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  1. Number 1 on the list has to be the North Melbourne big footy forum. I was just there. I feel decidedly duller for having read some of that drivel. The vitriol they spew is staggering when you consider their miserable history of low achievement. Bomberblitz ( or whatever they call themselves now ) just as bad. Perhaps a higher average IQ. I went once to Victoria Park and stood in front of the Social club watching the dees salute. That was tough as I dared not open my usually big mouth. I had to pretend to be upset at the result. Linton street, Moorabbin was dangerous in the old days, not so much because of the footy but because my siblings and I used to steal half empty lemonade bottles from between the feet of the Saints fans in the outer to take them to the milk bar for the refunds. We made a fortune from it( we were good )
  2. I think there is a better chance of you getting slim, Fat than for Greene to get 2 weeks. Mind you, now that Lethlean is not there to Leth-lean on the MRP, perhaps we will see justice in this case and a lengthy penalty for Greene.
  3. Gawn----- Tall Oliver------- Skillful
  4. I think there should be no change especially considering the returning players need another game or two to consolidate. JKH may be vulnerable and Oliver looked proppy at the end. Give Jones another week to recover.
  5. I used to be a bar steward. My wife says I still am............ [censored]
  6. And Powell Pepper is no 60 kg weakling.
  7. There was no getting out of that tackle by Powell Pepper. Hunt absolutely nailed him !!!!
  8. Jane, your husband is observant enough and intelligent enough to be a demonlander !!!!!! ( and a Melbourne supporter as well )
  9. Razor Ray has decided he's forgotten the rules now. A dead set cheat !!
  10. Don't expect them to differentiate between the Trengoves at all. The dumb commentators cant do it and the ones with a modicum of intelligence wont bother to do it. It will be all too hard for them.
  11. Have a triple single malt whiskey ( or two ). Whilst watching the replay
  12. Not what everyone wants to hear, Win !! However good for you !!!!
  13. Just what I was thinking. I think it's Demonlander .............. Suspicious Port Adelaide supporter ............ Dodgy
  14. You get the like for, like, using the word minutiae.