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  1. I worry about Spargo after that game and it sucks for him. He does everything right, for a player about a foot taller.
  2. Imagine if we had recurited a one on one defender to stop the players kicking 4-5 goals on us....
  3. Footy is back! Should win this.... Over the last two years I think we have played match up games and that's when we do very well, so all these new players for Port make me nervous. Go Dees!
  4. Kayo is what should have been happening years ago. Still a flawed product... but... I trialed it on my phone a couple of months back and it was okay, but casting on a phone with anything I've always found to be a problem. My NBN connection is FTTH 100Mbps. Now, there is an app for my TV. I installed that, paid 25 bucks for the month. Tested it out and it was great. A couple of lag issues here an there, but over the eight hours I had it on for yesterday (Womens ODI, NBL, AFLW, NZ v Bangladesh and Richmond V Melbourne) much better than the terrible AFL live app (in drop outs and quality) so sharing the two devices on an account with a mate. 12.50 a month v Foxtel prices? Easy choice.
  5. Not unhappy with that. Looked clean which is a great sign in JLT, especially in close. Now no injuries and no blow out loss and I'll be happy. Good to be posting on DL again after the summer hiatus :)
  6. Not to turn this thread into a film critique thread. But that movie just did not know what it wanted to be. On another note, great PR for the Dees today. The Star Wars stuff was fun, but they shouldn't push it any more, just enjoy the free marketing they got today. Don't look desperate.
  7. Watched a few Casey games this year thought he was great, listened to quite a few more and his name was always prominent. Young, skilled, B&F @ Casey, knows the club... Why wouldn't you spend very little on a player like that?
  8. Good point, but I liked Goodwin in the post match too, focused on doing our thing rather than having a sook like some of the other coaches would have.
  9. Not only do we all follow the greatest football club in the history of ever we are a damn good team as well!
  10. I've been like a kid at Christmas all day. The only problem is I don't know if I'm getting a lump of coal or a new bike tonight. Go Dees!
  11. This is something that get's a bit forgotten when talking about our rebuild. Sure teams have been at the bottom of the ladder and gotten back to finals in that time. But we were terrible.
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