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  1. Jake Stringer

    Hogan, weid, watts, garlett, petracca, Stringer. not saying we will or should get him, but there's worse things in the world than that forward line. Would back Bmac to know if it's wise to chase him, and get him focused if we do.
  2. Trade rumours

    Haha. I'm still rageful from his kickout against Collingwood...
  3. Trade rumours

    would anyone trade Tmac to get Stringer? Maybe not a straight swap... But I wouldn't be too worried to lose Tmac.

    To get young talent like Lever you have to pay overs. We'll get rinsed but he's probably worth it.

    Seems a good team to me. Dying to see Frost down back, seems a natural defender. In for Col. Trenners for Viney. Kennedy has been average since round 4. ANB doesn't add much. VDB is a gun I'm happy to rush him back in. Big body against the hawks makes sense. Oscar Mc... Needs time at the level before we make a call I think. We're gonna have a crack this weekend I think.
  6. Saturday Talking Point: Game Day 27/2/16

    Anyone else see Calyton Oliver burst through the pack at top speed? ohhh yea.
  7. Harley Bennell

    If we do get Bennell. We should get him cheap... which leaves us able to do other fun things this trade period. Imagine if we got Bennell and another experienced, good mid. pffftt, now I'm dreaming.
  8. Where's Dom Tyson?

    Sometimes he tries to do too much. He was like that last year too but he had 30 possies most games so it wasn't so bad. Just noticed it more this year I think. He's amazing when he's just being an extractor. Quick hands to a runner in traffic. I'd like to see him develop that game as his focus. Take the first option. He'll be right though, clearly seemed injured for most of the year.
  9. Out of Harmes Way

    All i could think watching the game on the weekend was that he looks like our Luke Parker. Tough explosive mid with great hands. More Harmes please.
  10. Who do you want?

    Harley Bennell. Exactly what we need. If we were able to chase someone else with a bit of pace like Billy Hartung that would be rad too.
  11. Harley Bennell

    HB is the kind of player that makes me angry that we don't have one of. If that makes sense. One of those classy, speedy game winners that just make me want to take most of our list out the back and put them out of my misery. Get. Him.
  12. Toumpas v Stringer v Wines

    I don't see the point of trading Toumpas now. He's worth nothing on the trade table. There's a chance, albeit a slim one, that he could start showing some consistent form next year. He's showed signs so far I guess but not much more than that. Might as well keep him for next year and delist after that if he doesn't make the best 22.

    I can't believe they didn't name some of our quick, talented midfielders! oh wait....
  14. Post Match Discussion - Round 15

    they talk about teams that just know how to win. We just know how to lose. We had 70% of the game play on our terms and still worked out a way to lose.
  15. From ugly duckling to a graceful swan

    Hoping he runs with westhoff this week. Will be interesting!