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  1. You said the coach had to come out and say... sorry for my hyperbole, but a big media frenzy is exactly what would happen if your original post happened. Agree with a measured, careful approach and that is what I am advocating.
  2. Sorry, I disagree with you. I don't accept that a Media campaign that get's the blood up, back page News!! that makes us feel better about what happened on the weekend is the best way for the club to approach their duty of care. It's boring for us because we won't know about it, but if the club sees it as an issue, it will be addressed.
  3. I'm really curious, aside from the "walk off the field" type comments and rant against the Thousand Nations of the Persian Empire against us in the Media, that the club would be doing nothing? There have already been reports of vision of Clayton's handballs going to the Umps to review when he was called for a throw that wasn't. Do you really not think the club is not talking to the proper authorities when they think decisions are completely stupid? Final point, do you really want our coach to sound like Brad Scott?
  4. I don't think he will, because we aren't that sort of club. I understand the frustration and what you are saying, but I don't want us to be North or Carlton in that regard. I don't want our coach looking like a whinger (rightly or wrongly), look at what we did wrong, what we can do better and educate the group from there. Plus in that second quarter we were just as full on as they were.
  5. Yep, reckon he could be a player
  6. We can get into semantics I suppose. He was very good up until he took a kick at goal, and then he was pathetic. Unlikely as well that his set shots will be so bad week to week if he plays like he did today. Not having a go, hope you (kinda) get what I mean. I'm as frustrated as anyone, but, yeah.
  7. The point being he had those chances. Screwed them up, absolutely. But if he hadn't he would have been the second coming on this board.
  8. Well, We've gone from being the worst team to follow, to the most frustrating team to follow over the last year and a bit. I guess that's better, but it doesn't make me feel better this season. At the very least we're keeping our percentage nice, in case it clicks later in the year. OUT: O'Mac & (maybe) Kent IN: Not sure for O'Mac, Ben K for Kent? I'd like more changes, but I don't quite see where they will come from right now, and I'm talking KP players.
  9. He flubbed stuff, at least he had the opportunity to do that. Kent is the worry for mine.
  10. We should be behind, but FMD how many trips haven't been paid on our forward 55 ugh
  11. Yes, and not well. I get Abe's point, but damn he's been woeful with the ball.
  12. Screw B "Nothing much in that" T. Wonder how much he would like a throat punch.
  13. If it were to happen (and I doubt it will at this stage) the Tasmanian team would play in both Launceston and Hobart.
  14. Watching Goodwin's post-match, he was clearly very very happy with Clarry's "dash". I'm going to be the first to call it. I think we might have a good player on our hands here
  15. For all those saying drop Hannan in different threads, I think he's a weird one. Has the footy nous to get to the play, but just doesn't quite get the pace of AFL footy yet. He knows what to do, but I don't see him getting any better in VFL, keep playing the lad for a bit. If he doesn't do well in the next few games... Then sad times