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  1. deanox


    Hopefully hunt realises that a) with a bit of form he is a lock and that b) there are two old blokes one the back flank keeping him out but they'll be gone in 3 to 15 months.
  2. deanox

    Shaun Smith's Concussion Issues on Open Mike

    I am all for rules to protect players health, particular in relation to concussion. The problem I have is thatI believe the AFL are more about protecting its own liability than the players. Acts that are dangerous and have a high potential to cause harm (punches, elbows, and even bumps) how unpunished when cousin doesn't occur. Unlikely accidents, like the Nik Nat tackle, are punished because of the result and the need for the AFL to be ale to say "look, it was illegal, so not our fault". The AFL needs to: -Punish any act which is high risk and against the rules -Stamp out high bumps, elbows, etc, particular from front on and coning in sideways "across" the other player (ie hitting the head fron the side -Teach and enforce players to turn their own bodies to take the contact on the hip and shoulder -Penalise players who lead with the head or who instigate high contact through actions like ducking or shrugging The occasional concussion that will occur after that will be manageable. It will rarely be repeat concussions because they will be accidental and not game or individual style.
  3. deanox

    Injury List - Season 2018

    I think you're probably right about boat and sailing, and looking back he only averaged 15 disposals in his 28 games, im wondering if i remember him better for his effort than his output. I think Brayshaw's rise has made things hard, pushing Tyson out and putting VDB down the end of the line. That being said, I personally think he had more upside than Maynard, who got games this year. Similiar hard at it inside mid but with the additional bow strings of strong over head and knows where the goals are. He has had a run of injuries over 3.5 years though: shoulder, hamstring, ankle, hip, heel stress fracture, ankle again. Maybe it just isn't meant to be.
  4. deanox

    Injury List - Season 2018

    Where do you see him fitting? There are a few ahead of him in various roles right now: Tyson as inside mid, garlett as a small forward, if garlett pushes back in for one of the mid forwards, they'll be there too. VanDemon plays strong overhead but Pedo and Weid/Smith are playing well. I feel he plays a similar role to Tracc, but with a better engine. When he broke into the scene he got to play almost anywhere because we were terrible but what will his role be when he returns, and who will he be trying to push out?
  5. deanox


    Perfect call. Both Vince and Lewis stay info the list until someone pushes them off. I'm hoping Hunt can do that, but right now they are holding their own.
  6. deanox

    14 Quarters in a Row

    I had a quick look andI can't find us winning mote than 4 in a row since at least 2006. Unsure how far back we'd need to go to hit 14. It's been an impressive run.
  7. deanox

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    Disagree. As usualI thought the umpires did apoor job but at 26-20 free kicks you can say they favoured us. Also that free to Fritsch was there. The holding of his jumper stopped him jumping for the ball.
  8. deanox

    Changes vs Adelaide

  9. deanox

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    Ooh id like to know the answer to this
  10. deanox

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    We have won 14 consecutive quarters.
  11. deanox

    Demonland Player of the Year 2018 - Round 9

    6 Lever 5 Melksham 4 Brayshaw 3 Jones 2 T Mac 1 Lewis Tough to select today.
  12. deanox

    GAMEDAY - Round 9

    If you don't even kick a behind your accuracy stats are unaffected. 1.9 still.
  13. deanox


    Thanks Nasher and Andy, your efforts to get this up are appreciated!
  14. deanox

    New 'rule'

    Makes complete sense to me. Also I hope they get stricter on blocking in marking contests. Outt was slats against the rules to shepperd or block someone trying to mark the ball. If you want to bring back the one on one's and the old style football, then start pinging blokes for blocking in marking contests and sheeparding more than 5m off the ball.
  15. deanox

    Changes v The Blues

    I believe an effective disposal is: -A handball that is recieved -A short kick to an uncontested position -A long kick (40+m) to a 50/50 or better contest