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  1. Now I can talk behind your back. That dieter.......you wouldn't believe it
  2. ManDee

    2018 Demonland Banner 2.0

    Didn't know you plucked your eyebrows Colin!
  3. I love the idea of two monster rucks that can take the odd mark and kick the odd goal. All other sides have to reconsider how to play us particularly with our midfield being so good. We have removed a weak spot and provided valuable relief/ back up for the Gawn. If playing forward they can get a goal a match each, or dropping back cut off a goal we are a much better side.With the new rules I think we are very well placed to usher in the new era of two full time ruckmen.
  4. ManDee

    Rating Josh Mahoney

    Waiting for the posters wailing "should have got 2 first rounders for Hogan or tell them to get stuffed". "I could have got 2 first rounders for Hogan he was under contract FFS" And from an independent reporter (total jerk) "A risky yet genius move." I have a feeling that the tough guy posters have not been any any meaningful negotiations in their lives. Mahoney 8/10 - I never give 10
  5. ManDee

    2019 Ladder Predictions

    So you are saying KK is not faster than Tyson? Or May is not faster than OMac /Lewis. Not sure of Preus over King/ Filipovic/Pederson. I think we have added speed and quality but lost a terrific forward (but I think we have a few)
  6. Could be brutal. New club rule. No killing teammates at training.
  7. ManDee

    Rating Josh Mahoney

    Your opinion. Strangely with the current recruiting /trade team our side has improved yearly, finished top 4 this year and is now a favorite for next years flag. My opinion is that they are going OK. I suppose the difference is that the results I measure are based on the ladder not chest beating rites at the trade table.
  8. I think where I differ from some is that I view the trade period as a tool not a competition. I feel it is where you go to make your team better to facilitate player movement that may be beyond your control but with the ultimate aim to come away a better team than you enter the trade period. I think if each trade is viewed as a competition the risk is potentially missing out on the ultimate goal of becoming a better team. We would all like to win every trade but sometimes we need to step back and see the big picture. Ask some questions, will this help us to make our team better? Is it the best we can do now? If yes do it.
  9. The thing with May is that I think he will make all the other defenders walk taller, be more confident and less likely to be intimidated. Reminds me of a Big Byron. He and Jetta will be rocks.
  10. I give up. Feel free to think we should have done better. Next time we could act tough like Dodoro and miss out on a player that wanted in.
  11. Really, can't you see the big picture? If we received pick 2 & 23 then 2 would go for May. You need to look at all outs v all ins. One hand of poker does not tell you the full story.
  12. How do you figure that? Hogan out May & KK in. I think we are a better side = win. You have to look at the big picture. We would not have May & KK without trading Hogan. As Mahoney said.
  13. ManDee

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I don't think he cares. He is a strange cat.