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  1. Melksham is the query for me. Did he do enough yesterday ? Salem is a definite in. Hogan won't come back against the Pies. The week after for him. In 3 weeks the selectors will have a massive selection issue. Whoever goes out this week, unlucky !!
  2. Settle down Petracca, I've heard of the early crow but ... 2 weeks early ???? Like your confidence though
  3. Is there a dumber commentator than Cameron Ling ??? Umpire pays a free to Sydney... ( surely a mistake) clearly indicating a holding the man free. Ling in his ingratiating drawl says " below the knees, at least they're consistent " What' s consistent is this biased pro Hawthorn drivel you get from these fools every week. And Bruce, the king of hyperbole, is the ringleader of these sycophants. Pass me the sick bucket.
  4. NEVER !!!!!!!!
  5. In the distant past, and I don't recall this rule being deleted, "attempting" to trip was a reportable offence. No such thing now. Tripping, actual and attempts are ignored for the most part. The king of the trip, Dustbin Fletcher, made it his signature move and since it was him doing it on a regular basis, the AFL must have thought to themselves, " Let's not worry about it any more" Never mind that it might lead to a broken leg.
  6. If it's gold and brown bra and panties, you can safely wear those for a bit of fun without being identified as a Hawks fan. If it's something to wear on the outside and there's no hididing it then, no , not under any circumstances.
  7. What you're saying is correct America but people who frequent Demonland remember umpires applying the long standing rules of the game. We are entitled to be upset when we see blatant infringements ignored on a regular basis. This is borderline cheating by the umpires. Umpires are human beings and subject to making mistakes like everybody else. Their job is near impossible to carry out but even so, they could perform a damn sight better that what they're currently doing. This is not umpire bashing, it's simple frustration about the "Chook lotto " approach we have at the moment.
  8. Correction Pipe, that bald pretender of an umpire did give us one free in the third quarter. I was watching the play over the top of his shiny bald head and blow me down if he didn't call a free to us from 60 metres away. His partially sighted colleague, standing near the wing and a couple of metres from the action missed the bleeding obvious and it fell to umpire knucklehead ( sorry Nicholls ) to look into his black soul and give 1 free to the dees. He was therefore responsible for paying at least 10% of Melbourne's frees. Let's not bad mouth Umpire Nicholls please !!!!
  9. But in a positive for the Pies, they are following Buckley's game plan to the letter.
  10. What good players have ever come out of Myrtleford for goodness sake ??
  11. In my pre season unusual predictions for the Dees, I suggested we would [censored] either or both of Saints and North. We didn't " [censored] " the Saints so ........ we will [censored] North.
  12. The best way to increase supporter and member numbers is be a successful club and win premierships. As trite as that sounds it is critical to the future. The key age for youngsters to latch on to a team is 7 years old. I'll bet you any amount of money that there'll be a big spike in doggies supporters of this age group after last years heroics by the Bulldogs. Win a flag and win the hearts and minds of a new generation.
  13. Tyson has his short comings but if I see him lay 2 monster tackles in 5 minutes like he did last week, that'll do me.
  14. My only change as well. I dont want to see Hannan go out and I think just for safety, give Hunt a week more to recover. Stretch is quick and a quality user.
  15. No, no I reckon it's different this time. My overriding feeling is one of hope and expectation that something positive will happen. Not a fleeting sense of euphoria caused by a memorable win against expectations.