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  1. GAMEDAY - Round 18

    I think there may be something wrong with Gerard Healy. Surely he knows that we only played McDonald in the ruck because Max Gawn was off.
  2. Round 18 Non MFC Matches

    Our wins in Adelaide over the past few years have been some of our better wins I have seen. The umps were against us both times, and we just ignored them and played hard contested football. We broke Adelaide. Geelong would have to do the same, but with Danger and Selwood not at 100% it seems unlikely.
  3. The Curnow v Weideman Debate Reprised

    Curnow is a real talent. He looks one of the better players of that draft. Drafting isn't exact science and you can't always get the best player. But what we do have is Weideman, and he should develop into everything we need him to be.
  4. GAMEDAY - Round 16

    Vince, Melksham and Stretch have been liabilities. Hannan is going to be a serious player. Tom McDonald is a now a forward. ANB playing really well.
  5. GAMEDAY - Round 16

    Technically it probably was 50m, but I think it was well umpired.
  6. I salute Jack Watts

    I think Scully cops a lot of hate because of his smug arrogance. No one could begrudge him for taking a pay day, but when you hear stories of him bagging out our club to youngsters like Toumpas (when he was just starting out), you start to see what kind of person Tom Scully is. He doesn't have a good character IMO. I am glad we offloaded Tom Scully anyway, he isn't much of a footballer.
  7. I salute Jack Watts

    I think a lot of the criticism stems from the fact AFL players are well paid. The assumption from many that money solves all the problems in the world - so these players cop a lot of projection. Then there is the tribal nature of bagging out anyone who isn't associated with your tribe. I liked to bag out Schofield's whack to Oliver - but I didn't go at Tom Bugg as hard. Why? Because he is a Demon. There is the obvious bias. But on Jack Watts, I have always been a big fan of his. I know a family member who met him many years ago, and she spoke of his humility. Whats humbled himself when many wouldn't have. It sounded different to most stories I hear of AFL players, and this was not long after he was drafted. I have always held the belief that Watts would dominate as he gets older. Tom Hawkins like in that regard.
  8. The Jake Lever Thread

    Oscar McDonald is developing really well. We forget that he is a young defender, and he is learning his craft on the job. I think he is coming off of his best month of football. He is improving at a rate I wouldn't of anticipated. He is starting to look more balanced as the weeks go on. So much improvement still left to come. IMO you are being harsh on OMAC.
  9. When I first watched the footage I assumed he was going to king hit multiple players. He had such clear intent and momentum, that I believed he was just going to go whack, onto the next - whack, etc. Then I heard that after he hit the first guy, that he actually tried to run away after that. Of course it is far worse than the Bugg incident. I think Fahour should definitely be doing time in jail over this. I heard he copped 2 weeks, that can't be right? Although, nothing in the minor leagues surprises me. I have seen it all in the minor leagues - from players gang bashing the oppositions best player leading into finals, to players smashing an opponents jaw to the extent that it had to be fully rewired. In the minor leagues if a player is any good, then he can expect to be king hit a few times throughout his career. That is accepted in the minor leagues. I quit those leagues many years ago. I have seen terrible things. I have never understand how people can be allowed to assault others just because they are on a football field. I never really rated football that highly, so have never really understood it. This Fahour thug should be in jail. Gil will probably give him a promotion.
  10. Changes v Carlton

    .I'd bring Maynard or BenKen in. But the club will know if Maynard was ready. I thought it was a good move to bring White in this week, and he wasn't ready. He turned the ball over a lot. So it looks as though there is a big gulf between VFL and AFL, and perhaps a bigger gulf than I previously thought. Whether that gulf is quite as large for an inside midfielder - I am not sure. It may be that contested ball is a weaker area in the AFL - as opposed to the position Mitch White was playing, where if you miss a target you will be exposed.
  11. Drinking session

    He is a lazy footballer. I watched him in the VFL last week. Lazy decision maker. He could be in better shape as well. I hope we cut him at years end. He does have talent but he doesn't work hard enough.
  12. Depth issues

    Lever will sign at Adelaide. Looking forward to seeing who we draft though. Taylor is essentially putting the finishing touches on his list now. Anything he can prize out now is a bonus. He has had some time now and he has done a fantastic job IMO. We are due for a Fyfe, Cripps, Parker or Powell-Pepper. Every other side has managed to eek out a prime mover in the first couple of rounds. I hope it is our turn.
  13. Is Ling a commentator or special comments?

    Ling never has his own opinion, and he either sides with the umpires, or the majority. Within a game of football there are plenty of opportunities to have your own opinion on things, and its hard to believe that your own opinion would always be on the side of the umps, or the majority in the box. I don't know why any sports broadcaster would waste their time on someone like that. Ling needs to go.
  14. My 3 word player analysis V Sydney

    OP - overwhelmed by publicity.
  15. Changes v Carlton

    Pfft. Not in a million years would I have Dean Kent in ahead of JKH or BenKen. Dean Kent is a lazy SOB. I believe he is very talented, but he is out of shape, and lazy. He is not only a lazy player, but a lazy decision maker. I'd be happy not to see Kent in the AFL again.