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  1. The Harley Balic Thread

    I think Dennis Cometti would have said " A second round pick ?? That's ambitious !!! " Bruce might have breathlessly said " Harley Balic...... mmmm delicious !!!! "
  2. Trade rumours

    I know these voices in my head aren't real, but I agree with what they're saying about you Daisy !!!
  3. Better to be a sexagenarian than an oxygenarian, or a nonentity !!!!!!
  4. Three way trade hypothetical

    Kelly will go to Geelong. It would be fair if he did. They need a bit of class in that team and the AFL would like to give the Cats a bit of a leg up. They're struggling.
  5. AFL Finals - Week 1

    The arzz has officially dropped out of the bombers. Eight bus loads of bomber fans went up the highway. Hopefully most of them will stay up there.
  6. AFL Finals - Week 1

    I could really enjoy the 2nd half of this game !! Well done Bummers, you made the finals, a fairytale effort. You're so much better than any team outside the 8. Everyone's 2nd favourite team blah blah blah. Let's hope for two more 10 goal quarters from the swannies , just to take the shine off Essendon's resurrection.
  7. The Jake Stringer Thread

    I won a lot of money backing the Bullies to beat the Crows a couple of years ago in a game where Stringer starred. I have a soft spot for him.
  8. 30 Years Ago: 1987 Elimination Final

    That game was unbelievable. Watching it was like an out of body experience for a dees fan. North had no chance to win that. Was it Viney who kicked that first goal with a miracle snap ?? When that sailed through, I thought "we've got this". So many players to love watching in the red and blue !!! Where do you start ??
  9. Why I won't be heart broken if Richmond bomb out in the finals

    My abiding memory from the late 60's when I first started to take notice of footy was of Royce Hart flying across in front of packs and taking mark after mark and kicking bags of goals against us. People like Roger Dean, kevin Sheedy, Billy Barrot, Richardson the elder, Dick Clay and a half a dozen others who would always destroy us. It made a terrible impression on a little 8 year old kid !!
  10. Why I won't be heart broken if Richmond bomb out in the finals

    My heart will be warmed by such a scenario , however, I dreamt last night that the Tigers won the game on virtually the last kick of the match after a Richmond player received the ball at centre half forward from a blatant throw from a team mate which the umpires ignored and kicked the winning goal. Sounds like a very plausible AFL scenario, so i'll trust it.
  11. Sam Frost signs on for two more years

    Frost came to us as a defender from his former club and they thought they'd pitch him into the forward line to see how it went ??? If they'd bothered to read demonland at the time , they'd have moved him into the backline pronto !!!! What's the point of having so many experts here and ignoring them ???
  12. The Andrew Gaff thread

    Can we wind it back and get Judd, Pendlebury and Buddy ???
  13. Lumumba documentary

    Are we talking about Trump, Kim Jong Un or Lumumba ????
  14. The Jake Lever Thread

    Even better than Diamond John Tilbrook or Kelvin Templton? Would need to be very good then !!!!
  15. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    I have heard a number of the younger players are planning to train the house down this pre season like it's never been trained down before. How's that for a start ???