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  1. Farewell Jack Watts

    He was a great player but injured up until he played 7 games this year . Im happy you support the club Pro dee good to see . a good trade out by the tiges - we have been screwed on pick 31 for watts for sure his future output will be more than pick 31 is worth . hope it was special for you .
  2. Farewell Jack Watts

    Lids didnt play many games for two seasons? It made sense to let another medical team try and get his calf right . Prodee are you a melbournefc member?
  3. Farewell Jack Watts

    Thats right they have given a neeld esque wack and its put most offside and that will include the playing group im sure.
  4. Farewell Jack Watts

    Yeah he said that he wasnt the person his wife married!! And the group would have sharing sessions each player had to share somthing with the group ( initiated by a consultant apparently) Rewoildt said the previous year they couldnt wait to get out of the place due to the vibe this year was obviously different . I worry that we are making a mistake with the Watts trade in regards to the group . Time will tell .
  5. Farewell Jack Watts

    This thing about club culture and the tough stance mark neeld anyone? It doesnt work with the younger generation , look what won the tiges the flag this year? Hardwick brought the group together , the watts sacking could have a lasting confusing effect on the playing group.
  6. Farewell Jack Watts

    I reckon your right - despite the vocal 30% against watts most watchers cant really fault the guy without falling into discussion that doesnt add up . Go back and watch the doggies win the guy is more than serviceable, cracks in and plays smart footy reading the ball trying to gain advantages ( a snap shot yes ) There is somthing missing and I believe now that the lever deal and a contract or two is the missing narrative that Mahoney and gang have left out . They had to choose someone and again it was the whipping boy . Pick 31 what a joke . And paying part of his salary . we have given up two first rounders and jack Watts for lever and pick 31 .
  7. Farewell Jack Watts

    Terrible trade Sorry to see ya go Jack . Goodluck .
  8. Calling all Trolls

    ‘The Pill little center of excellency ‘
  9. Farewell Jack Watts

    It has to be a pick 20-25 think about it clubs getting compensation picks in the late first round for guys like frawley and motlop , Watts is worth more no doubt . Lets swap Watts for Ollie wines and give them a player or pick and get a pick back .
  10. Trade rumours

    So we lose Hogan and Watts in these scenarios suggested- coach killer .
  11. Mahoney, get away

    We are losing our best kick in Watts I wouldnt be sending Wagner off anywhere he can use it and on this thread I think the FD has done a great job resurrecting our list with Josh at the helm and wouldnt be surprised if they futher our picks position as you have suggested. I totally disagree with the watts trade though - see the watts thread for that one .
  12. Farewell Jack Watts

    Say it aint so Jack . This thread should be renamed- ‘the ultimate whipping boy’ a sad lesson in getting ahead of ourselves, a masterpiece.
  13. Mahoney, get away

    He comes across as an honest well rounded guy who along with the footy department have built a good list . kelly hasn’t been injured who knows he may have had salems bad luck if he was at the dees . Crystal balling , we got two for the price of one really Dom can play. cant get a superstar with every pick . Hibberd lever melksham are good pickups sometimes you gotta give a little up to get these types . Im happy we are a realistic club. Good on you for having a different view than most !
  14. I reckon so its a good draft - hoping we land a first rounder somehow .