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  1. Honestly, this shouldn't be interesting. It was only the crazies who were carrying on about how Josh was losing trades etc. Most people understood what the situation was and were happy with the trade.
  2. deanox

    Pre-Preseason 2019 Update

    Although I'm not normally a defender of Satys tone or approach to other posters (appreciate his input though) I thought the description of the study tour as a junket was pretty derisive, so can understand why Saty comes across defensive here. Personally, I think if you are so flippant as to write such a learning trip off as a junket, you are orders of magnitude away from understanding a) how it would benefit the individual in their skills and knowledge and the club in terms of fact knowledge base and contacts and b) how valuable this sort of knowledge development and self improvement is in high performance culture.
  3. @Demonland I'd love it if you could spend some time on questions regarding the structure of the club, his role. We have an executive (CEO), then we have a series of departments such as Coaching, Football Operations, List Management, Fitness and Conditioning (all of which would be considered the "football department" by some but are apparently independently managed groups which interact) as well as Marketing, Finance etc. (which I'm less interested in). There are a lot of names on our staff list, many of whom we never hear about, but I'm sure they play important and valuable roles. It would be great to know more about how they interact to achieve success and how or by who particular decisions (inc. decisions to trade, recruit, draft etc.) are made. http://m.melbournefc.com.au/club/people/staff-members Within the public football supporting community (such as us on demonland) this often isn't clear, and the media don't really help as they often just pick the public face and heap praise. Edit: I figure the "why did we trade Hogan", "are you happy working with Pert" and "are we interested in Kelly" type questions will get a lot of straight bat / standard public answers, but questions on the above areas will allow Josh to elaborate in an insider way for the benefit of the listeners.
  4. deanox

    2018 Contracts and List Details

    Maynard is a rookie, but yep defs missed JKH as a possible. Lots can happen in 12 months, but it looks like less list spots will be available next year than right now.
  5. deanox

    2018 Contracts and List Details

    It still wouldn't surprise me to see some late pick trading, giving up picks next year in for this year. Only 3-6 potential delistings or retirements next year: Lewis, Baker, Garlett, Wagner, Stretch, Jones. So we might not be planning to use as many picks in 2019. Our 2019 first pick for WCE 2018 pick 20 and pick 61 would give us six picks in the first 62 this year.
  6. deanox


    I did. And my comment was very clear in stating that a court of law requires sufficient evidence to find someone guilty, however in terms of doing business with that person in the future other people are free to make character judgements based on any available information, just as they do for information that doesn't relate to sexual assault (such as shoddy business practices). I was quite clear on that.
  7. deanox

    AFL.com.au Dees Best 22

    Missing: Fritsch, Frost, Preuss, Stretch, Hunt, Joel Smith, Garlett, JKH, Wagner, Baker, Petty. Rookies: Tim Smith, Maynard, Keilty Probably the best 22 named, with the jury out on KK.
  8. deanox

    AFL.com.au Dees Best 22

    I hate it when best 22s don't include the next 3-6 that have been left out as "depth" so that there is something to contrast immediately.
  9. deanox


    When it comes to moral/ ethical/ behavioural issues, why should there be a presumption of innocence in the court of social media? Did we collectively afford the same presumption of innocence to Scully, Clarke, Hogan etc. with respect to their behavior? What about the comments people make about Schwab, or Caroline Wilson? What about the east that GNF has been continually described as a troll? Where is the proof that he didn't have information, but that he just didn't have the whole story? Should we be treating him as innocent in this court of social media? Or does it only apply to some accusations?
  10. deanox

    2018 Contracts and List Details

    With Hogan being traded out, I'd like to see us get an extension on Weid early, preferably over summer. He may wish to hold out, as good form next year will really pump his market value.
  11. deanox

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I don't see this as a problem. In the employment world this happens all the time even if someone is fully invested in their current role. With a maximum 12 year career, and only 2-3 choices/opportunities to maximize both financial outcomes and personal happiness, and with a small industry with only 18 potential employers nation wide, I'd be surprised if these conversations weren't happening.
  12. deanox

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I hope we don't. This has been conducted with the highest levels of public integrity. We know he has had issues and struggles. I'd rather it's clsp and support him. His statement is brave. I can't remember reading a quote from an AFL player that puts family and friends above final in the way that he has stated it.
  13. deanox

    End of season bonus payments.

    I would have thought the word be standardized incentives across the club, for the sake of the salary cap. Ie they set aside $500k for BnF finishes, regardless of who places. Similarly bonus for games played, would be a list wide standardised bonus. But then some players would have personal contract triggers: BnF, number of games, maybe even other stats who knows? For someone like Dusty, you'd like that bonus would be over and above a pretty generous base salary. For a mid and lower tier player it could be a larger % component.
  14. deanox

    2019 Fixture

    A lot more money in TV rights than gates. What else explains GCS or GWS?
  15. You'll be disappointed when he starts round 1 and starts in the team all year then.