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  1. mofo

    Round 16 Non - MFC Games

    Can't believe triple m have Mark Howard calling the game tonight. Should be never heard or seen of again after last week.
  2. mofo

    Where are they now? Aaron Davey

    My brother who lives in FNQ has told me Flash has been appointed coach of the Carins City Lions. Really great news as Aaron was one of my favorite ever players with us and as a former resident of Carins and follower of Cairns afl i think it will be great for the sport up there.
  3. Just wondering what everyone thinks of the afls decision to exclude Hannah from this years draft? Clearly they have no coherent policy to deal with the situation but there is no doubt there will be many other Transgender people who will want to play footy at the elite level. Personally i think that at this stage even though her testosterone levels are low enough to meet the requirements of the IOC, she is still clearly at a huge physical advantage to her potential opponents. Interesting to see on Studio 10 this morning that Carlotta said she should not be allowed to play until she is "post op" and fully transitioned.
  4. mofo


    Interesting to see the attendance numbers. Even games at the mcg only attracted 10 to 15 thousand on occasion
  5. mofo

    The Frawley Factor

    A lot of people seem to have gone very quiet on this subject?
  6. mofo


    Mate, he has been rubbed out the past few years. I'm not talking about "the last few years ".
  7. mofo


    Nat Fyfe gets away with just a fine again, big name = protected species.
  8. mofo

    Adam Goodes

    As someone pointed out earlier in this thread, Dustin Martin was issued a $2000 suspended fine for making the crossed arm gesture during a game against Carlton. The Afl's justification for this fine was that "portions of the crowd or audience may be upset" by Martins actions. It is very clear from this thread and social media in general that a portion of the crowd or audience on Friday (be they racists, bigots or otherwise) WERE upset by Adam Goodes' actions, and although I and most of the fair minded football public took no offence, the Afl has set a precedent and in the interests of consistency Goodes should have been issued a suspended fine. After all, isn't the definition of racism treating someone differently because of their race?
  9. Sorry if this has been mentioned on other threads, but is this guy a MFC supporter? Im not very familiar with Melbourne radio so I don't know much about him. I would hate if this sort of thing gets associated with our club.
  10. mofo

    Post match discussion - Round 7

    True, I was at the game and he was fantastic. I assumed he would have been in the best 3 or 4 before I read the match report.
  11. mofo

    We are being crucified

    I was at the game, it's crazy but I was surrounded by crows supporters and they complained the whole game that the umpires robbed them! Guess that's Adelaide for you!
  12. mofo

    We should seriously draft this boy

    Definitely Sylvia.
  13. mofo

    Names on Guernseys

    Isn't the whole reason for numbers on Guernseys for player identification? Why do we need another one?