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  1. Hogan2014

    Pies Gone Past Us ??

    They have clicked at the right time .. 14 wins with 13 against bottom 8 sides & get top 4 which questions the afl fixturing.. would like to see ladder positions if only they payed each once
  2. Hogan2014

    Pies Gone Past Us ??

    Thats 7 years since last GF in 2011........
  3. Hogan2014

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    Was a stinker & all teams have them in finals.. Just hope they don't become a side like the 88 & 2000 GF sides and hang around finals afterwards.... This is the hoodoo that needs to be broken!
  4. Hogan2014

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    Wow mate we are all shattered but got beaten by a better team with s more advanced list ... that’s the challenge to come back & improve . But to basically give up on them is absurd!
  5. Compare that to WC list
  6. It hurts but reality is 2013 2x wins & club on its knees vs 2018 16 wins inc 2 finals wins, young list with improvement
  7. Had another 21 players who were all well beaten ... very harsh & like most of them there worst game all year since the hawks game early on .. reality is they beat 4 top 8 sides in a row inc 2x finals & lost to the 2nd team on the ladder who are on fire
  8. Hogan2014

    David King thinks Eagles will Belt Us.

    Need to improve going into our fwd 50 with turnovers resulting in Hawks counter attacking & luckily they messed it up..... We rush it in too quickly & need to lower the eyes & find targets.... Good problem to have & may take another season to iron this out.
  9. Hogan2014

    Mark Neeld on Open Mike

    How the hell was this guy employed as a senior coach????
  10. Hogan2014

    Casey Demons v Geelong VFL Qualifying Final

    A question....How can Can Casey & Port Melb have the same theme songs???
  11. Hogan2014

    Flawed competition rewards mediocrity

    Love your work well done! Shows a very even competition!
  12. Hogan2014

    Flawed competition rewards mediocrity

    Really they had 1 win vs a top 8 team sit higher than the hawks who have had 5 wins vs top 8 team mmmm yeah they deserve it
  13. Hogan2014

    Flawed competition rewards mediocrity

    Major difference finishing 8th vs 2nd or 4th
  14. Hogan2014

    Flawed competition rewards mediocrity

    Just done some numbers on if we played each other once ... Pies 10 wins Demond 9 wins with a game to go...
  15. Unbelievably Pies could finish 2nd if WC lose or 4th with only 1 win vs a top 8 side! So 13 wins against bottom 8 sides & finish as high as 2nd! Call me old fashion but finishing 2nd meant you had a number of wins against top sides! Would be interesting to see what the ladder would be if we only played each other once.