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  1. GAME DAY: JLT #1 vs North Melbourne

    I can't stand Huddo. He should be no where near a commentary box. Useless little pr*ck.
  2. GAME DAY: JLT #1 vs North Melbourne

    That was an important goal.

    Someone teach Bugg how to kick.
  4. 2018's 'breakout' player

  5. The AFL haven't dropped the ball. I am Gil's biggest critic. In respect to the actual game of Aussie Rules I don't always agree with how Gil handles things, and with many other things. But in relation to players, clubs and potential legal issues Gil has been exceptional. When Dustin Martin got in strife it was Gil who referred the issue to police and let them do their job. He didn't hang Martin out to dry like many wanted him to (especially the media). Gil let the facts determine the outcome and he is going to do the same here. The media in this country think their opinion should determine the outcome. I don't like Gil, but he is so many levels above those in the media that it is embarrassing to watch it all play out.
  6. Simon Goodwins' New Year's resolution!

    How about he stop being lazy and spend his time actually getting us some good stories. This Ben Collins bloke a real POS.
  7. Simon Goodwins' New Year's resolution!

    Aussie journalism at its very best. Not surprised it is on the AFL site. The AFL aren't to be taken seriously anymore either. Sadly the game of Australian Rules is still played under the AFL banner.
  8. I don't think it would be from within the integrity unit. The AFL could do without this story.
  9. Boot Camp 2017 cancelled by Players

    Very well put.
  10. Port Closer than Dees to a Flag says Jack Watts

    I don't see anything wrong with Watt's comments either. He is playing a competitive sport and no doubt has been told he needs to be at his absolutely best to gain a spot at Port. Watt's should believe Port are a better chance than any side to win a flag. It takes a team to win a flag and Port as a side need to hear that Watt's is fully on board. It sounds as though he is fully invested. If it were a former opposition player coming to Melbourne and saying things similar to what Jack said - then I would be pretty stoked.
  11. Boot Camp 2017 cancelled by Players

    I am coming around to agree with that. Well summed up.
  12. Boot Camp 2017 cancelled by Players

    To go or not to go I couldn't care less. The players should be able to get fit enough in any place - SAS camp or at Casey. So from that point of view I don't care. But, this does not look good for Goodwin. Very bad look and a terrible start to the year for the coach. On face value it would be hard to argue otherwise that our players do not trust the football department.

    I am still stoked we landed Fritsch. I thought at beginning of trade night, if we walked away with Fritsch I'd be happy, anything more is a bonus. I don't know much about the others. I have only seen Fritsch play a handful of times - but he looked impressive. I remember watching Mitch Hannan play most of his games the year we drafted him, and I was happy we landed him, he did it against men, and his frame wasn't a limitation. I don't expect Fritsch frame to limit him at all. I think he may play early. There is nothing about his game that suggests he has to put on size (at least in respect of contributing at AFL level - size will naturally come in time). So its a good get for mine. Hope he does well.

    Well said. I agree. Less pressure on them and less whinging from all of us. I am guilty of expecting too much too early off of draftees, and I think part of it comes from the mediocre performances off of our senior blokes. We are always looking for some youth to step in - because our seniors are letting us down. Since we have had Roos we have improved I believe. 5-6 years ago I'd be hoping Petty was the next big thing because we needed him to be. Now it feels as though it doesn't matter as much. We appear to have a ready made list now. There is no excuses for the guys in the side. Best MFC team I have seen in a long time. I do get ahead of myself but our side looks really promising. Hopefully Petty just develops at Casey and gets to learn his craft without expectation. We still have key position back in Keilty who will be ready before he is. That should ease the pressure.