our lists, I took their gun players vs ours. A bit of perspective? Reiwolt 225 games 28yo Hogan 51 games 22yo Cotchin 198 games 27yo Viney 88 games 23yo Martin 178 games 26yo Petracca 39games 21yo Rance 175 games 27yo Oliver 35 games 20yo Tom Mac 126 games 25yo
  10. Years since last AFL/VFL Grand final win

    Comparisons of our list vs Tigers Reiwolt 225 games 28yo Hogan 51 games 22yo Cotchin 198 games 27yo Viney 88 games 23yo Martin 178 games 26yo Petracca 39games 21yo Rance 175 games 27yo Oliver 35 games 20yo Tom Mac 126 games 25yo Jones 239 games 29 yo I think we forget that the experience is whats its all about & there is plenty of other talent we have playing 2nd/3rd season around 20-24 yo
  11. Years since last AFL/VFL Grand final win

    Try & explain 53 years to a 53 yo!
  12. Feeling low but starving for Success

    Feel the frustration & suffering member also . Reality is tigers come 13th last year & lost by 100pts in the last game & they wanted to sack the coach & change the board .. Tigers stars are in their late 20s vs ours barring Jones are in their early 20s ... still [censored] in missing finals but perspective I guess . The era of 07-13 were diabolical in every way & perhaps no top 20 pick is still at out club bar Watts for now! Set our club back a decade & a complete rebuild has taken place & we forget its Goodwins 1st year vs Hardwick 8 seasons & players who have been around the same time.. Still [censored] as I'm the only person in my family & friends who has not seen there team win a flag! Only Melb & Saints remain with the longest drought!