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  1. I'm sick of it to be honest. I am sick of watching players do these type of things - only to cop a slap on the wrist by the MRP. I don't think this incident was as bad as Reece Conca elbowing Devon Smith to the back of the head as he was leaving the ground, but the Oliver incident is still assault in my mind. Schofield probably won't even get a week. I am sick of the AFL. If a player is hit outside of a contest then it is most likely going to be assault. If my son was playing AFL and he was hit outside of the contest I would be asking the club to seek a please explain from the AFL. It that didn't satisfy then I would hope the club pursued some sort of legal action, otherwise I'd do it myself. This game of AFL is no justification for players to go around assaulting people. I never understand this. I have seen some terrible things in minor leagues as well, things that just make me sick. There is no excuse at all to be assaulting players. All clubs have had players do it but its about time the AFL did something about it.
  2. Assault was my first thought. Hopefully the club sends through a "please explain" to the AFL. If it is assault we need to send a strong message to the AFL to ensure Oliver isn't assaulted again. He is still a young kid.
  3. You don't beat Adelaide and West Coast at home worrying about the umpires.
  4. Gysberts and Neeld have eventually contributed to our club after all. Pederson was a straight swap for Gysberts, and was drafted under Neeld and given a 3 year contract most thought was laughable.
  5. Yeah, ever since I potted him as a coach he has looked like coach of the year. Its good to be wrong sometimes.
  6. I actually didn't like the trade at the time. But I knew Essendon would ask for a second rounder (and if we wanted him we would probably have to give one). With the prospect of a WADA ban - I wouldn't of given a second round pick. He played well tonight though.
  7. I thought Lewis was pretty average. I have thought he has been pretty average most the year. He may get a lot of the ball - but he doesn't seem to do a lot with it. However, I suspect he does drive high standards among the playing group, and I think he is well respected. I have no problem if Lewis continues to play below his best if we keep winning. But I don't believe we can run both Lewis and Tyson in our midfield. It is like Essendon running both Heppell and Watson.
  8. That hurts. But, WC should be up by more. The umps helped them there, but thats normal over there.
  9. Its hard to carry Lewis and Tyson in the same midfield. We can carry one, but not two. Not in our midfield.
  10. Viney is killing it. Get Tracca in the middle for Lewis. Lewis will be a good coach next season, but he ain't much of a player anymore.
  11. Fritsch is going to be a very good player. Draft the kid. He is going to be good. Weid was great. He is exceptional below the knees, and has good skills away from goal. Has a few traits that you don't usually see in an out of the square forward. I liked Kielty's game. He is a good prospect for mine. Good frame, has mongrel, could our next legitimate KP back in AFL. BenKen is one tough little player. He wills himself through contests and is an important momentum player. JKH should be playing seniors, but last time he got there he didn't do much. So when he gets there next time I hope he actually does something - because he is too good for VFL. But, he isn't wasted in VFL because it looks as though he is still developing his game. JKH will make it, and whoever pushed him to develop his inside game deserves a big pat on the back. It suits his traits. Well done to whoever that was. I think Mitch Gent would also go ok at a higher level. We probably have a couple players who could be worth keeping an eye on.
  12. Good grab that. I like to see that stuff. Backed it up with another mark not long after.
  13. Ok, so its Fritsch? I heard it as fridge. Promising type. Whats the go with him?
  14. The Moe lad takes a good grab. Good job down back. Fridge looks a promising type. Moves well, good kick.
  15. With aid of umpires.