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  1. Agreed. The player rating system is different from fantasy points. SuperCoach measures possession and is scaled by things like effectiveness whereas player ratings try to apply chains to evaluate a players importance to a game Over the past few years world wide there has been a push in sports statistics to move away from traditional 'static' statistics (in afl terms kicks marks handball etc) and towards a more dynamic statistics in the form of chains (possession chains). The idea is that these together these chains describe a match better than just kicks, marks etc and I agree this is the way to go. unfortunately for cd, they are stuck halfway between, providing misleading stats like differentials and their plater ratings needs work. It is far too favourable for players in a position who's game is unconventional think nicnac getting a lot of ground ball or rance getting a lot of possessions in d50.
  2. Yeah we are a special breed i wouldn't worry about any article based on the afl player rankings. It's a flawed system and the afl and champion data are really pushing hard for the public to show interest in it
  3. Breggsy

    FA & Trade Whispers

    I actually rate Rockliff. Play him as a mid resting forward in a real team and he could kick 30 for a season
  4. Breggsy

    FA & Trade Whispers

    Don't really have much sympathy for the club but jees I feel for the supporters. Losing him after two years would be heartbreaking
  5. Breggsy

    Michael Hibberd and Michael Hurley

    Can't stand that [censored]. When the hibberd news came out that he wanted to leave Watson said he wasn't even sure hibberd was in their best 22 but then went on to say he was worth a first rounder a few sentences later
  6. Breggsy

    Training - Thursday 7th July, 2016

    Good job mate - and good work just read whites been elevated
  7. Breggsy

    All aboard the Oliver Express

    No worries here I love what he's about
  8. Breggsy

    All aboard the Oliver Express

    Didn't mind his game yesterday. 5 clearances, 8 tackles and 10 CP is a great return for a 9 gamer. Not sure on his Centre bounce attendances but it seemed every time there was a goal kicked he would be coming off the bench straight into the centre. Stats might show we are most potent with him in there
  9. Breggsy

    Hunt signs on to 2018

    Spot on. Project player taken with a late pick who plays a handful of underwhelming vfl matches due to form and injury. Probably 100 players have had the same story and after their two years are up they're delisted and never heard of again Very happy for him
  10. Love watching him play. Not only is he a tackling clearance machine but he's also quite agile and is great above his head I remember being impressed with Tyson in his first year how he would get the ball and then get separation using his hips but this guy just knows where he's going to dish it before he even gains possession
  11. Breggsy

    GAMEDAY - Round 6

    Which seating will a Melb membership/GA get you into today
  12. Reckon watts is benefitting from quicker ball movement. Would rather us move it down the ground and have him one out rather than chipping is down slowly and watts having to take a pack mark
  13. Breggsy

    Around the League Round Four

    Seems like every Essendon game has special comments by tim Watson
  14. Breggsy

    Post Match Discussion vs GWS

    On top of which we had only used 80 interchange compared to their 90
  15. Breggsy

    Still young after all these years ...

    The list analysis from champion data is based upon the afl ranking points system available on the afl website. This is a different rating system that dream team and SuperCoach. I'm pretty sure karl Jackson at CD is the one who implemented it as a way compare a full forward who touches it 8 times a game to a loose back flanker who touches it 20 times a game. The afl is the one who is backing this system that attempts to measure impact and influence rather than just stats with a hope that in a few years it will be a huge point of interest within afl fans. i can't remember how the system is scored but I'm pretty sure the magic number is 40 games whether it be accumulation or a rolling average. Nothing against the two on the radio. They don't come from a background like dr Jackson or Crusoe but I think they do a good job. Hoynes main area is maintaining the data of junior comps and luff is more the running of the day to day.