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  1. GAME DAY: JLT #2 vs St Kilda

    Hope you have a speedy recovery ET. I'm excited, looking forward to a celebratory whisky.
  2. My view of Blight concurs with the dictionary. blight blʌɪt/ noun 1. a plant disease, typically one caused by fungi such as mildews, rusts, and smuts. synonyms: disease, canker, infestation, fungus, mildew, mould, rot, decay 2. a thing that spoils or damages something. "her remorse could be a blight on that happiness" synonyms: affliction, scourge, bane, curse, plague, menace, evil, misfortune, woe, calamity,trouble, ordeal, thorn in one's flesh/side, trial, tribulation, visitation, nuisance, pest,pollution, contamination, cancer, canker verb 1. infect (plants) with blight. "a peach tree blighted by leaf curl" synonyms: infect, wither, shrivel, blast, mildew, nip in the bud, kill, destroy 2. spoil, harm, or destroy. "the scandal blighted the careers of several leading politicians" synonyms: ruin, wreck, spoil, disrupt, undo, mar, play havoc with, make a mess of, put an end to, end, bring to an end, put a stop to, prevent, frustrate, crush, quell, quash, dash,destroy, scotch, shatter, devastate, demolish, sabotage; More
  3. Clarkson admits Hawks tanked at end of 2017

    ^^^^ Robbo?
  4. Clarkson admits Hawks tanked at end of 2017

    My question is what species he is?

    Apparently they have also offered jobs to Barnaby Joyce & Bronwyn Bishop to be in charge of political correctness and travel arrangements. Bomber Thompson now in charge of recruiting his first recruit is Stephen Dank, Chopper Reid was offerd a job but failed to attend the interview, Pol Pot and Adolf Hitler are expected to sign on when contracts can be exchanged. "We are looking for leaders in their field and no stone will be unturned, Attila the Hun and Idi Amin are also in our sights." Bomber said. -FMD
  6. Preseason Training - Week commencing 26/02/18

    Mr Double Hyphen, if anyone should know about hyphenated names I would think it would be you. It is Neal-Bullen
  7. Compulsory Helmets

    Bullet proof vests do not prevent gun deaths, seat beats do not prevent car accident deaths, safety boots do not prevent foot injuries, but they can help.
  8. Doing a Richmond

    Goosebumps. No really.
  9. Salem ready to make his mark

    Great name Dic
  10. It is now proven that I can predict the future, so with that in mind after our excellent performance in Tassie I predict we will beat the Saints in JLT2 by 47 points. PS:- I thought it was a goal too.
  11. Demons Game Replays - where to see them

    DC, what I am suggesting is that the AFL are probably getting overs for the current rights, Foxtel-7 are paying a huge amount to have big screen HD exclusivity, Telstra for on-line, they are all going to defend that exclusivity. Some are annoyed that they cannot circumvent the rights deals which is a bit precious. Posters suggesting that they cannot steal something as they have in the past is silly. It is big business and it is user pays. We have options, we can go to the match, watch it on FTA (suffer with ads for payment), watch it on your Telstra phone or pay Foxtel. We may not like it but they are the options. You are right that the $418 million plus a profit can be broken up many ways, my guess is that those complaining would not pay a fair share. Try 418 million + profit say 500 million divide by 1 million viewers (prepared to pay) that's $500ea for a season.
  12. Demons Game Replays - where to see them

    From :-http://www.footyindustry.com/?page_id=597 Timeline of VFL/AFL Broadcast Rights 1960 – the VFL rejects an offer of 14,000 pounds to broadcast the last quarter and replays 1971 – Ch2 and Ch7 pay $200,000 a year for 5 years ($1 million) to 1975 (replays) 1976 – Ch2 and Ch7 pay $600,000 a year for 5 years (3 million) to 1980 (replays) 1977 – Ch7 pays $200,000 to broadcast the night series 1977 – First live grand final broadcast, Ch7 pays $100,000 for that and again for the following grand final 1982 – Vic government bans the playing of VFL on Sunday 1985 – Ch7 pay 3.5 million for 1986 tv rights 1986 – Ch7 offer 2.7 million for 1987 season, offer rejected by the VFL 1986 – Broadcoms offer is accepted after exceeding the 1985 amount, rights onsold to ABC for 1.5 million 1986 – Ch7 rating plummet, offers broadcom 9 million to win rights back 1987 – Ch7 pays $6 million a year ($30 million) for 5 years from 1988 – 1992 1992 – Ch7 pays $17 million a year for 1993 – 1998 (100 million) 1998 – Ch7 Pays $40 million a year for rights to 2001 2001 – Fox, Ch9 and Ch10 pays $500 million for rights for 5 years from 2002-2006, Radio nets the AFl 2 million 2006 – Ch7, Ch10 and Foxtel bid $750 million for 5 years from 2007-2011, Radio nets the AFl 8 million 2011 – Ch7, Foxtel and Telstra bid 1.25 billion for 5 years to 2017. Radio 23.2 million -$250 million per year ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The current deal is $2.508 billion for 6 years - $418 million per year. This is a business and the AFL play this game well, the supporter is becoming less important as time goes on.
  13. Demons Game Replays - where to see them

    The current system and its restrictions could only be classed as a good business model. The AFL is paid for the rights to show the games. The clubs already share the benefits. The broadcasters have paid for exclusivity so they can sell advertising and/or subscriptions. That is not exploitation it is business. At some point in the future I expect the AFL to keep all or some of the rights and sell their own advertising - subscriptions services, perhaps create & run their own AFL channel. In one way or another we will have to pay.
  14. Didn't get a kick, on that form he can stay injured.

    DC, no team had ever won the AFLX Grand Final and not gone on to win the next 3 AFL Grand Finals - ever