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  1. In the painting area, so relatively safe ( as long as he's not planning on climbing up a ladder)
  2. Ladies and gents. Today I saw Sam Weideman in a hardware store and shook his hand, wishing him all the best for the season ahead. He seems like a really personable and pleasant young man. Despite being bailed up by a bogus looking bloke, he smiled and thanked me. The last Demon player whose hand I shook was Clayton Oliver ( and look how that's turning out ) Could be a big year for Sam !!
  3. Yes, those penultimate 4 games really showed what we could do !!!! OMG 😲
  4. I want more Tasmanians. This guy looks pretty tough to me. Hopefully he's a cross between Russell Robertson, Darrell Baldock and Ian Stewart ( without the cross dressing )
  5. Theory 1 Jones was swimming at Cheviot beach and was captured by the Russians in a submarine off Portsea back beach. He is currently on his way to Vladivostok for interrogation. Viney was the one behind the grassy knoll and the Americans have taken him in for questioning. Theory 2 There was a bloodless coup and Maxi, as the tallest player, has deposed Viney and Jones and taken on the captaincy by himself.
  6. Come on Ethan !! Dont criticize the guy because of his looks. We cant all look like Chris Hemsworth. ( well , I do, but not everyone does )
  7. Furthermore, Brisbane chose not to bring him back on as a precaution not because he was out to it. This decision stinks big time.
  8. I've been to both Cranbourne East and Amersfoort. There are an awful lot of Dutchmen there but frankly, I prefer Amersfoort.
  9. I'm going to suggest Biff is a " country " member.
  10. Send an email to Goodwin and cc the selectors.
  11. Can I just say for those who didn't catch it before ( and I swear I will never mention it again ) I did shake Clarry's hand in the Middle Camberwell Woolworths just after he got drafted and wished him luck. Sadly, I have washed that hand since.
  12. Yes Williams was a toad and a thoroughly unlikeable player but he always appeared to have about 20 - 30 seconds to get rid of the ball. In that regard, he was peerless.
  13. Don't tell the wife. She will know just via wife's intuition. Tell the doctor, he will be dispassionate and have some sage advice. If you're near the end and you've got some good stuff, leave it to me. I'll take care of it ( especially the 1930 penny or the Titian. )
  14. Having Oliver in your teams jumper is like waking up from a dream and realizing that you have an Ablett or a Dangerfield or some superstar talent working for you in your midfield. I know that's the case but I daren't believe it.
  15. My concerns just observing the broadcast were Petracca's influence waning after quarter time. Preuss mis timing his jumps for hit outs. Hore kicking out from full back and ( apart from the torpedo ) not effectively clearing the backline. Our succumbing to increased Tigers forward pressure after quarter time which led to most of the turnovers and of their goals. Lack of perceived intensity into some of the 50/ 50 contests. It's easy for me to make these comments and I couldn't run 5 metres on a day like today. There was so much to like from this game and all will benefit from the run. It's a Mickey Mouse practice match and the coaches are trialling a lot of players and tactics. Like many others I see no reason to panic just yet. We won't be playing every week in conditions which would kill a pig either. Overall, it was a good effort.
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