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  1. deanox

    Box Hill Hawks v Casey Demons - Round 20

    Bugg stiff with a terrible "nominated ruck" free kick against. The boundary throw in, in horrible conditions, flew so far off target it fell into Buggs lap 15m+ away from the ruckmen. Instead of throwing it in again they paid it against him.
  2. deanox

    Sam Weideman

    But I'd argue the same concept applies to AFL. The center square and the 50 arc is largely the same!
  3. deanox

    Sam Weideman

    I think it's a bit of learn to walk before you can run. We've seen it with Oliver - he is starting to make decisions to run and carry and kick, instead of taking the first option, but Ibet if he tried that last year he would have been caught out. The playing group will start to make these decisions better with a bit more experience. Hopefully starting this week!
  4. deanox

    Sam Weideman

    Yeah I agree with this too. I think that change in mentality will be when this team clicks. It makes sense it is taking some time though. You have to be very good, and very well styled to follow a game plan perfectly. But you have to be particularly experienced/ elite to know when to break a game plan/team rules, and be successful. Our team is 2 years in into learning the plan, into trusting each other. This week we have an average of 89 games, which is median for the AFL. GWS and Collingwood are anomalies but they also have long injury lists of experienced players (Greene, Delidio, Scully, Shaw, Patton etc.) (Dunn, Elliot, Howe, Treloar) whose inclusions would comfortably bump them close to 100. Geelong (122) Port (119) Adel (116) North (114) WC (108) Sydney (107) Hawks (107) Richmond (104*) Essendon (102) Brisbane (89) Melbourne (89) Carlton (86) Collingwood (87) Freo (83) Dogs (81) GWS (80) GC (76) Saints (69)
  5. deanox

    Sam Weideman

    @Lord TravisThis is 100% game plan. The @spirit of norm smith has nailed it. There are really good statistics for shot accuracy showing the zones which are high percentage. We know Goodwin is fascinated by this because he started the "diamind defense" last year, which was a structure that conceded low percentage shots (45m+ from goal and shots from the flanks), in order to defend the "high accuracy zone" immediately in front of opposition goal. In addition, we have identified that if we score a goal it resets to neutral contest in our strongest formation (centre bounce) but if we miss the shot, we hand them the ball in our weakest formation (defending opposition transition from defense to attack). Although we've abandoned the diamond defense this year, our new implementation of this strategy has focused on our attack instead. We have looked to gain possession of the ball in the "high accuracy" zone in our forward line. This worked very successfully in the first half of the season, where we're had very high goal conversion ratios. It came to a screaching halt against Port, who countered this tactic by ignoring the bank carrier at our HF, and stacked the "high accuracy" zone in their D50 and picked off all our forward entries when we're tried to pass it. We didnt adapt that night and take better options. We have improved/adapted in this area since, by taking more lower percentage shots, but this has resulted in a decrease in our goal kicking accuracy. The other flow on from this is we are exposing ourselves to more counter attacks from our defense, which were don't defend well. This is a balance our players need to find: when to follow team rules, and when to have a shot. They will find that balance better with experience; we are still relatively young. We saw against Sydney we got the worst of both worlds. Our attempts to kick to the high accuracy zone were cut off by Alir and our low percentage shots went out of bounds on the full or didn't make the distance. Hopefully we can execute better this week.
  6. deanox

    Sports Psychology

    It's pretty common in elite sport these days. https://www.psychologytoday.com/au/blog/turning-point/201509/champion-novak-djokovic-reveals-the-power-visualization http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2017-03-05/athletes-use-meditation-and-mindfulness-to-give-them-edge/8326004
  7. deanox

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 22

    Melk, hibbo and weid in according to Goodwins press conference just now.
  8. deanox

    Sam Weideman

    Goodwin said Weideman had worked “really hard” to handle the demands of playing in the AFL. “We’ve seen a huge change in his physical capabilities,” he said. “He’s launching at the ball incredibly well at VFL level, so it’s an opportunity for him – a really strong opportunity – at an important time for us.” From his media conference today
  9. deanox

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    If that's what it is, then it isn't Goodwins fault is it? Fwiw I agree with your assessment here. Following games we have lost, the media has repeated highlighted MFC players not running hard enough to defend on this transition. Lewis and Jones seem to be common culprits but aren't on their own. https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/afl-2018-melbournes-poor-workrate-exposed-on-fox-footys-on-the-couch/news-story/45aabc3ecc0bd6fc09801751e7f3a8dc This has been a problem all year, but less so that previous years. It's the reason Dunn got traded (Oscar does this better). It's the reason Gaff would be a great recruit for us. It's also one of the "unseen" things that ANB and JKH do quite well. The coach can tell the players but he can't make them run.
  10. deanox

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    I just want to highlight this again for anyone who says our defense is the problem. This season will be our best defensive performance in 47 years.
  11. deanox

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Honestly wasnt targeted at you or anyone personally. I'm a bit frustrated at the lack of real discussion about the issues, in particular the comments that finals are the only thing that matters and don't consider anything else. In the long run I agree but I'm not sure we're there yet. Both you @Redleg and @jnrmac and some others make some good comments against our current position (and I think I've probably articulated some above) but I'd like to see a more in depth discussion of why. Lots of people are decrying "our defense is bad!" but aren't willing to discuss that our game strategy is willingly accepting high risk Di50 entries, but at a reduced rate, in order to allow us to attack more. Further they don't acknowledge the actual improvement in defensive results (points against). Lots of people say "only winning matters!" but our expectations have become so high that apparently only our best season since 64 will be acceptable. I am 100% on board with this year not being as good as it could have or even should have been. I agree that finals are the pass mark for success. But I think you're right in saying that most of the responses to these disappointments have been to completely ignore what has worked and improved, and the upwards trajectory we are on, and call for sackings and trades and overhauls of everything we are doing. And that is cutting off our nose to spite our face.
  12. deanox

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Nah of course not. But for anyone who ignores the development and the game plan we are putting into place and says "the only thing that matters are wins!" I hope they can put this into context. I'm disappointed that we are on the cusp of missing finals when I think we should be top 4. I blame a combination of things, from the coaches: -Poor selection at times (Pedo, Petty, not selecting Frost etc.) -The coaches putting too much faith in the players to work the system out and stem bleeding, rather than making a decisive change (ie Geelong) -Not having adjusted the game plan to win at the G yet And the players: - bombing it long instead of eyes down - not controlling tempo when teams get a run on - out of position at crucial time (ie Frost on Hawkins) - lack of leadership to drag us over the line - poor kicking for goal at crucial times in big games Etc But i think there is sufficient improvement in the team as a whole that, although i am disappointed we probably won't make it, i am happy with progress being made.
  13. deanox

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    We were so far back (in terms of playing list and club mentality and mindset) when Paul Roos took over, that when he left we were still only on par with a "normal" team that was bottoming out. When he left were had the makings of a team. Only 28 of the 44 players from 2016 remain on the list. He didn't leave us premiership ready, he left us rebuild ready. This season, we are on track to finish with our 14th highest % ever and highest since 1964. Based on wins, its our 8th best season in 47 years (since 1971 when we first started 22 games). We are going to finish with our 6th highest points kicked for, ever. We are going to finish with our lowest points against some 1971. I know these things aren't finals, but he is asecond year coach and we are the still relatively less experienced across the competition. We're almost there, and we are statistically on the cusp on dominance.
  14. deanox

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    All Melbourne coaches, sorted by win loss ratio.