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  1. deanox

    The Steven May Thread

    This isn't the complete answer to my question but it's a start. The following key forwards, who May might play on, have kicked goals on us this year: R1: Menzel 4.2, R2: n/a R3: Brown 4.1, Waite 3.1 R4: Roughhead 3.1, O'Brien 3.0 R5: Reiwoldt 2.2 R6: Stringer 3.3 R7: n/a R8: Day 2.2 R9: McKay 2.1 R10: n/a R11: n/a R12: Cox 5.1 R13: bye R14: Westhoff 2.1 R15: McCartin 2.3, Battle 1.2 R16: Cox 2.0 R17: Schache 2.2 R18: Hawkins 7.0 R19: n/a R20: n/a R21: Franklin 2.5 R22: Vardy 1.1 R23: Cameron 1.4 Other than Franklin, Hawkins and Cox, no one got off the leash. Hawkins was a result of the midfield. Cox only kicked one goal on OMac, the others were on Gawn, Pedo and Smith. I can't remember who played on Franklin. Add better midfield pressure and that improves again. Add Lever back as an interceptor and it helps further. Would May have made that much a difference this year?
  2. deanox

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    If we get 5 and 23, Adelaide will trade them both for 8 and 13, which gives us 2 first rounders. The question is whether we do that and give GCS 8 for May, or whether we give them 5 and they make the trade with Adelaide. If we send pick 5 to GCS I really hope we get something back (say 29). That way it's effectively: Hogan for May and 13; or Hogan for May and 23 and 29 (pick 9 equivalent).
  3. deanox

    The Steven May Thread

    How many were kicked on Omac this year?
  4. deanox

    The Steven May Thread

    Would pick 8 get May? Pick 8 and a future 2nd round? I would love to give pick 5 and 23 to Adelaide for 8 and 13?
  5. deanox

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    Do you think he chose to chase kicks because he was losing the defensive battle, or do you think he was utilized further upfield because we were getting pantsed in the midfield, we needed someone to try and change the game, and his field kicking is high quality? I suspect it's a bit of both, but we were deliberately playing him upfield early in the season where he was having a great enough impact that he was being discussed as AA CHF at the half way mark of the season. Garry Lyon had him there mid season based on 19.7 disposals and 2.6 goals. https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/allaustralian-2018-afl-squad-garry-lyon-released-midseason-best-22/news-story/a5e4190718a3502ccab8205dc2c42911 Afl.com.au did too http://m.afl.com.au/news/2018-06-07/who-makes-our-midseason-all-australian-team Yeah I agree his output was lower in those games, but do you really think it is purely because he isn't good? Or that he is a "bully" or a down hill skier? Or do you think other factors like "we lost all games against the top 10 teams while he was playing" come into it? I mean he featured in mark of the year, while on a beautiful lead in stacks of space but Pedo kicked it over his head. Fix that terrible kick and he scores. That's why Hawkins kicked 7 in round 18: midfield service. And Hogan rarely gets that kind of service.
  6. deanox

    The Steven May Thread

    I'd love to read that quote? If true I wonder if Collingwoods interest sped up the process? Or if it was Hogans pending departure?
  7. deanox

    Rating Josh Mahoney

    So we gave up ~3870 points for 3810 points. Lost the equivalent of pick 68 to get the pick that our recruiting team requested. That wasn't an accident, we knew who we wanted, we weren't just throwing picks around for fun. So they were after Oliver (who is close to the best player in that draft and one of the best mids in the comp) and Weid (who was one of the best KPFs of the draft plus insurance against a Hogan go home factor). Pretty sure we'd be happy with that.
  8. deanox

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    R1 v Geelong, 3.0 goals (MFC top scorer), 16 disposals (10th highest for MFC), 3 marks R4 v Hawks, 1.1 (2nd highest for MFC), 24 disposals (2nd highest for MFC), 3 marks R5 v Tigers, 2.2 (2nd highest for MFC), 22 disposals (5th highest for MFC), 9 marks R12 v Pies 0.1, 17 disposals (=7th for MFC), 3 marks R18 v Geelong 1.1, 14 disposals, 4 marks R21 v Sydney 1.3 (=most scoring shots, 3rd highest scorer), 19 disposals (9th for MFC), 4 marks Those are his 6 games against top 8 sides. Averaging 18.6 disposals, 1.3 goals, 2.6 scoring shots, and 4.3 marks. I would hardly call 18.6 disposals and 2.6 shots on goal "going missing" given lost all those games (and were thrashed in three of them).
  9. deanox

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    I think it is. I've read the top 10-15 are strong this year but then it falls away. If true then it could be a massive difference if we take it to the draft. Also, we may want to use a first round pick this year to enable us to trade again next year. Two potentially enormous ramifications for shaping our list.
  10. deanox

    Farewell Dom Tyson

    Ridiculous. Bang on. The message will 100% be about loyalty. We will do the right thing by you instead of holding you to a contract to the detriment of your career. We did everything we could to reinvent him in a new role when younger players went past him, but he couldn't quite nail the role. As a result, we found him a deal that suited him (he refused GCS) so he got opportunity, and got agood outcome in return. Only 94 games, and he'll probably play more than that in 6-7 years at North, but he'll be welcomed back when ever he drops by. Hopefully he has added strings to his bow from the positional experience this year. At 25 he has along career star of him at north, likely as a starting mid in 2019 at least, and I wish him the best.
  11. deanox

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    Come on, this is one of those rumors that started on demonland 30+ pages ago and has been picked up by the media. It could be true, but it isn't a direct to media leak because it was first reported here Friday.
  12. deanox

    The Steven May Thread

    Exactly right Lucifer's. We've decided we want him but don't have currency right now. So how much GCS want to get rid of him will become a factor too.
  13. deanox

    The Steven May Thread

    I reckon this is spot on. With one small change: I think Smith's role is actually the same as Lever but given Lewis's age, he'll probably play the rebounding defender role. Also if Hogan does ever play back, I see him playing the rebounding role despite his size, purely because of his work rate, endurance and beautiful field kicking. If we land May there will be some very disappointed Demonlanders when OMac still gets a game! This is perhaps further evidenced by the reluctance to play Frost. What do we do with Frost if May comes in? Can we reinvent him as a HBF or winger?
  14. deanox

    The Steven May Thread

    Honestly, when Hawkins kicked 7, that was midfield/coaching. Geelong opened the space up around Hawkins to leave him isolated with plenty of room to run into. He did and took repeated uncontested marks on leads with good delivery. Most forwards would have dominated. It was Pagans Paddock football. We should have either told our defenders to protect the space or shifted Frost (with his faster closing speed) onto him earlier. Instead Goodwin backed our team to work to our structure and regain ascendency through playing our game. A noble sentiment, and an ability that we need if we want to become a long term dominant team (because if we react instead of sticking to our plan we will constantly play catch up/reactive footy), but it wasn't the right call on the day. The coaches got the balance wing and should have pulled the trigger earlier. I can't remember the specifics of QBD but remember that we lost thur midfield battle and got opened up on the rebound in particular when they got the ball "out the back" with our mids not running defensively as hard as they can. But I just watched the "Cox kicks 5 goals" video on the AFL app. He is playing in the ruck a lot of the time and it is clear his direct opponent for each of the 5 goals are: Joel Smith (I think could be Hibberd), Pedersen, Gawn, Omac, then J Smith. The OMac goal is a one on one mark where the ball sits on his head and he uses his height advantage. I'd expect him to take it every time but Id also expect one of our other defenders to get there and spoil given their proximity. The other four goals are: on the lead into space, a ground ball pick up in the ruck, running back towards goal after a midfield turnover, and again on the lead into space. In none of those occasions was our no 1 defender playing on him, on all four he had space due to lack of midfield pressure, and I'm not sure that May could have stopped any of them anymore than OMac could have. A reasonable analysis?
  15. deanox

    The Steven May Thread

    No that's ridiculous, of course May is better than OMac. But claiming that when OMac struggles it is his fault, not the midfields, and that May doesn't struggle when the midfield is poor is blatently wrong. I disagree with your description of our game plan/ structure. Our structure intends to defend the ball in the midfield, so that it never gets into our D50. The reason for this is that ANY defender, Omac, May, SOS himself, will struggle to defend one on one on the current AFL climate, so we shift the defensive battle to the midfield. This was effective: we had less i50s against than any team this year. But as a result left us with lots of exposed one on one's during those entries. It has nothing to do with trying to shield OMac and everything to do with a gamestyle we are playing. Yes I did. Are you going to blame OMac for that horrible performance by the whole team? Their midfield smashed ours from the get go. They got the ball out with ease, giving them like pressure i50 entries, and we turned it over in the midfield repeatedly on attack, leaving our defenders out of position. Have you got adifferent insight you are trying to share?