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  1. The Scrapping of the Bounce is Imminent

    Should have gotten rid of the bounce a long time ago. Throwing it up will suit Gawn.
  2. They kind of had to go for a flag. Their best players are Gray, Boak and Ryder. Not only do they owe it to those guys to give them a shot at a flag, but there is no guarantee in the future that they will be this close to a flag.
  3. Mindfulness and the mental game

    Richmond rectified some weaknesses in their list and brought in Nankervis, Caddy and Prestia. They were also able to get improvement out of Lambert, Vlastuin and improve their depth. I don't think it was down to mindfulness but more down to shrewd list management.
  4. David Schwarz

    Ox was a rare talent. I haven't seen anything close to Ox come through since Ox. He was going to be as good - if not better - than Carey. We were robbed of a flag him doing his knee. He was that good. If people are excited about Ox's son possibly playing for Melbourne - then they most likely seen Ox play pre-knee injury. Ox had the sort of talent that doesn't come around very often. I can understand some people not liking him, but there is no denying he was an absolute freak before his knee injury.
  5. Hibbo and Nev Selected For International Rules

    Gaelic football seems more practical than AFL. There is too many grey areas in Australian Rules Football. It is nearly unplayable. I feel for the players having the play AFL.
  6. Trade rumours

    All footy clubs pick duds. We have picked more than others but there is a fair element of luck to early selections. Its much like horses, we see their breeding, and we see them sit 3 wide and win in weaker fields, but we still don't know how good they are until they step up in class. That upper class level for under 18's is AFL (the ultimate weight for age). We have to pick these players and speculate how good they will be playing against the best players in the land (not boys - but men). Keeping in mind that a very large portion of the pool don't replicate their junior form in the AFL. So its not an easy job.
  7. Trade rumours

    Yeah, we really went out on a limb with Petracca, LOL. FMD.
  8. David Schwarz

    He would have to throw a freak. Geez he was good. Before the knee he was something else. Really unfortunate we will never know how good he could of been.
  9. Draft Pick #29 (ex 27)

    I hope we take Fritsch is he is available. Not impressed by any highlights of the under 18's. I don't profess to know a lot about them as I don't get to many TAC games anymore. Stopped going last year. But young Fritsch looked good at Casey and shows a decent amount of upside. I'd take a stringy lad - who has senior footy experience and upside - ahead of an unproven commodity. A lot of room for improvement.
  10. Viney's Foot

    Good info.
  11. The Billy Hartung Thread

    Garlett's skills are insane though. He is very gifted, and has tremendous goal sense. Hartung is neither gifted (skills wise) or goal conscious. Garlett is also better in close. I don't think Hartung would compliment Garlett at all. ANB would buy and sell Hartung around goal. I suspect JKH would as well (but I wouldn't go out on a limb with that). Harmes loves a goal as well.
  12. The Billy Hartung Thread

    I reckon that is spot on. He may be quick, but he isn't very effective. There isn't much point being quick if you are just going to turn it over. I haven't been impressed by Hartung at all. He needs to learn to use his quickness in congestion (get the ball out of a pack and run). Needs to kick better as well. I am not surprised he got delisted.
  13. The Ben Lennon Thread

    Yeah it makes the readers job easier. They are reading an opinion of someone who has a very astute eye. Considerate of me I know.
  14. The Ben Lennon Thread

    As someone with a very astute eye I will go out on a limb and say Ben Lennon is the best get this trade period - taking into consideration of the fact we will get him for nothing. Yes MFC, get this kid on our list FFS, can play football.
  15. Poll: Rate our Trade Period

    A contracted player. A player who may not wish to be traded. Players do have rights too you know? Are you aware of this Josh? I wish Jack Watts had of told the club to GAGF and held the club to the contract it presented him with when he signed it.