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  1. Only if we lose. If we win it will foretell a rosy future.
  2. ManDee

    AFLX Revamped

    I don't think we should judge people by how much money they make. Is a banker of more value to society than a nurse? As for spending much of your life closeted away having a virtual life behind a screen or worse watching those doing so I say get a life.
  3. ManDee

    AFLX Revamped

    https://writingexplained.org/pass-time-vs-past-time-vs-pastime Pass time = verb. Past time = adjective + noun. Pastime = noun.
  4. ManDee

    AFLX Revamped

    But, he's not arrogant enough to assume that something isn't worthwhile simply because he doesn't like it
  5. ManDee

    AFLX Revamped

    Do you not see the irony? And I think you mean pass time.
  6. ManDee

    AFLX Revamped

  7. I predict entries will close February 28th.
  8. ManDee

    Dees Drawing the Logo

    Looking at their offerings I thought they were.
  9. ManDee

    Training - Tuesday 12th February, 2019

    Saty baits people. STMJ has swallowed the hook and can't cough it up. We can't expect to agree with everyone here so we should accept the differences. If you don't like them block them, constant bitching is tiresome. Thanks to all those that report on training, I expect you to have biases we all have them. The best bias is we are Melbourne supporters.
  10. ManDee

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    Risky we want them to get to matches on time.
  11. ManDee

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    I agree beeb but as a car they are ok, Opel build nice cars. Ford did a much better job of phasing out local production, it helps to have the Mustang. Anyway the Opel sponsorship is moot.
  12. ManDee

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    Sorry about typo Inchcape. Read this atricle about possible Opel return. https://www.caradvice.com.au/724868/opel-australia-return/
  13. ManDee

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    Opel may be back with Commodore & Astra ++ Inchape looking at buying the Holden brand
  14. ManDee

    Demonbracket 2019 - voting under way

    At the bottom of the page I use "next unread topic". As this thread has regular posts I find myself having to go through it to the end to get to the next unread topic. It is no big deal but as I have no interest in this thread it is mildly annoying. I thought a block this topic could be useful for people who navigate this site like me.